Month : March 2008

(cue Heavenly angel music…) It’s HERE!!!


Ahhhh! After over a month of longing and planning, my bad boy IKEA shelf is all set up! Page and I were both really impressed putting it together in person, it’s very stable and heavy – very un-Ikea like haha. When we move in October, it’s going to have to be our last move for a good while…this sucker is HEAVY! I had originally thought I’d be able to fit everything in this and have a cubby or two left for "room to grow" but as you can see, I had no trouble filling this whole thing up! I’m going to post this to 2 Peas for all the people who want the detailed rundown of how it’s all organized, but for here, I’ll keep it simple and just post pics. Thanks to Page for building this for me, and for being (almost!) as excited as I am about it! 🙂 I can’t believe I somehow had all this stuff stored on a bookcase less than half this size only a week ago!

Page and I split this room right now, but here is "my side", table with printer and shelves of little embellishments, my *DESK* is where I store all office supplies/work stuff, Page’s plant, Michelangelo, keeping me company and reminding me that Spring WILL come and things will grow again, and of course, The Shelf: (yes, I need some curtains…trying to decide if I care enough though to put any up before we move).


the "before" and "during" stages:


left side:

right side:

Happy Monday to all! 🙂