maternity picture planning.



Navy polo: Banana Republic | Coral pants: Southern Tide | Navy maternity maxi: Old Navy
Necklace: Unknown | Hair flowers: Claire’s | Polish:

While taking our anniversary trip-turned-babymoon in September later this fall, we decided to capitalize on the location and take maternity photos while in the sun and sand. I am so excited to be working with Matt + Michelle for an evening shoot along the beach! I spied a beach portrait recently where the guy had on some sweet coral chinos…and the look above just spanned from there.

At the encouragement of the photogs, we are planning a second outfit as well – still nailing down the details, but we’re going for a dressier “post-date-night-walk-along-the-beach” kind of vibe…and I’m planning to carry the Loubs in hand for a couple red-sole shots. ;)

Can’t wait to take these pics in anticipation of Baby S’ arrival!


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any progress is progress.

Liz foundation

This build and this baby on the way have been excellent lessons in patience and relinquishing control for Page and me, two type-A planners who like to control things. :) With the latest house-building delay being weather (SO much rain here the past 3 weeks!), the only “progress” at the house has been water being pumped out of the foundation (twice), in anticipation of next steps, only to watch it refill with yet more rainwater.

At a time when every day counts, every week should be a milestone in progress, and every month extended on the construction loan is costing us money, the delays have been a bit stressful. Yes, we did sign up for this, and we know it is all worth it in the end, and a blip on the radar compared to our good news of a healthy, growing baby on the way. But while we knew any of the delays that have happened so far were possible (bank hold-ups, crew availability, weather, city approval issues, etc), we never imagined the possibility that ALL of them might happen!

So there you have it, my little dose of complaining…but I can suck it up now. :)

Page foundation

So there’s not much to do but cry, “Uncle”, laugh about it, and focus our efforts on the things we can do (like continuing to make decisions for the interior) and on the bigger, more important things happening in our life right now (the third trimester is quickly approaching already!!). The process of building is certainly more peaceful when you just give in a little, although we’ve found if we don’t somewhat stay on top of people, progress is even slower and questions go unanswered. It’s a tough line to walk between being pushy with people and trying to just be agreeable in hopes of seeing things happen faster, but we’re doing the best we can!

What you see here is the foundation pouring finally complete, that was supposed to originally happen a couple weeks back, right after the walls were poured. The basement now has a real floor (you can see it, behind Page), as do the garages (one of which is just in front of him). This has been curing over the weekend, and we are told that framing SHOULD commence mid-week this week. To say I can’t WAIT to see some 2×4 action out here is an understatement!

Happy Monday, all!


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planning for the kitchen.

Ah, the kitchen. I can’t wait to have one of these back in my life. (Pretty sure the three SINGLE upper cabinets we have right now in the apartment don’t qualify as a “kitchen”!)

kitchen layout

Here’s a quick-and-dirty rundown of our kitchen layout. There’s a faux window above the sink that looks through to a hallway on the other side (where the powder room, laundry, and mudroom are located), and the island floats in the middle, separating the kitchen from the open living room area on the other side. A  walk-in pantry is located just to the left of the fridge/freezer unit on the far right wall…ahhhh, storage nirvana. Here’s a comparable photo from a build by our builder:


I can’t WAIT to get my hands on all that space!

kitchen notes

I may or may not have GEEKED OUT on the drawings from the kitchen designer, figuring down to the last bottle of olive oil, where to put everything when we move in. (And yes, there’s Squirt, taking up space in my lap as I do so.)

kitchen inspiration


My crazy little sketch exercise did help me think through any little questions I might have for the kitchen people, and helped me make a list of organizing things I want to buy, to maximize every inch of space. I’m stoked about how easily ACCESSIBLE everything will be, as we opted to upgrade the under-counter door cabinets to large drawer units, making it SO much easier to see and reach everything without squatting down and digging around in the dark. (My how my world has changed…I’m excited to have a whole big drawer to dedicate just to bottles/bibs and eventually toddler dishes and sippy cups!) I also love that everything will be soft-close (no banging doors/drawers!).

The above photo is just for inspiration, but is the closest thing I could find to show the style/colors/idea we’re going for between darker wood floors, white shaker cabinetry,  light granite, and a sea glass tile backsplash (the hardware will be quite similar in style, but in a chrome finish).

stainless farmhouse sink


The above is our sink – a stainless farmhouse style, and below, on the left is our kitchen granite (Page is posing with our bath granite, but we’ll save bathrooms for another post!). We are so grateful for the help from Royal Flooring and Midwest Granite here in town, and would highly recommend both if you are looking to build or remodel!

granite selections


db94dacddc054cbfd6f766dfe83caca6 Safavieh-Hand-woven-Moroccan-Dhurrie-Grey-Ivory-Wool-Rug-26-x-12-L14359739

We shared a lot of our appliance picks in this earlier post, but as far as the decorating, I want to keep the counters clean for workspace, but am looking at a couple long runners to go the length of the space between the island and wall cabinets, and perpendicular, in front of the pantry door/fridge/freezer. I go back and forth between something more neutral that will blend with our gray-brown wood flooring, and something with pattern and a little more pop/contrast like the navy/white seen above (both runners are from Overstock). Either way, I know I want SOMETHING soft underfoot while standing at the sink and stove (and who are we kidding, in front of the fridge!). There isn’t any wall space in the actual kitchen to hang art, but I have my eyes peeled for something cool in the nearby eating area…just don’t know yet what it is! It will be fun to bring in some pops of color through decor, but for now, this is the plan for the nuts and bolts of the kitchen!


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past the halfway point!


It’s crazy to think as we approach the 22 week mark, we’ve passed the halfway point until this little person arrives. I can’t believe it’s September already — the summer truly flew by!

photo 1

So here we are — approaching fall, excitedly watching our house progress come together, and thinking ahead to the coming four months before this little guy arrives. We are fresh off a mini trip to Columbia (where Page stood up as best man in the wedding of a lifelong friend) and then to Chicago (where Mama and Baby both stocked up on new threads) and we picked up some house stuff for upcoming projects. We are looking forward to a couple of baby classes in the coming weeks and then a trip to Key West for some much-needed R&R from day jobs, side jobs, house stuff, and our tiny apartment. :)

IKEA madness

Until then, we are still sorting through the IKEA finds from last week…and dreaming of our house!

21 weeks

At today’s visit, my doctor said if she had to guess, she thought I would definitely deliver the second week of January – the 14th or 15th if she had to wager. I’m okay with that if it means we’re in our house!

And finally, the monthly stats:

How far along: 22 weeks this Friday (Baby’s the size of a papaya!)

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:   First weight gain at this appointment — +4 pounds, on track to gain 20-23 overall; first belly measurement taken — right on track at 22cm

Maternity clothes: Bought some maternity clothes for my fall stash, but not all of it fits yet; still lots of summer dresses and some maternity leggings and tees

Stretch marks: No – lotioning up daily!

Belly button in or out: in

Sleep: lots of mid-night bathroom breaks, waking up way too early!

Best moment:  first kicks at 18 weeks, Page reading to Baby

Worst moment: boo for rain delaying the house progress this past week — fortunately, things look sunny in the coming days to start FRAMING!

Miss anything: red wine – always!

Movement: FINALLY – one day shy of 19 weeks, I felt some unmistakable “punches” (not so much flutters ha!) way low in my abdomen, and now they’re very consistent — strong babe and based on the timing, he’s a late-nighter!

Cravings: peanut butter sandwiches and ALL THE MILK I can get my hands on

Queasy or sick:  feeling great – only complaint would be heartburn, brought on by just about anything at this point

Looking forward to: our “babymoon” — (originally planned as our seventh anniversary trip, until we found out we were expecting) the end of September

And in related news, Page’s stats, who started a workout program, motivated by our pending arrival :) After my BP was recorded (112/66, pretty typical for me), he asked the nurse to take his at his “starting point”. He’s always high, but wanted me to blog for the record that he started at 150/90. Here’s to his BP numbers dropping as my weight number goes up ha!


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a whole lotta hack jobs

DIY is in full swing as we plan for the new house! Inspired by the too-many-to-count IKEA hacks out there in the blogosphere, we found a few we wanted to try so we could get our custom look, and for a lot less than going top drawer (pun intended!).

Since selling our original bedroom furniture, we have quite literally been living out of laundry baskets as we shopped around for some larger nightstands that could double as a little clothing storage, with lots of drawer space. We found a couple we liked, but didn’t love, and for the prices we were finding, we just couldn’t pull the trigger.



Enter the solid pine, unfinished RAST dresser from Ikea. There are a million hacks of this bad boy, but our favorite is the one pictured above. We love the addition of metal hardware, contrasting top surface color, and the bulked-up trim around the bottom to make it more substantial. We’re changing a few details, but after picking up two of these this week, we’re excited to beef them up and trick them out for our master bedroom.



Page didn’t even know this next project was on my to-do list, so when he pointed out this stool in the store, I was extra excited that he, too, was a fan. The Bekvam step stool is a steal at $15, and I’m already torn between color options to give this piece some personality for use in our kitchen and pantry to reach high-up items (and eventually, help our little guy assist with cooking and baking – aww!).


meg & the martin men


If we had stayed in our first home longer than we did, this project would have likely happened sooner than later in our master bedroom. As it turns out, it’s still happening… in our new digs!

We are SO ready to make a little more organizational sense for the way we like to store our clothing (a.k.a. lots of storage for folded items, at eye level versus digging through floor-level black holes of t-shirts) and this meant opting out of traditional dressers for built-in wardrobes next go-round. We were inspired by this post and a handful of others, who have taken some basic Ikea Pax wardrobe units and tricked them out with real wood doors, trim, and built them into bedroom walls, for extra structural soundness.

with TV


We love that we can get our storage needs met, as well as have a place to set our bedroom TV, like this one from Houzz, and leave a lot of wide open space rather than fill it with lots of furniture.

The beauty of building a home is that you can move into something move-in ready…assuming you want to pay for it all. :) A master wardrobe wall was one of the items we had on our “wish list” for the builder, but we just couldn’t get okay with the price. Not that it was totally unreasonable, but we felt it was a manageable-sized project and one we’d rather take on personally to save ourselves a few grand in the long-run (or put toward something else we COULDN’T do ourselves elsewhere in the house).

So after a marathon session in the wardrobe corner of IKEA, we came home with any and all of the components that would fit in our car, and an online order in hand, for the rest of it. With the basic assembly of two 39″ wide wardrobes (his and hers) in place, Page will build a center section to house the TV and some open decorative shelving, and trim it all out to match the trim in the room. I’m SO excited to see the finished product, and to finally have a place (OTHER than a laundry basket or two!) to house everything from yoga pants to evening bags, and everything in between. You guys. I’ll have a divided drawer JUST for belts. It doesn’t get any better.

Bring on the DIY!


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construction update!



For all the delays we encountered getting this build STARTED, things are looking up as we’ve progressed through these first two weeks. The weather has cooperated, and the crews have been lightning fast as the lot was excavated, footings put in, and foundation poured!

I’m out of town this week for work, but Page grabbed some pics on his phone tonight — here’s a shot of our future basement living area!


Next up, the foundation has to fully cure for a few days, then FRAMING can commence! Woo hoo, we are so beyond excited to finally be seeing this dream we’ve been planning for months, actually start to happen.


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