Owl City! (two weeks late)

Between a trip to Minneapolis and an almost two-week fight with some bronchitis, I have been doing the bare minimum when it comes to blogging. To get caught up, I am back-tracking a bit and posting about some things I really wanted to get to in the past couple of weeks.


I am so glad I have a hubby who stays in the loop and was able to score us some Owl City tix, not only before they sold out, but while they were still cheap (before a venue change and price hike!)



Page, Adam and I headed downtown two weeks ago to hear them in concert. Great night – awesome energy, played all my faves, and it was fun to finally go to a concert with my baby bro! If Owl City is new to you, I recommend downloading "On the Wing" (my fave!) and "Fireflies" and "Hello Seattle"! (Ya know what? Just download everything – there isn't a song I don't like!)

It was at this concert that Page surprised me by telling me I didn't have to work the next day and that we were leaving earlier than expected for our weekend anniversary! The concert was a perfect way to lead into our weekend!



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