I wish I knew how to add a sound byte to my blog…I would have the Halleluiah Chorus playing with this post!

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After selling my smaller jewelry armoire in search of a larger one, I spent the last several weeks hunting without any success. I loved the way the drawers were laid out in my old version, I just needed more OF them. During my trip to CR last weekend, my mom introduced me to Bills Brothers, a freight salvage furniture store. I'm not normally one to share the price tag, but this bad boy cost a mere $149, several hundred less than others of the same size I've had my eyes on in other stores! My mom is going to help me add a darker stain to it (she's the pro) and then it will be good to go. I never thought I'd say this, but I filled it *almost* to the brim, so I actually have a little space to spare! I think some shopping is in order! 🙂


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