Month : January 2009

1 mile reward!

"This part of my life is called running." – The Pursuit of Happyness



When I started running a little over four weeks ago, I could barely make it to 1/3 of a mile. I thought I was decently in shape b/c I could easily do the elliptical for 45+ mins but running has proven me otherwise! I have been slowly increasing every week, and the other day hit my 1 mile benchmark! I have told myself all along that if I make it to 1 mile, I would purchase myself a reward, not only for doing a mile run, but because I knew if I made it this far, I would be at a point where I could stick with it, and truly make it to my goal of a 5k (3.1 miles) in May. So off to Best Buy I went the other night, and bought myself the Nike + iPod kit – a new armband for my ipod, and the sensor that hooks on your shoes, so your personal trainer can speak to you over your tunes every few mins and tell you how fast you're running, how far, etc. Technology is SO amazing.



This was a calmer birthday than years past, but that was just fine by me. I celebrated with a broadway show, dinner and a movie, and a double-dose of cupcakes. 🙂 Doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks to family and friends for making it special!

my top 10 {right now}

I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things (and people) that make you happy. I can't limit people to just ten, but as for things, these are the top ten little tidbits in my life that are making me happy right now.

1. LAMP. In the words of Anchorman, "I love lamp". I've been wanting a new floor lamp in the living room for what seems like forever, and finally allowed myself to splurge a little on this one from CB2. Every time I walk into the so-much-brighter-than-before room, it makes me happy!


2. HOT CHOCOLATE. I can't get enough of this stuff in the wintertime, and thanks to my hubby at Christmas, I am stocked up! I get my dessert fix, but with a little less fat. FYI: If you're not a coffee drinker (I'm not) check out the Swiss Miss "Pick Me Up" – each packet has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Perfect solution for morning commute!

3. LIZ INK & PAPER. I've had so much fun in the past few weeks pushing myself creatively, and extending into new areas and ideas, spurred on by the range of requests I've been getting from people. What began as holiday cards has become baby and wedding announcements, custom invites, personalized stationery, save-the-dates and much more! A huge 'thank you' to everyone who has helped me to spread the word, placed an order, or sent an encouraging note along the way! Currently working on updating the site and adding some new products – check back soon! 😉

Picture 1

4. THE "LOUIE" SALAD. Yummy deliciousness. This salad is from Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, a favorite spot for Page and myself. I have recreated it at home lately – it's great as a side with pizza, or double up on the serving size for a tasty lunch. Combine spinach with sliced almonds, garlic croutons, sliced hearts of palms, and your favorite Ranch dressing. Very basic, very good!


5. MATZO BALL SOUP. My other food I'm currently obsessed with is Matzo Ball Soup. My dad has made this for years, and it finally occurred to me to try it on my own. I keep it pretty simple – I make a lot of the matzo balls using a mix, then add those, some shredded chicken, and sliced carrots to the soup. Makes a huge batch and freezes well for lunches on the go. Plus, I SWEAR this stuff cures a cold!


6. NEW BOOTS. I haven't splurged much lately, but these were something I truly needed, and when I found them on second markdown at Von Maur, I decided it would be foolish to walk away. I LOVE Penny Loves Kenny driving flats, and now I'm a fan of their boots as well! 50% off – not bad! (Although Page always says, "If you didn't buy it at ALL it would be 100% off!) What a boy thing to say.


7. NEW COLORS. Switching up the vibe in the living room for the new year. I'd been using a lot of greens, then for the holidays it switched to shades of blues. For 2009, I'm going with colors I've never decorated with before. I hate to call it "pink and purple" but I guess it sort of is – lots of cranberry, eggplant, and shades in between. Lulu brought me home some candles from Ikea, and I've been hitting the clearance section of Crate and Barrel for some throw/floor pillows. Also added these fun finials from Target – on clearance from the holidays, but who says finials can't work year round? My next project is to paint a canvas to bring in these colors and get it up on the wall!


8. REAL SIMPLE. I love, love, love this magazine. Page picked up on my not so subtle hints (okay, more like demands) and renewed my subscription for Christmas – love the recipes, love the "best of" lists each month, the decorating tips, the checklists, websites to check out, and everything else. It's a good day when this shows up in my mailbox!


9. THE TREADMILL. Never imagined myself putting this on a top ten list! I started a couple of weeks ago to train for a 5k in May. I have NEVER been a runner, and while I can get on an elliptical for an hour without remotely dying, I had to start my running with a measly 1/3 mile increment. I'm up to 3/4 miles this week and while it's a push to head over to the gym in single degree weather, I'm really proud that I've stuck with it so far and am determined to see my goal through to the end. I always start out my new year's resolutions with either "lose weight" or "wear a size X" so I figure this is a better goal. If I'm more focused on the workout, I'm hoping the results will just follow. I keep telling myself I've never seen a heavy runner! 🙂 Can't wait for the snow season to be over, so I can get outside and take my run on the road.

10. NORTH FACE. Unless you live where it gets really cold, you won't get just how vital cold weather gear is! I was in need of a new winter coat, and I LOVE my new black Gotham coat! North Face made up a lot of my Christmas list this year – I needed new gloves, and a more "hard core" hat. I love that North Face is SO toasty warm, but still so stinkin' cute at the same time! 🙂


What things are making YOU happy right now in 2009?? 🙂

X’s and O’s from Liz Ink & Paper!

I've had MANY requests for Valentines – a great way to catch up with people if you didn't have a chance to send out holiday cards (or even if you did!). Initially I just customized something for the first few clients, but due to demand, I am offering two new designs that will soon be available on the website! Both are 4×8 in size, come with envelopes, and can be altered to fit a vertical or horizontal photo (see bottom image). If you don't want to wait, shoot me an email at with your photo (to be retouched free of charge!) and your choice of design!

Valentine cupcake horizontalweb

"Valentine Cupcakes"

Heart streamer valentineweb

"Valentine Heartstrings"

And keep in mind – both of these designs can work with a horizontal or vertical photo:


Prices are listed on the website at Mention in your email or web order that you read this blog post, and receive 10% off your Valentine order!

Happy weekend to all! 🙂