Month : October 2008

Just Launched! Liz Ink &!!

It’s live! Liz Ink & Paper is officially in business!

Nineteen designs and counting….all completely customizable – the options are endless!

Place your order without paying a cent. Enjoy complimentary retouching and enhancing of your favorite photo, then view free-of-charge proofs via email of your photo and up to three of your favorite card designs. You will see EXACTLY what your card will look like before you finalize your order! I can personally guarantee you will be thrilled with the print quality of these cards – the lab I work with is constantly exceeding my expectations and their processing always looks top notch!


No chain store can offer all of these options and perks! Designs are completely fresh and new, contain original artwork, and are full of lively colors and festive messages. All cards come with envelopes. Choose from either 5×7 or 4×8 designs. Don’t let the direction of the photo in the preview determine your choice of photo – I am happy to crop your favorite picture to fit ANY design, or flip the photo background to accomodate. Want to use a particular design, but incorporate a different message than the one shown? Go right ahead – just supply your message of choice in your order form. Prefer a different background color? Make a note of your preference and I will be happy to email you a mock up with your customized choices!

Shop for your favorite design (or two or three!) now at!

fall tradition


Page and I have always loved a good corn maze and pumpkin patch outing. We missed out last year, being gone on our honeymoon, so it was fun to get back into the tradition this year with Emily and Rob. We went to Howell's Pumpkin Patch and for the first time, I picked out a green pumpkin! Planning to make her into a witch and create a funky hat for her. In my mind, I'm planning for her to look like Elphaba from Wicked, but we'll see how it actually turns out. 🙂 It was SUPER windy but we were hard core about getting our pumpkins and completing the maze. Loved all of the bright colors around this farm – a very fun place to photograph!









The next step…

Life has been stressful this week to say the least. I found out on Tuesday that I will be without a job in a couple of weeks.  I could sit around and feel sorry for myself, but I'm focusing instead on taking the next step…

I have wasted no time, and with some family encouragement have been working nearly round the clock with my fabulous hubby on a business I am SUPER excited about!! Putting the finishing touches on everything, and I owe so much thanks to Page for ALL of his help.

STAY TUNED – I will be back soon with a big announcement! 🙂



Adding a change to my desktop to compliment the changes going on lately. I'm a huge fan of Real Simple and am currently rotating through several of their wallpapers, although this one is particularly fitting today. Big changes in the near future, to go with the changing seasons and realizing the good things I'm grateful for, even when some current events have been less than favorable. Check out the wallpapers here.

“an averaged-out week in the life”



As mentioned before, I began my "week in the life" project last Monday, with the intent to complete it this past Sunday. After I received news that my grandfather had gone into the hospital on Thursday night, I originally planned to roll with it and continue photographing and documenting, not knowing at the time just how grave the situation would quickly become over the next couple of days. Needless to say, I wasn't up for taking pics, and too mentally exhausted to journal much. Reluctantly, I gave up on the week's project.

While I do want to record thoughts from the weekend and memories of my grandfather, I want to put those in a special place all of their own – not have them get lost in an overall project such as this one. While life is never predictable, I just feel that this week was anything but a typical week in the life, and overall just a very sad few days. I feel like the mood that would come across would not be a very accurate represenation of my life, overall, at this point.

I've decided to keep the photos/stories I had for Monday through Thursday. I have a lot of time invested already and I really liked some of the little stories that came out of the first half of the week. I end my Thursday entry talking about the call from my mother and my grandfather's failing health. I will pick up on my "typical week" with tomorrow (Friday) and continue through this coming Sunday. I can now reflect on how things are different a week later, but from a more peaceful place, and still accomplish a rather accurate snapshot of a week in the life. I am content to know that by merging the beginning of last week and the end of this week, I can skip over the parts I don't want to remember, and those that I do, can go in a special place at another time.

a week in the life {in progress}


I saw on Ali Edwards' blog last week that she was doing this project again. I wanted to join in but the week was just too crazy. I meant to start this past Sunday, but simply forgot to, in the chaos of being out of town. I decided to start on Monday, and go through this coming Sunday.

Ali taught this mini album concept as a class at CKU a couple of years ago. I didn't get to take her class specifically, but saw several others' albums from the event and have wanted to do one ever since. Read all about how she puts together her "week in the life" album here.


So far, I am half-way through my "week". I have figured out how I want to lay out my album (6×6), picked out some supplies, and finished the album cover. I'm definitely doing a more condensed version (hers has much larger pages and a greater number of them) but I'm liking the "short, sweet and to-the-point" approach.

It's been a challenge to remember to take pictures of the "little" things throughout the day this week, but they help jog my memory later when it's time to journal about the day's events. So far, I've learned that my weekdays aren't quite as mundane as I thought they were (presidential debate, attaining workout goals, creating a birthday gift for a friend) but I am still anxious for the weekend that should bring some fun out-of-the-norm stories.

Stay tuned for the finished product!
(Anyone else following along with this project? Link your photos, I'd love to see!)

book club!


Last night officially began the book club! A dozen girls came and almost all had read the book! 🙂 I love playing hostess but got a little nervous right before they all showed up – I hadn't re-read the book of the evening (The Time Traveler's Wife) as I had planned to, and I was scrambling to jot down some discussion points. I felt responsible to keep the discussion going – and I felt a bit like a teacher ha.

Fortunately, I didn't have to prompt too much, there was some great discussion and everyone had great input on what to read next! Emily is hosting next month and we are reading Water for Elephants. Some of the girls had a great idea to alternate current books with classics (Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice were at the top of the list!) We will have no problem coming up with good titles in the coming months.

I had the best of intentions to take a group shot, but forgot until after the first couple of girls had to take off for the evening. Em and Tori and I managed a quick photo, and we'll have to get the full group shot next month.


I have to thank my mom for inspiring me to start this group of girls! Her book club of two dozen-plus women has been together for several years and they have so much fun whether they've read the book or not. Looking forward to continuing this group of our own as all these different girls get to know each other better. My sweet mama even sent this gorgeous arrangement just hours before the get-together. One of the coolest arrangements I've ever seen! Thanks, Mom 🙂

Looking forward to the next read!