mid-week catch-up


It’s starting to resemble a quilt – miraculous! Loving all the random colors and prints together – there’s no real rhyme or reason to how it’s laid out, I wanted it to be just crazy and fun. I am calling this my "happy quilt" and in my typical jump-with-both-feet style, I need more fabric, so I will be adding a fabric store run to my list of to-dos for the weekend.

Still haven’t watched my Tivo to see Idol from last night, but I hear that my boy Jason didn’t have such a hot night, and neither did Brooke, who’s also one of my faves. Anxious to hear how David Cook pulls off Andrew Lloyd Webber. I like him more every week now that he’s losing his cockiness factor.

Mr. Smith is super excited because he has a new set of golf clubs! I think this will help him "make it through" until ski season returns in only 8 short months! We’ve both been much better lately about eating healthy and working out on a regular basis – pool season here we come!


Preparations are in full swing for a BLOWOUT GARAGE SALE (seriously, it’s unreal the amount of stuff!) at my parents’ house in CR the last weekend in May. Minus furniture and bigger items we’re selling, the laundry room has become the garage sale staging area – this is just a small section of the mounds of stuff coming from our house. My parents have about 30 times as much, so I’m hoping 2 days of sale will be enough. As it gets closer, I’ll post times and the address for anyone who likes to garage sale shop in the CR area! I cleared out my closet big time in preparation for this sale and discovering I have nothing to wear, ended up at TJMaxx checking out the latest goods – very cute stuff right now – add it to your list of stores to hit! 🙂



And in more Smith family news, it’s official: Page is onto Hard while I am left in loser-ville aka the Medium level of Guitar Hero. I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it for very long when I reached the same level he was on – we’re two firstborns and thus we are super-competitive. We both have to be the best. Sad…but true. Game on.

Looking forward to the weekend – only 2 more days! NO ONE would get remotely excited about what we’re doing Saturday, but I am ecstatic – we’re cleaning out our garage!! It’s disgusting from the winter and literally, when we moved in right before the wedding, things just got dumped and stacked in all corners. It got cold and we just never dealt with it. In other words, it’s a cleaning/organization project just waiting to happen –  I can hardly contain my excitement! Friends  are coming over Sat night to grill out and the rest of the weekend will be pretty mellow, which is totally fine by me. I wish the pool in our neighborhood would open – I would so be there! How many weeks ’til Memorial Day?


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  • Oh wow your quilt is looking GREAT! I love the triangles. It’s addicting once you get started, isn’t it? I’m finally thinking about actually putting the front and back of mine together tonight. We’ll see what happens…

  • Well, after I was going to head over to Kirstens blog to see is she was “busy” after I commented on your blog, but can see I don’t have too!
    It was so good to see you last weekend. wish you could have scrapbooked with us-you could have been my daughter!!
    Have fun organizing! If you were closer, I would hire you in a minute!!

  • Are the songs for Guitar Hero Wii decent? I was going to buy but I wish some of the earlier versions were available for Wii, I didn’t think there were many songs I would like… Just picked up Mario Kart, lovin every second!


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