Month : February 2009

beautiful bride!


A fellow Alpha Chi Omega alum, Micole, and her husband Jason, were married last month during his two week leave from Iraq and Liz Ink & Paper was asked to do the marriage announcements! It was so much fun to work with Micole, and my job was so easy thanks to their beautiful photos! The phrase, "my one true love" came directly from their vows. She chose three different styles in the end, and now that they've gone out to their friends and family, I can post them here! Thanks again, Micole, and congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Ogletree!


holding our breath…

Do you ever have those hours, days, even weeks when you feel like you're holding your breath waiting to see which way something is going to go? We have three of those kinds of things going on all at once simultaneously right now! Everything is very "hurry up and wait" – I don't want to say much and jinx anything, but I can divulge that it has to do with jobs (both Page's and mine) and where we'll be living come end of April…hoping we hear back on all 3 "what's going to happen???" scenarios in the next week or two at the very most!

Crossing fingers, and in the meantime comforting myself with a piece of my dad's *FAMOUS* cheesecake! Seriously, you won't find a better slice anywhere on Earth!


happy 25th to the world’s best hubby


It worked out nicely that today was my day off – I stopped by the cupcake shop in Valley Junction to get the birthday boy’s favorite (red velvet!) and then picked him up for lunch downtown at Centro. A stop at Scheel’s tonight will complete the bday celebration 🙂

Happy 25th, Babe!

love this.

Found on Ali's post for today. My life has all about leaps lately. Couldn't have written anything better myself:

What I realized is that there is not just one big moment of courage in
our lives. There are many. These moments come to us in different ways.
At times we are forced into a leap (unexpected pregnancy, when parents
or partners pass away, when we lose our job). At times we are called
into a leap (when someone invites us for a trip of a lifetime, when our
partner wants to move to a new city, when we are offered a chance, when
we take the "money maker" role to support our family). Then there are
also the daily tiny leaps we take for the sake of adventure (when we
try new types of food, music, when we go out on a date, when we talk to
a stranger, when we transition from blogger friends to real life
friends). No matter how small, silly or hard, tiny, dramatic or
forgotten… All leaps are important because little by little, we live
through change, we figure out how to cope, we move forward, we learn
who we are, and we build our confidence for the bigger leaps, the ones
we seek for ourselves.

25 at 25.

If you have been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen some of your friends doing the “25 Things” post. The idea is simple; tell 25 things about yourself, tag some people to do the same, and learn all kinds of things about the people you already thought you knew so well. It’s been so fun for me to read about friends/family and for those of you aren’t on facebook (you need to join!) here are my 25 things, at age 25. If you’re a blogger, post YOUR 25 and leave me a link in the comments – I can’t wait to read everyone’s!

Just turned 25 last week. Here are 25 things, about myself, at 25:

1. I have recently decided I want to “become a runner”. I run a little
over a mile in each workout, and am training for a 5k. I like to use
phrases like “going for a run” and “training” because they make me feel
cool and so much more hard core than I actually am.

2. I am obsessed with anything and everything yellow. (Thus the blog
name). If it comes in yellow, that will be my first choice when making
a purchase. Seriously, is there a happier color out there than yellow?
Good stuff.

3. I’m not an everyday journal-keeper, but especially when something
rough is going on, I find myself drawn back to write it out. When shit
hits the fan, my biggest encouragement comes from reading back through
old entries, and reading my own panic/stress/sadness/anger

at a situation, but realizing today I’ve come out of it and am better for the experience.4. I have a TJMaxx abuse problem.

5.I am beginning to think I have a Z’Mariks abuse problem.

6. I love COLOR, but I do hate pastels. The brighter and bolder, the better.

7. My least favorite year so far was the year of age 23 to 24. We moved
a lot and were living in a place we hated, Page was miserable with his
job, and I was stressed about how to plan a wedding. Ironically,
despite a job loss and a terrible economy, age 24-25 has been my
favorite year.

8. I love to play in Photoshop. I like to photograph but am by no means
a professional, so photoshop helps me fake it that I took that PERFECT
shot with the right color balance and exposure. 🙂

9. Everyone keeps asking when we’re having kids, or they make predictions
as to when we will start. I can save you all a lot of time – it’s not
happening anytime soon. Until the thought of parenting doesn’t send us
into total panic, or we turn 30, (whichever comes first) there will be
no belly bump. When we turned 23, we decided “five years” – it makes me
laugh that people ask now and we still say “five years”. 🙂

10. I probably own more underwear than almost anyone. I counted once
and it was well over 100 pairs. I just really, really like underwear. I
don’t think I need to justify any more than that.

11. I miss going to church and would really like to find one here to call home.

12. I’ve had the same best friend since I was ten years old. How lucky am I?

13. If money were no object, I’d be living in Orange County right now.
I would go somewhere for the week of Christmas to see snow, then right
back to my balmy 78 degree paradise.

14. After I graduated from Iowa, I moved to Charlotte, NC with just
over 2,000 dollars, no job lined up, and no real plan that extended
beyond a few days’ time. It’s funny how fast you can grow up – I would
be terrified to do that now, and am still amazed that all worked out
okay without me ending up homeless. But looking back, I’m glad I can
say I took a risk/leap of faith/whatever you want to call it. Your
twenties are the time to do that.

15. Whenever I see black and white anything – napkins, paintings,
clothing – or bright lipstick colors, I always think of my mom.

16. I swear more than I should. I really am going to work on that.

17. My “power song” on my Nike+Ipod (the one you can play instantly if
you need a boost during a workout) is Britney’s “Piece of Me”. Crazy or
not, she still kicks ass.

18. While tightening our budget lately, I’m learning there is so much
stuff I can live without. I am also learning just how much I miss all
that extra stuff. Shallow? Yep, a little bit. I like to shop and I
think if it came down to shopping versus smoking, studies would show
smoking is an easier habit to kick.

19. I kill all plants. I still can’t figure out if I’m overwatering,
underwatering, or just that all green things hate me. The only thing
I’ve kept alive is our bamboo plant, Michelangelo, and I think that’s
only because bamboo is supposed to be basically invincible.

20. I appreciate good design. And really awesome typography.

21. I have a growing obsession with Russell Crowe. I think he may replace Matthew McConaughey soon.

22. I enjoy having a boy as a roommate – although this is largely due to the fact that I still get my own bathroom and closet. I do miss
living with other girls, but not the clothes borrowing part. I never
had sisters, thus, I never learned to share.

23. I married my best friend. It’s cliche, but very true.

24. When I started this, I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with 25
things, but it’s been very fun and easier than I thought. I’ve loved
even more reading about my friends/family. I’ve learned a lot about
people I already knew so well!

25. I’m still becoming who I am. I think it will be a long time before
I finish that journey, but I’m totally down for the ride.