Month : September 2009

transition to fall.

I've been reading through some old posts and came upon my post from this time last year. It's funny how every year, the change in seasons catches me by surprise…even when I logically know it is on its way. It never ceases to amaze me the way the temperature suddenly dips a bit, the colors start to change, and the air smells different. I'm forever a summer gal, but wow, I do love this season that's upon us. I've been busy trying some new fall recipes, switching out our closets to make room for warmer clothing, and cozying up our house with some fall decorating.

And speaking of cozy…how adorable (and trés fall!) is this?! My boss, Julie, is an avid knitter, and a very talented one at that. I sent her a link to a "cozy" (not koozie!) I had seen online and told her, "You should make one of these!". Lucky me, she did…and gave it to me! 🙂 My skinny vanilla latte is all set for the coming colder months!


Fall has arrived on Woodland Avenue. I gave myself a budget of 100 dollars (combined with things I already owned) and am proud to say I came in just under $75. It seems I get lucky at different stores each year when it comes time to buy seasonal decorations; this year it was Pier1 and Hobby Lobby.



I don't love these pumpkins…I bought them while still in college (I took on the task of decorating our 7-girl house senior year for EVERY holiday). I like the shape and size of them, but I would like a glitzier version. I was thinking I might try a coat of glittery/glossy clear paint. Any ideas?? 


Don't mind the cord in this shot. 🙂 This is proof that decor is an ongoing thing…I can't make up my mind if I like the candy dish or the pillars better in this spot. Decisions, decisions.


I'm all about stretching the dollar where I can. Rather than buy some of the gorgeous (but expensive!) displays right out of the store window, I'm all about using things I already have, and adding something small to make the whole piece seem seasonal. Case in point – candles I've had + two dollars in berries = one of my favorite little fall pieces.


I am loving these little fall stones from Pier1. Some are the tradtional round marbles, others are shaped like little glass leaves.


Did I mention I was switching over the closets? I started on mine last night…what you see here isn't even all of the fall/winter stuff. Intervention needed? Quite possibly. Happy fall to all.


Memory Walk 2009

Thanks to all for your support this weekend as we walked in memory of my grandpa at Memory Walk 2009 in Cedar Rapids. The turnout was awesome, and I'm waiting on the total for just how much we raised as a whole for Alzheimers research. Will be back to edit this post as soon as I hear!

EDITED: As of today, with checks still rolling in, the total for Cedar Rapids' location alone has totaled 110k and counting! Way to go, CR!





my black and gold haven.


Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. Things have been a little crazy around here. Between a sudden loss and a long weekend getaway to Galena for some R&R, blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside. The break has had its perks, however. I have been able to really dig in and commit these last few days to finishing up the guestroom/my creative space for scrapping and designing.

I started this project in July and was originally just going to do a couple of small updates and call it good within the week. The more I thought about it though, I realized I was settling and figured if I was going to "transform" my favorite space, I might as well do it right. So the budget expanded a tiny bit, and I learned to be patient as I shopped for just the right accessories, bedding, etc. I wanted to go with the edgy idea of yellow and black from the very beginning (thus the painted yellow wall the day we moved in) but I strayed from my favorite color when I had trouble finding items to match my color scheme and settled for a different palette. This time, I was determined to get it the way I wanted. I have a tendency to "just get it done already," so this new concept of patience was growth for me. 🙂

From previous posts, you can see that I already had most of the furniture, the shelves and jars on the wall, and the recycled CD tower to house embellishments for scrapping. However, there was still a bit more to be done to get the finished product…

    1. Painted frame from white to black and hung Brian Andreas prints (I've had a couple of questions about these from previous mention – I will link the prints in a near-future post)

    2. Yellow placemat and m&ms for the smaller bookcase

    3. Finding NO yellow desk accessories out there, I bought a yellow planter to hold my pens, scissors, etc and found some yellow binders to hold inspiration clippings from mags

    4. New containers for the big shelf: yellow metal bins, black fabric cubes, and others

    5. Custom yellow/black tags to label it all

    6. New bed and all new bedding (still a rookie seamstress, I managed to turn a clearance queen duvet into a twin!)

    7. Fabulous under-bed storage for my MANY purses!

    8. Created a new valance starting from a basic black one, using leftover fabric and ribbon for embellishment

    9. New black bins for the desk shelves to hold my basic office supplies, found cute coasters on Etsy to match my color scheme and save my desk from rings

    10. Switched the desk lampshade out from previously pink to white

    11. After a disaster trying to paint my green trash can yellow, I settled on a new basic black one

    12. Repainted the previously green/white magazine holders (several coats of) yellow

And so, with a happy heart and a craving to get to work creating, I present what I am calling my black and gold (go hawks!) haven. 





IMG_6154     IMG_6157

Lots of labeling…




The yellow pillow that started it all! (Edited to add: Pillow from World Market)


Jars are a big thing for me. They're all over holding ribbons and embellishments for scrapping and gift wrapping.


Now this makes me happy. 🙂 Yellow loveliness and organization all in one. I've managed to fit all scrapbooking supplies, a few Liz Ink & Paper items, and all of my gift wrapping paraphernalia in this 6'x6' Expedit shelf. I like that having a defined and absolute space forces me to keep my amounts of stuff in check. If I don't have room to store it, I don't buy it. Simple as that.

I love that this space is never really "done" – I already have my eye on a yellow (!) desk chair, and when we go to
Minneapolis in a few weeks, I'll see if the yellow version of these document boxes matches well enough. If so, a couple of these will need to come home with me to hold my 8×5 x 11 cardstock stash!

For now, I'm soaking up the color and getting inspired to create – exactly my goals when I set out to decorate this room. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂