Month : March 2009

scrap room inspiration…

While fighting a nasty cold, I am curled up on the couch with my laptop, surfing through Flickr for craft room inspiration. T-minus 4 weeks until we move, and I can't wait to get set up in the guest room/scraproom! We had a queen bed we were going to put in there, but after some thought (and measuring) I like my mom's idea of only doing a twin bed to open up some more space. Half the time our guests are a "single" (my brother or Page's sister) and if we have more than one guest there is always the air mattress and couch. Sorry guests, I need my space! 🙂

Armed with this new more spacious plan, I'm onto room layout and possible wall colors. The whole townhouse was just painted a neutral taupey color throughout. It's a great living room color, but I'm going to want more color in the room I get crafty in. Just a few flickr and blog pics I've saved that are inspiring me tonight…








…and my new DREAM scrap SUITE (for when we win the lottery)…



save the date!

Katie save the date

A sorority sister of mine, Katie, asked me to do her save-the-dates for her wedding later this summer. She is having wildflowers but her main color is bright blue. She sent me some inspiration she'd seen online and together we came up with this for her finished product! (Info has been changed/omitted but this is an exact replica of the design).

on the move.


Hello new house.

More space. Less money per month. Can you beat that?! Five weeks from Sunday, we get to take over, so there is a lot of packing and pitching going on around here. Tonight I tackled the office/scraproom. Figuring out the best way to arrange things in the new guestroom/scraproom (yes! Page will have his OWN office so we won't have to share!) and with an upcoming trip to IKEA this weekend, I have started a little shopping list of must-haves.


Ummm…do you think I'm a bit of a typographical scrapper? These aren't even chipboard or any other kind of letters. This pile is only the stickers…which a certain redhead managed to knock over about two minutes after this was taken.

tuesday happenings.

Enjoying the day while getting a few things done – clearing out clutter and dropping it off at consignment stores and Goodwill (PS – Younkers' Goodwill sale is going on now…excellent if you need something new and want 20% off!) Treating myself to a Starbucks iced tea while doing a run to Target and Michaels. Loving the breeze from open windows in the house, getting laundry done and overall feeling productive today.

In other news, I did my first run outside today. Okay, note to self: treadmill running = NOTHING like outdoor running. It was windy, and even the slightest hills made for challenges I was not used to. Thankfully Page ran along with me, otherwise I might have just sat down in the middle of the road and called a cab to come pick me up.

I had some exciting goodies in the mail today, since I placed my first Sweet Tooth order Sunday night. (I know! It's only Tuesday and already they had arrived!) Among my purchases, I chose this two page layout kit. Doesn't it look so fun? Very excited to play around with some photos and these pieces – will post the finished product soon. Thanks to Shelly and Cindy!


Finally, a very happy St. Patty's to those of you who are Irish. I did my part and wore my green, but in all honesty, I've never really gotten into this holiday. My husband has a good amount of Irish in him, and has already asked where the food coloring is. I am anticipating a couple of green beers later tonight.

Happy Tuesday!

a date in des moines!


Lulu is in town this week from Philly and we spent the day getting lunch at Flarah's, picking up cupcakes in Valley Junction, and trying on bridesmaid dresses. Move back here already, girlie! 🙂

Best cupcakes in town! Carefree Patisserie in Valley Junction, WDM.


Flarah's…love the fun colors!


And the BEST thing about Flarah's – the chicken salad. Best ever!

new leaf.


This is how I'm feeling right now.

After losing my previous job and hunting for months, I have finally, finally, been offered a new position with a company in Urbandale. Talk about a change in industry – I have gone from scrapbooking to agriculture! The company, in a nutshell, helps farmers sell their raw goods (grains, renewable fuels, etc) to buyers who want the raw goods for food production, organic goods, etc. It's a fascinating industry, and one I know very little about, but am very excited to learn how this all works.

My job is in the communications office – designing and writing everything from communication within the company (newsletters, company blog) to doing press releases and print and radio ads for farmers' individual businesses. There is a LOT of work to be done since the company is growing so fast, a great sense of security to know that this industry is virtually untouched by the troubled economy right now, and while other businesses are failing, this one is booming exponentially.

Like I said, Ahhh. Relief. Peace of mind. Able to breathe without a pit in my stomach or a weight on my shoulders for the first time in months. I am so grateful and saying thank you to the powers that be.