what have we been up to??

It seems like life is staying quite busy lately!

We spent the past weekend tackling our siblings' graduations. The idea was to divide and conquer; Page went to Columbia for his sister, Blake's, and I went to CR to see Adam's. Unfortunately of everyone there, my pic with Adam didn't turn out very well, but here he is with my parents:

I never really noticed before – they both have really nice teeth.

Dude! Congrats! Pound!

A proud Mom and "Mom #2" at Graduation.

The next stop on my Cedar Rapids tour was a stop at my grandma's new condo. Do you see where I get my organizational OCD? Her entire house is like this – neatly stacked, color-coded, you name it.


My mom and I got to spend some time together one-on-one on Saturday. We made a trip down to Iowa City for dinner at Atlas (and some apple martinis!) and I got to see the AXO house for the first time since its completion!

Yum, and please ignore the out-of-focus pic. I had not even sipped yet. (I think I was trying to zoom in on my mom's Marc Jacobs bag in the background – I WILL be stealing that when she's not looking).

I heart 828.
I would heart it even more if I had been able to live in this house NOW that it has a 40-car parking garage attached! Where was THAT when I was a college kid trying to find street parking every day?

And to think that this…

…used to be this. (March 2006)

Finally, we spent Sunday going to see the Student Built House that my brother has been helping to build all school year. My other brother, James, did this program as well, and my grandfather (a builder) for several years, taught the program. Lots of connections with our family and just as when we went through the year James built, I was beyond impressed!

A final thank you to the boys for cleaning my car this weekend and giving him a lot of TLC…


I think this post has gotten quite long enough…I will be back soon with a post of my *purchase* from this weekend!


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  • Cute pics! I like the new red graduation robes.

  • You are in trouble!! In Iowa City and you didn’t call me! Just kidding-sort of. but don’t let it happen again!
    Let me know when you want to crop at Archivers and I will be there!

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