addicted to baby jammies.


Eric Carle at Gymboree

This post is up there on the “rannnndom!” list, but it’s oh-so-true in these final weeks before Baby Smith arrives…I have an addiction to adorable jammies! I figure at least it’s a necessary and practical thing to own…but unlike diapers or bottles, these are WAY more fun to shop for! Here are some of my favorite resources for baby bedtime threads!

LOVE the Eric Carle line that has been at Gymboree this fall. Gymboree was my first job in high school, and while I wasn’t in baby mode myself yet (thankfully!), I can still remember all the training and customer reviews we were educated on, around the extra-high quality of this company’s sleepwear. They wash and wear exceptionally well…throw in some children’s book references, and I’m sold.



Hanna Anderson 

The Norwegian in me is partial to this Swedish-inspired company that offers sleep and playwear in a range of gorgeous colors and adorable patterns. Their holiday jammies are particularly cute with Nordic inspired patterns…but it was the yellow goats above that needed to come live at my house!


Kickee Pants

Baby Smith already has a few sizes and colors of these Kickee Pants (formerly Kicky Pants) jammies, ready to go. They are RIDICULOUSLY soft! I can’t say I’m overly crazy about many of the patterns and graphic designs they put out — I tend to just stick with the solid colors, and I definitely try and grab them on sale when I can, but they are one of my go-to gift items for a new babe!


Just One You by Carters at Target

I can’t not include a bargain choice from good old Target. I don’t find myself shopping for baby clothing a whole lot there as much as I do other stuff, but I picked these up more than once on my last run. I ended up leaving them behind…but then saw a favorite blogger post an Instagram of her son in the same ones…sold. I’ll be grabbing these on my next trip!


Old Navy and Gap

I LOVE anything Baby Gap, and jammies are no exception. This particular set came from Old Navy — you don’t find much black for babies, and again, I’m a sucker for anything Nordic-inspired!


Tucker + Tate

I couldn’t find links to some of the other specific sets that have been set aside for Baby S, but a few more of my favorite brands, if you’re on a jammie-shopping binge like me: Tucker + Tate, Tea Collection, Splendid, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Nordstrom Baby, and Mini Boden.

Here’s hoping that these adorable jammies will help him sleep longer stretches at night… ;) Sweet dreams!


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december house update!

Our goal in life right now, is to be able to roll into our new digs in the coming weeks, in this manner. :)


A lot has been happening at the house. The week before Thanksgiving, the drywall started to go up and Page texted me these pics from a couple lunch hour drop-bys (since it’s too dark to see anything after work now!)…

drywall 10436095_10101638906680037_1384208145402098571_n

…after it was mudded and sanded, the belly and I stopped by to check it out for ourselves!


Outside, a “warm” (aka above freezing) day allowed for the driveway to be poured…although you can’t see it under the tarp here. You CAN see our garage doors!


Meanwhile, more selections have been made. We met with our rep at the closet store to determine what would go in the bedroom closets and pantry. She was so good at configuring based on our needs, while helping us stick close to what we wanted to spend. Excited to be swapping the standard white wire shelving to a nicer, nickel finish, option!


We also went to pick out both our interior and exterior stone finishes. We were all about this flat, dry-stacked stone and are doing the light color (on top) on the exterior, and the darker (below) in the interior.


We have finally gotten word on a tentative closing date. Granted, it could move a day or two sooner/later, but in all, we’re looking at February 6 to wrap this party up!


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ready and waiting…


…to meet you, Baby.


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less than six weeks…


Thanksgiving | 34 weeks

It’s hard to believe we are in the final 5+ weeks before this little man’s arrival. We have seen more than one baby arrive early this year, so I have that in the back of my mind (although my doctor thinks I’ll go past my due date). I’ve been drafting a list of things to remember for the hospital, tackling some box-packing around the apartment, doing a little baby laundry, and trying to stay on top of my workload as I plan for maternity leave, juuuust in case I have less time than I think.

car seat page

 Car seat bases and backseat mirrors installed…check!

We’ve been crossing things off our list like grabbing the last essential items off our registry, getting my car in for an oil change, dental check-ups, taking a baby CPR class with some friends, deep-cleaning the apartment, and stocking up on some household basics. We’re hoping to make the first weeks at home with a newborn just a tiny bit easier and with fewer to-dos. Just getting our new routine down while trying to move to the house will be work enough, so anything that can be done now (and to avoid taking a newborn out and about in January weather more than necessary), is being done.

baby gap

I even schemed to get Page into a Baby Gap one night after dinner…after lecturing ME that Baby has enough clothes, he found a couple items that will allow him to match the new “mod lodge” house…and we even made a second stop at the other location across town to grab a matching onesie that became a “must”. Hehe…turns out no one can resist adorable baby clothes!

In some ways, being in the apartment is a blessing and helps me to keep things simple. I’m not overwhelmed with the tasks of readying a nursery (baby’s “room” is a rock ‘n’ play squeezed next to our bed!), or agonizing over which Pinterest freezer meal recipes to make (our freezer is the size of a microwave – no room for pre-prepared meals… just order pizza!). It has been nice to have wrapped up the last of my photo sessions for the year, so I can enjoy just working ONE full time job and take better care of myself in these last weeks. I’m looking forward to getting our Christmas cards in the mail, and putting my feet up for some holiday movies and hot chocolate. Other than that, our plan for the coming weeks is to slow our pace, get in some dates with friends, work on the next stages of house progress (stone and closets are the next meetings!), and get ready to meet this tiny new family member.

How far along: 34.5 weeks

Gender: BOY

Weight gain:   up 20lbs…praying a body can only pack on so much with less than six weeks to go! Baby is guesstimated between 5 pounds and 5 pounds, 2 oz. Guesses are that he will be 8+ at delivery!

Maternity clothes: Definitely favoring the most comfortable of maternity options at this point. Leggings and my Uggs seem to be the staples of most outfits.

Stretch marks: Still no…knock on wood!

Belly button in or out: no popping, but pretty flush

Sleep: I have finally figured out some comfortable positions that allow me to stay asleep for longer stretches before hip pain, heartburn, extra-strong kicks, hunger, or all of the above, wake me up :) . I am still up a couple times a night to pee, but between a routine of popping Tums just before bed and recruiting extra pillows on top of the Snoogle to get comfy, sleep has improved a bit and just in time – I’ve been dragging myself through many of my days!


Best moment:  I was blessed with a GORGEOUS second shower hosted here in town to include local girlfriends as well as my bestie who flew in from Philly. Page’s agency hosted a shower where the focus was on him for a change – go cart racing and a diaper cake topped with bourbon for the daddy-to-be! Both such thoughtful events arranged by great friends. We are SO lucky to have so many loving people in Baby’s life!

Worst moment: I can’t think of anything worthy of a WORST moment, but getting around on the ice with no sense of balance has been interesting, as has scraping my SUV windshield with a belly in the way! Page ordered me a new brush/scraper that extends a couple feet. I feel a little geriatric using it, but not complaining! Little things like just trying to roll over in bed have become something of a three-point-turn. I constantly feel like a big, awkward dork!

Miss anything: My regular clothes and more choices of what to wear. Red wine. Alcohol in general. Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in general. A decent sense of balance. Visiting the bathroom a normal amount of times in a day. Soft cheeses. A waistline. Clearer skin. Did I say red wine already?…

Movement: Stronger than ever, becoming more flip and roll sensations than kicks, as he gets more crowded with less room to “wind up” his punches and kicks.

Cravings: So much for the healthier things I craved earlier on! Juice and clementines, but also cinnamon rolls and salt and vinegar chips – all at the top of the list. I’ve reverted to a touch of the first trimester in terms of aversions…most meat and fish turns me off again. Lime Tostitos and mango salsa are my go-to salty-sweet thing!

Queasy or sick: Not sick, just getting uncomfortable. Pressure and a sense of feeling overly stretched comes and goes from my lower belly, along with some Braxton Hicks contractions. The tailbone pain comes and goes but trips to the chiropractor are helping. I instagrammed a pic at a recent visit, and couldn’t believe how many mamas commented that they, too, found major relief (even turning breech babies!) from chiro visits. This would be my “one piece of advice” for expecting mamas…go and get some relief from an adjustment!

Looking forward to: Our final holidays as “just us”, and I can finally say we are looking forward to Little Man’s arrival! We know it is still (likely!) a month or more away, but we feel ready and anxious to meet this babe already and begin new adventures in 2015!


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our Christmas cards!

Tiny Prints holiday cards

With skipping decorating this year (boo!) as our decor is in storage and we have a pending move on our hands, I turned my focus to holiday traditions I wouldn’t have to miss out on. In particular, one of my favorites…Christmas cards!


As in years past, I turned to Tiny Prints. (After taking advantage of the free sample promotion, I settled on this design – love anything rose gold right now!) I love how thick the paper is…


Tiny Prints was kind enough to let me try out some of their personalized postage to get these bad boys in the mail. Add in a metallic Sharpie and this cute stamp from TypoBoutique, and addressing these became a much less mundane part of the project!



Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and that you’re enjoying the start of the holiday season!


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holiday gift wrap: using up my party stash!

Tiny Prints personalized gift tags

I’m a sucker for gift wrapping – especially when it’s HOLIDAY gift wrap. I challenged myself to get more creative this year. I keep a stash of wrap supplies on hand year-round, but a lot of my more holiday-themed stuff is tucked far away in storage while we are in our apartment, pre-move. So I opened up the party/craft supplies I did happen to have on hand, and combined with some adorable personalized labels from Tiny Prints (I went with this design!), I got creative using up what I had on hand to wrap some holiday gifts for our family and friends.


Using up my embarrassingly large stash of stripey straws, I cut some into pieces and hot glued them into a tree shape, sticking a pom pom drink stirrer into the top as a “star”.

Some leftover fabric became instant “ribbon”…


And the tags also fit perfectly on these little treat bags I had on hand…even when it’s not yet time to open the gift, the recipient could sneak a little something ahead of time. :)


Scrap chipboard with a little red paint smeared around the edges further embellished one of the gift tags.

Anyone else employing the “use up what I have!” approach to wrapping this year? I have loved that just by incorporating some personalized tags (and yes, I blurred out baby-to-be’s name hehe!) made all of my other old “on hand” stuff seem suddenly fresh and new!


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