Month : April 2009

we really ARE still here…

…just have been busy beyond belief!

We were able to get in to the new house on Tuesday, and every night last week we were here painting and building, and bringing loads of stuff over. We moved the "big stuff" in a truck this weekend, and as of tonight, we are about halfway unpacked. Getting there! Hoping to have everything under control in time to start a relaxing weekend.

I leave you with some sneak peeks – "finished" photos to come soon!

The temporary offices last week…Page Smith Design and Liz Ink & Paper can work from just about anywhere! 🙂

IMG_5105 IMG_5106

Pager unpacking his office. (Green wall – and clock – to match his logo!)


I nicknamed the kitchen "ground zero"…but have since been surprised how much storage there is, especially with a huge pantry around the corner! Can't WAIT to get that nasty overhead light out of there!



Ahhh color. Love it, can't get enough of it.

Picking out colors for next week, when we can start moving into our townhouse. The entire place is a neutral khaki color, which is already SO much better than plain white (which we have now) but we want to add some pops of colors with a few accent walls. Neither of us is looking to spend the time or money to paint entire rooms since we're only renting, but we could justify doing a single wall in our bedroom, the guest room, and the loft.


So which color is going where? I'm hoping to post the "finished" photos after we get moved in next weekend. Contrary to what I told the landlord, I've never tried painting a wall before, so we will see how it goes! Stay tuned and happy Friday to all! 🙂

happy easter!


Mimosas, eggs benedict, and bed head/pajamas in the midst of our chaotic, half-packed apartment.
Hope your Sunday is fabulous and relaxing!





Loving that I have a three day weekend because of Good Friday.

Page is working today, so I'm taking advantage of the morning by doing some intense cleaning and packing, while trying to come to grips with the fact that my house just isn't going to be clean or tidy for the next couple of weeks while we move. I leave for Kansas City most of next week for work, so I'm trying to get as much done as possible this weekend. I'm sure people are thinking, "Why doesn't Page pack?". It's my own fault – I'm too controlling about how I like things packed, and how I like different boxes organized by room. Page is in charge of disassembling things, patching nail holes, etc. but the boxes are my domain entirely.

We both have a little freelance work to get done later this afternoon, then we have made a pact to turn OFF the computers for the night, get away from work and out of this messy disheveled house, to a nice dinner and then a movie. Planning to see I Love You, Man. I've heard it's really funny. Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend planned.




Ah, health insurance, it's good to have you back again. One of the many things no longer weighing down my mind. It's been two weeks since I started my new job and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and learning SO much. It is definitely a fast-paced working environment. I compare it to a revolving door – I get one project accomplished and out the door, and here come three more due within the hour. It's great to know there is so much to be done and to feel needed. My co-workers have been very kind and have gone out of their way to voice their relief at having an additional person to help handle the workload. I'm finally getting to that point where I don't have to ask a question every five minutes – I can come in, sit at my computer, and I just know what needs to be done. I still have SO much more to take on and learn, but it's a small victory just to be this far! Looking forward to growing with this company…

On a separate note: Go Iowa! Very proud (especially today) to be from this state. Very moved and inspired by this decision.