Month : November 2008

they’re back…

…my ridiculous collection of red bins full of holiday decor. This was my stack from just the first trip in from the garage. Haven't even gotten around to our "big tree" (we don't set that up until after Thanksgiving) or any of the ornaments, or gift wrap…but I've gotten the little tree in our room and in the front hallway up and decorated, as well as the table settings, and miscellaneous other things around the house…taking a break but hoping to get more up when we get home from Thanksgiving.


super easy, super tasty.

Pulled this recipe out of Real Simple a while ago, and got around to making it tonight. We both gave it a "would make again!" rating 🙂

Parmesan Pasta with Chicken and Rosemary

Find the recipe HERE.
(But if you want to make it Smith-style, add extra cheese!)

oh happy day.


Yesterday was a very HAPPY day. 🙂

My mom came to town and we did a little shopping, ate lunch together, and explored Valley Junction a bit before meeting up with Page for some dinner. What is it about moms that just always makes you feel better?

 While we were at Gateway for dinner, I was showing my mom the grocery
part of the market and we came across these teas (in super fun package
design) and I just had to take home the happy yellow one. There are
more than a dozen different teas, each with a different purpose, and each in a fun color container. 

It's been a rough six weeks or so between losing my grandpa, losing my job, and worrying about Page's job security with Principal, his employer which has recently announced job cut possibilities as well. It's a lot to take on all at once, and I didn't realize just how much I needed a break, until I got a bit of a reprieve yesterday thanks to my fabulous mama (who always makes me HAPPY).

Thanks, Mom! 🙂

(P.S. – A very happy 18TH birthday to my "baby" brother, Adam!)