Ah, health insurance, it's good to have you back again. One of the many things no longer weighing down my mind. It's been two weeks since I started my new job and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and learning SO much. It is definitely a fast-paced working environment. I compare it to a revolving door – I get one project accomplished and out the door, and here come three more due within the hour. It's great to know there is so much to be done and to feel needed. My co-workers have been very kind and have gone out of their way to voice their relief at having an additional person to help handle the workload. I'm finally getting to that point where I don't have to ask a question every five minutes – I can come in, sit at my computer, and I just know what needs to be done. I still have SO much more to take on and learn, but it's a small victory just to be this far! Looking forward to growing with this company…

On a separate note: Go Iowa! Very proud (especially today) to be from this state. Very moved and inspired by this decision.


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