Month : December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry xmas red bw smith

Tomorrow begins our series of Christmases.

We start with doing "our" Christmas here at home tomorrow night just the two of us. Christmas Eve morning, we wake up and do stockings for each other, and make cinnamon rolls – a tradition we've decided to keep from year to year for ourselves and someday, our children.

It changes every year, but for 2008, we will be heading to CR for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, then heading to Missouri for Fri/Sat/Sun for the big extended Smith family Xmas, and celebrating with Page's parents and sister. The big yellow sleigh (I mean, Xterra) will be quite loaded down to make this big loop of a trip!

Wishing you the merriest of days this week, and safe travels to those who who will be flying and driving to loved ones. Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays from Liz Ink & Paper!

Some faves to share – thank you to everyone for your support in this last-minute endeavor! Looking forward to truly growing this business in 2009 – baby announcements, save the dates, and much more to come! 🙂

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Ceryanec final

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Merry xmas red bw

Still here…

…and still standing.

First things first – I have to share the good news that for now, Page's job with Principal is secure. If you heard the news this week, they laid off 300+ employees from the Des Moines branch alone – an event that had been rumored to happen for weeks. Thanks so much for all of the emails and notes expressing concern/relief – I'm convinced that the powers that be decided one unemployed spouse was enough for this household at the present time. We do have friends who were affected by the layoffs, and my heart goes out to them – I so know how you're feeling!

I have not been as good lately about keeping up with the blog – I used to try and post something 2 or 3 times a week. I guess I've been too busy, and lacking some energy. Stress wears you down. I'm hoping all of this will change in the near future.

Page and I both have decided we're just "over" the whole worrying thing. It doesn't change the outcome of anything, and we are by no means the only people in this financially strapped boat right now. We are trying to focus on all the good things that could still be so much worse – we could be worried about trying to make a house payment, providing for our kids, or losing all retirement money with only a couple of years left in the working world. We are in pretty good shape all things considered, and with the holidays upon us, I realize more than ever that we truly DO have all the things we will ever need, plus much more. These are all things I remind myself of when I don't get a position after multiple rounds of interviews, or find that there is NOTHING new posted to the online job boards. It's disheartening, but if this is the worst of my troubles, then I have much to be thankful for.

random fave.


Just randomly posting a recent fave photo -taken in Galena last weekend. Love the red trolley downtown – such a Galena icon.

Happy Sunday!