Month : August 2009

closet organization.


When I decided to pull the blue out of my scrap room and trade it for yellow, I needed somewhere to re-purpose all of those blue bins and totes. Enter my closet organization progress, (still underway). I found a cheap spool of ribbon to incorporate the blue with the chocolate brown things I already had in my closet, like my hamper. Then, I made a few tags made from leftover scraps. I am already on my way to rediscovering the many accessories I forgot I even had.




(PS…Don't you just LOVE matching hangers?! Is that just me?? It really is the little things that thrill me).

bedding bargains.

Bw bed  

So excited – This little lovely is on its way to my house right now!

I originally was going to "make do" with the green striped PB duvet I already had on hand for my scraproom/guestroom, especially since it went well with some green accents I already have in the room. After some more thought, I realized I really did want some black/white bedding to match the black furniture and accents, and showcase my yellow throw pillow and accent the yellow wall – I've realized I really want the room to be black and yellow (yes, Go Hawks!) with some small doses of green here and there to soften it a little.

I've been looking online at bedding for the last couple of months, knowing that I wanted a more modern design, and everything out there in black/white right now seems to be solids, or toille, or damask. Finally I stumbled across this and fell in love instantly! I had originally told myself I could only buy bedding if I could find an unusually good deal, which this was! 35.99 for both the duvet and shams on clearance? Yes, check, I will take it! Stay tuned, this room is slowly but surely coming together!

living strong and tortilla pizza

Delish AND healthy – I can't ask for more. I've always made pizzas at home on traditional crusts, pita bread, even english muffins. For some reason though, it never occurred to me to try it on a tortilla until it was recently suggested to me. I love that the cracker-thin crust gets super crispy, and with so many less carbs and calories in the crust, you can pile on all your fave toppings without any of the guilt.

The pizza show above here, with a little pizza sauce, fresh baby spinach, artichoke hearts, black olives, feta, and a sprinkling of shredded mozzarella has about 350 calories. I'm not typically a counter, but recently I've been determined to take a turn for the positive and REALLY shed the same 10-12 pounds that I have gained and lost (and gained again) since my mid-college days. To do this, I've become obsessed with LIVESTRONG (formerly The Daily Plate) as a way to track what types of workouts I'm logging and keeping an eye on my portions and overall calories, proteins, carbs, etc. I don't want to do this forever, but it is a fabulous tool for now, in the beginning, as I begin to grasp again the concept of how much is enough (or too much) as I try and get back on track for a healthy lifestyle that can truly last long after the weight has dropped off again. In these beginning weeks I have to be a bit more strict with myself, but ultimately the goal is just to find the healthy balance and maintain.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend – we certainly did. Lots of good times with good friends that we don't see nearly often enough. Pics to come later this week.

quote for august.

Creativity print

I always get excited at the start of a new month because it means it's time to update my "quote of the month" in the right column. I've wanted to do something with this quote for quite a while. I'm not sure this is the finished product, but I'd like to design something cool to mat and frame on the wall – my scraproom is a little crowded, so I might take it to my office at work and hang it there. I'm envisioning it will look something like this…


Regardless of where it ends up, I love what it says, and I love the source. I was fortunate to take a class from Stacy while still in college and I was amazed and awed at her creative talent, her attitude toward life in general, and her absolutely magnetic personality. Plus the girl is ALL about color, so right there she had me hooked! 🙂