Month : January 2008


Life at age 24:

What I’ve been up to: Scrapbooking our wedding, exposing Page to the O.C. from the beginning on DVD (thanks to the writer’s strike, we are now digging into the DVD stash)

Current goals: Get to the gym on a daily basis, be more patient.

Last movie I saw: Juno. So good.

Plans for today: Work from home, hit TJ Maxx with Laura, make quesadillas for dinner, work out!

What I’m wearing: leggings and a casual dress, and my new Coach boots 🙂

Last gift I received: bday gifts – canvases/paints/bath stuff/gift cards from Page, cute umbrella from Laura, tee and Target $ from Emily, wine from Megan

Recurrent thought of the day: It is so time for Spring to get here…

After a crazy 2007, I’m loving how predictable and “everyday” 2008 is shaping up to be. 🙂

(new boots! see below!) 🙂