Crew: 18 Months

IMG_5446 copy

Holy cow, you’re one-and-a-half! I don’t know if it’s the half-year milestone, but this month has been an explosion of vocabulary and you’ve completely morphed into this car-noise-making, rough-housing, class-clowning little BOY! You keep us on our toes as always, and you never fail to keep us laughing at your antics and amazed at your growth.

IMG_5840 copy

You began your new daycare/school three weeks ago (still alternating two and three days a week) and I can’t believe how well you handled the transition. To me, it speaks loudly to the amount of consistency this new environment provides and how nurtured you feel. There were no tears the first day, but a few the second and third as you figured it out. From there on, it’s been smooth sailing — you’re napping well, eating well, and making lots of projects and friends.

IMG_3861 copy

You’ve been down to one mid-day nap for a few weeks now, usually lasting around two to three hours over lunchtime. I’d guess you’re pretty typical for a toddler eater — you will try just about anything once, but rarely let it sit in your mouth for more than a split second to find out if you really like it. I’ll serve you things I know you like but haven’t had in a while, and have to basically force feed it to you through your meltdown until you realize, “oh yeah, I DO like that…put more here on this tray.” What a drama queen!

IMG_5673 copy

You did a week of swim lessons this month, four days in a row. Your dad took you the first day and then I got to take a turn at lessons with you the following three. It was so fun to see you improve when you had back-to-back exposure for several sessions in a row. You had mastered jumping on your own to us from the side, and flipping from your back to your belly, by the last day.

IMG_5635 copy

The most noticeable change this month by far is your language. Your vocabulary is exploding and the first piece of feedback we got on day one at your new school was that they couldn’t believe how many words you already knew. For better or worse – you’re a chatty Kathy like your parents. 😉 It’s to the point where I have to think hard to list them all, but in recent weeks you’ve expanded your vocab of maybe a couple dozen words from before and have now mastered mine, truck, car, tractor, bus, boat, golf ball, mow, Elmo, apple (for apple OR applesauce), door, pop, stop, pretzel, Cheerios, juice, waffle, peanut butter, again, baby, walk, stroller, along with lots of animal names and learning to repeat family and friends’ names. (Our favorite is when you say “Owen” – it sounds like “Amen!”). I know I’m forgetting several, but you get the idea!

IMG_5815 copy

You’re mastering the fist bump, you LOVE to dance to music and sing Twinkle Twinkle (“up above the world” is the line you always start with!) and you crave being pop quizzed to tell us what the elephant, monkey, dog, fish, and pig say (and hop like the bunny). You’re obsessed with all trucks and the four or five truck books we’ve amassed are in heavy rotation lately. And while you got nervous up close, your month was MADE when our garbage truck driver let you get up close and sit in the cab.

IMG_5511 copy

You are getting pretty good at navigating our phones and the ipad, love to watch videos of yourself, and you’re learning that hitting is not acceptable and that you have to “STOP” before going into the street. You do little things all the time that make me do a double-take at just how fast you’re growing. Whether it’s getting yourself onto and off of the furniture that I not so long ago watched you like a hawk on, or answering the door when the doorbell rings (yes, you can open it yourself if it’s unlocked!), I can literally see you growing before my eyes. It makes me sad and nostalgic and so grateful and proud all at once.

IMG_5250 copy

I know all moms think this, but you really are a smart little cookie, too smart for your own good at times, but in light of the world’s recent events, I find myself holding you a little longer each night and reaching for extra hugs and kisses each day. We are so crazy blessed by your presence this last year and a half. Looking forward to all the adventures yet to come that we know you will lead us on…

IMG_5710 copy

Happy one and a half, curly Q!

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moved in: the patio

our patio |

I promised myself I would “finish up” a couple spaces in our house, photograph them, and get them posted to the blog in the coming weeks. But first, it seemed fitting to do an update on the exterior, since it was still being finished last outdoor post a year ago.

our patio |

our patio |

We spend a lot of time outdoors right now, so specifically, we’ve been working on pulling the back patio together a bit more, starting with a stone wall that Page arranged on the south side.

our patio |

our patio |

Originally the plan was to just contain our grill in place from the winds that whip through our and our neighbor’s house, but we’ve discovered there’s an added benefit of keeping Crew’s attention away from the sloping lawn on the other side (that also houses our window wells we have yet to cover.)

our patio |

It’s been nice to pull out our outdoor furniture, cushions, and — though it pains me that they aren’t as chic to look at — Crew’s outdoor toys, and have a “bonus” living room for the warmer months. We can sit and have a drink on our chairs, and Crew will entertain himself at the water table for a blissful half hour or more!

our patio |


I do have three planters that do not yet have residents…it’s on my to-do list. And next year, we would like to add a fire pit and four adirondacks around it on the uncovered portion. But for now, our pennies are being saved for some upcoming basement progress…more on that soon, I’m sure!

our patio |

IMG_3841 copy

IMG_3851h copy

Since we last posted about the exterior, a tree had to be replaced, as did a couple smaller shrubs, and our final cedar accent pieces were stained.

completed exterior |

completed exterior |

We put in our own sweat equity by creating stone borders around each of our five trees, pulling the cedar color into the mulch, and edging in the rock in the back yard (spoiler alert — if you look closely, you can see this is still being completed!) 😉

IMG_3831 copy

IMG_3832 copy

IMG_3816 copy

With every completed project, it starts to feel a little less like our house, and more like our home. Anxious to share more (inside!) spaces soon…

IMG_3808 copy

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Crew: 17 months


Another big month for you…you’re a walking, talking machine!


Yes, you are finally an undisputed walker. In the first couple weeks of your sixteenth month, you went from tentatively taking a pass across the room here and there (and defaulting back to crawling once you tumbled), to over a single weekend, suddenly deciding that walking would be your new go-to. You’ve been so hesitant to even try it, that your learning curve happened quickly and steeply. You were visibly steadier each day, and quickly mastered getting back up to a stand with nothing to pull up on (something you rarely did before this month either — stand without something to hold onto). Now that you’ve got it mastered, you’re a walking fool. With or without shoes, indoors or out, the terrain doesn’t matter.



Your version of words is becoming more pronounced and easier to understand. You want everything “open”. Somehow milk has become “mah mo” (we’re still scratching our heads), but otherwise your vocab is expanding quickly and more clearly. It’s amazing how even having a common language of a dozen words or so can eliminate so much frustration on your part. You understand far more than you can say — one of my favorites is that I can now ask you go put something in the trash, and you toddle right over to the trash cabinet and chuck the item in. It’s the little bits of help that make such a huge difference! You are constantly trying to repeat words that we emphasize, even if you don’t immediately retain or remember them. One of your new gestures and phrases is “I uh-no!” (I dunno!):

“I dunno?” #crewyeartwo

A video posted by Liz Smith (@lizblogphotog) on

And when words just don’t matter, you babble constantly — the whole car ride home yesterday you talked to yourself. I wish I knew what you were saying! :)


You went on your third round-trip flight (your first since month 9), and it was certainly more eventful that flights past. All in all, you did really well (thanks to a small town’s supply of snacks and cheapo new toys), but both directions happened to fall during a time you REALLY wanted to sleep, and it was hard for you to get comfortable, leading to some screeching for the delight of the other passengers. You also couldn’t understand why you weren’t allowed out of your seat to show off your new walking skills or talk nonstop to the (stranger) new friends you thought you were making in-flight. Fortunately, neither bout lasted long and you drifted off eventually. But for the time being, your dad and I have agreed no flying for you in the immediate future.

Travel with a toddler. 😳😁✈️👶🏼💤👏🏻 #graciouspassengers #allthesnacks #tgfnaps #crewyeartwo   A photo posted by Liz Smith (@lizblogphotog) on

You’ve hit a bit of a sleep regression this month, perhaps in part due to a cold you can’t fully kick. I’m not sure if it’s that combined with bad dreams or the new walking skill, but you were suddenly up — REALLY up — around midnight or one for nights on end. And it hasn’t been the simple “give him a pacifier” remedy per usual to get you back down…you are inconsolable unless we literally rock you back to sleep, which we’ve otherwise never had to do. Hoping this phase is soon a thing of the past!


We’ve seen more clinginess this month — another thing we haven’t experienced much of, ever, so we’re still figuring out how to deal with it. It certainly won’t help that you’ll be starting a new daycare in a couple weeks…but we are ultimately very happy to know you’ll be in a smaller, more consistent environment with the same faces each day you’re there, rather than bouncing around rooms/teachers/peers. Because you’re only part-time in school, (I’m trying to re-train my brain to call it school!), it’s already hard enough to make it seem comfortable for you when you go, so I’m hopeful having more consistency when you get there will make this transition, and the days going forward, easier. You LOVE the people who take care of you once you know them…we just have to get to that point again!




You continue to be SUCH a lover…big hugs and kisses, not so much when we randomly ask for them now, but when it’s your idea, and especially first thing in the mornings when you wake up. You are of course curious and like to tell us “no” or do things you KNOW you’re not supposed to (dripping your milk is the current fave naughty activity) but we are fully aware of just how good we have it with you.


The obsessions with cars, trucks (anything with a motor), and balls continue…and you’ve added dogs (“bow wows”) to the list. You are particularly fond of our neighbor’s dog, Bo. You giggle like a maniac when you can get close and want to pet, be licked, and grab tails. Needless to say, we are working hard on being “gentle!”.


Happy seventeen months to the happiest little soul who is quickly growing into a boy. Please stay my baby a bit longer.



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Loft Playspace and Our Ikea Latt Hack


When I last posted about this loft landing between our three upstairs bedrooms and bath, it looked like this (see above). I was just starting to store some toys up here for a baby who was quickly becoming more active and interested in them, yet was immobile enough that I could do a little work here and there at my desk as he played.

IMG_9799 copy

It’s several months later, and safe to say Crew has fully moved in. My desk (and all its cords, electronics, etc.) has been relocated to the guest room, a space I’m hoping to share very soon. This has left this loft area completely to Crew.

IMG_9806 copy

To recap, this space is at the top of our staircase coming up from the main floor. It’s hard to get a level shot the way our stairs sit, but here is a collage of “home” elements that hangs on the wall as you come up. This wall makes me so happy – so many of these pieces have special meaning to us and the homes we’ve created since we were first married. The drawing is of our first home we built/bought, the print of the dog was my first anniversary present, and the floral shadowbox holds a copy of a key to every apartment and home we’ve lived in…And yes, to set the tone as we move upstairs, that’s one of our baby gates (seriously, the best!) that you see to the very left of this shot.

IMG_9804 copy

IMG_9820 copy

To balance things out after the desk left, I moved the bookcase of toys to the room opposite the photo wall. An IKEA curtain rod and clips showcases some of my favorite art projects that come home from daycare (and some he makes here at home). Once they’ve had their time to shine, I’m keeping my favorites to later scan into keepsake books.

IMG_9815 copy

As for projects yet to be created, these cubbies (which will eventually house media components when this space evolves to an older kid/TV hangout spot) for now hold all the art supplies that a certain someone can’t be trusted to keep out of.

IMG_9814 copy

IMG_9812 copy

I love that this space also has a small nook of shelves way back in the corner, above the (baby-locked!) door to our clothes chute. It’s here that I stash Crew’s baby books so as I work on them, and the odds and ends that go into them — photos, documents, etc.

IMG_9813 copy

The latest edition to this space has been an IKEA Latt table. It’s a total steal, and Pinterest is full of inspiration if you want to hack one of your own. I opted for some gray stain that we had on hand, as well as leftover chalkboard paint our builder left us after painting our chalkboard wall in the mudroom downstairs (another spot I need to get around to blogging!). The only new paint I added to the mix was a hit of “Peppery” by Sherwin Williams — I love the burnt coral color against the stained finish, as opposed to something more primary.

IMG_9819 copy

Thanks for stopping by our loft playspace. :) I’m committed to (finally!) sharing more of our home, yes, a year later, very soon!

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Crew: 16 months


From the beginning, there’s been a correlation between you and the number FIVE. It was May 5th two years ago (5-5) when a test revealed two pink lines. You were born at 5:12 in the morning, on the fifth of January, 2015 (1-5-15). So it’s kind of fun that with all those overlapping fives, the anniversary of learning we were pregnant also marks another monthly birthday for you.


This month, you have entered full-on toddlerhood. You continue to be a HAPPY kid…until you’re pissed about something. We may or may not have laughed and used the word “psycho!” on more than one occasion. You talk constantly and have developed a screech you use at least once a day (you stop if I tell you to…but by then I’m already jolted by the sound!) as part of your expanding vocabulary. It occurs whether you’re excited, frustrated, or just want to hear yourself make noise.


Fortunately, your vocab also includes more real words…your favorite phrase right now is a very dramatic “Uh oh…oh NO!”, a very pronounced “more?” which means just about anything from more snacks to more milk, to more going back outside after we’ve come in. I swear you’re trying to say “ah-side” when you want to go out. Which is all. the. time. (And another cause for screeches and meltdowns.) You want everything “ah-peh” (open). You’ve also developed an obsession with pretzels “puh-pul”.

Rainy Wednesdays = inside “pool” time 😜 #crewyeartwo

A photo posted by Liz Smith (@lizblogphotog) on

April brought a ton of cold, windy, rainy days, so among other activities, we filled a wading pool with ball pit balls – a good excuse to work on colors. You don’t always nail it if you’re busy doing other things, but you’re starting to discern yellow and purple, specifically. I’ve asked you to find me a ball of either color, and you’ve done so on more than one occasion. The wheels are turning!


You have walked as much as a lap around the room at one time, and seem pretty steady, but have no real interest in doing it more than a few times a day, and only when it’s convenient. You continue to know you’re faster on all fours, and I swear your affinity for cars and anything that rolls along the floor motivates you away from walking as well. You’re getting steadier in even the last ten days, but I still wouldn’t call you a “walker”. It’s about an 80/20 split of crawling to walking by choice. Your doctor isn’t the least bit concerned, and while we cringe watching your knees on the sidewalk, and I’ve resorted to the cheapest pants (since you wear the knees out immediately anyway), we know you’ll choose to toddle when you’re ready. No rush.


You must have been a beauty queen in your last life. You LOVE to wave at everyone and you totally have a parade wave! Up and down the grocery aisles, at restaurants, in the yard, everywhere you go, you’re waving. Your southern sounding “hah!” is becoming a more pronounced “hi!” and you have yet to meet a stranger. As long as Mom or Dad is close by, you’re comfortable around new people quite quickly, and most times will go to others without blinking an eye.


You survived a second haircut with WAY less drama than the first one, shortly before Christmas. I chalk it up to going mid-day with less chaos and crazy kids around. Plus, hello, you got the magic word — a SUCKER! (Dum dums have become my hail mary and I keep one stashed in my bag now for the ultimate toddler deterrent!) I was nervous this second cut would clip away the curls, but to our delight, they keep coming in thick!  


You love to “dress” yourself right now — pants, jacket, shirt, you throw them all over your head, wrapping them over your shoulders, and then give us a look like “wait, is this right?”. You will still try for a couple minutes at a time to put your own shoes on — one of your more patient tasks, but because you still equate shoes with getting to go outside.


Your water table, your wagon, your truck, and the stroller are all favorites. You continue to love bubbles, watching Dad mow the grass (and doing so with your own bubble mower). You would love to be in the street, since that’s where the cars are — we play in the back of the yard mostly, so you aren’t constantly tempted! We have yet to run our sprinklers this spring, but I’m guessing that will be a hit as well.


You cut some molars the last weekend of April, which were the first teeth that caused you any grief. It was short-lived, but still awful to watch, as you spent a whole day and a half whimpering and wanting to be held, and eating a super select menu of things. I continue to be thankful you’re a big milk drinker — we can always at least get that in you! Otherwise some of your current likes are hot dogs, pears (if you get to use a fork to eat them), yogurt and oatmeal mixed together, and while you haven’t shown much interest in eggs, when I had a piece of quiche the other day, you gobbled a ton of it. You still hate any noodles, and most fruits are still a no-go because of the slimy factor.  

I feel like we “talk” more and more now. Entire conversations, even if your end of them is mostly babbling and questioning inflections. We can say things like “we’re going outside, where are your shoes?” and you’ll go to the mudroom and find them. Or if we ask if you’d like to eat (and you’re hungry), you’ll make your way to either your high chair or the pantry door, point and say “nah?” (snack). You also love to sing and dance. The Wheels on the Bus is the big hit right now, and you try to roll your hands for “round and round”, flap your arms for the doors going “open and shut”, and bounce up and down when the people go “bumpity bump”. Your teachers say you sit totally still when you have music hour at daycare — you are entranced and want to follow along. Excited you’ll be a music lover like Mom and Dad!


Looking forward to a second (!) Mothers Day already (your gift to me was letting me shoot a couple mother-son pics this morning at the Lilac Arboretum!) ;), a trip to Naples in a couple weeks (crossed fingers for a calm toddler plane ride!), and counting down the days until the pool opens. Happy sixteen months you crazy but oh-so-sweet little boy.

Love you tons and tons and tons. Thanks for being my reason to celebrate Mothers Day.


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Bluum Subscription Box for Crew: A Review!


Crew has been treated to his fair share of Bluum boxes since he arrived (it’s how we discovered the only pacifier he loved – the Natursutten, which I talked about here!), and I’ve always loved the quality of the contents. Offered on an ongoing monthly basis, or as a short-term subscription, these are great baby/shower gifts, or just something to treat yourself and Baby to, each month.


I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of the baby market (read: I shop wayyyy too much), but there is always a new brand or product (or both!) that I learn about via these boxes. Unlike several sample-sized subscription boxes, I love that this particular box includes full-size products, recommended by real moms, created by brands who are actively looking for ongoing feedback from parents (and babies!).


You can opt to be surprised with items pre-selected for you (customized to both age and gender), or in a NEW development since we last Bluumed, you can customize the box yourself and select your products!


This time around, I was able to team up with Bluum to offer a review of Crew’s 16 month box! I took advantage of the “customize my own box” option, but while I loved knowing I was getting my very top choices, I did miss the element of surprise when it arrived. To give you a taste of what you can expect in a typical month, here’s a rundown of what was included in Crew’s box:


Re-play utensils

As he’s learning to wield a fork and spoon, the baby spoons we’ve been using to feed Crew are too long-handled for him to use himself, but the others with metal spoon/fork pieces are still too sharp when he jams them into his mouth too quickly. These will be perfect for this stage as he learns control to feed himself. Link here for $10.07 — but I’ve seen sets of these in Target for less than half that price!


Kid-O mini go car

ANY car is okay in Crew’s book, but I’ve had my eye on these forever — I love the sturdy, uncomplicated construction, and it’s very crawler-friendly!


I would have gotten a shot of JUST the car…but someone called dibs the second he saw it inside. Retails for $10.34.


Boon SNUG straws

I LOVE anything Boon makes, from the sleek un-babyish design, to clever functionality, to its enduring quality. I could give a rave review to every single product of theirs we’ve purchased. When I saw I could select one of their newest products, I didn’t hesitate. Crew uses both spout and straw style sippy cups, so he had no trouble using these, and I love that in a pinch at a restaurant, I don’t need to have a whole cup on hand to improvise a drink for him. Retails for $11.98.


Bumkins reusable snack bag

I was gifted a bag similar to this one while expecting, and it gets used all. the. time. I loved the design on this one, and can already think of a hundred uses for it, aside from Goldfish snack storage in my purse. It would be great to hold sunscreen in our pool bag this summer, or the stash of baby meds I keep in my car as backup when we’re out and about. Plus, in a pinch, it can always double as a way to contain a dirty onesie until you can get it home to wash!  Retails for $8.44.


A total success in our book! To gift a Bluum box subscription to someone (or yourself!) you can do so here.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and products have been sponsored, but the opinions are all my own!
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