Month : March 2010

party planning


My best friend is getting married in June (hooray) and my mom and I are planning a shower for her in May. She is a very classic bride – everything in her wedding will be Martha Stewart-esque and picture perfect. Her colors are blues and greens, her flowers hydrangeas. So when it came time to pick a scheme for her shower, I shied away from pink (her sisters threw a shower in this scheme already) and I stayed away from her blue/green scheme, thinking there will be plenty of that at the actual wedding. I settled on a color I have been drawn to quite a bit lately, and one that is maybe a bit more unexpected for Laura – orange! After looking at zillions of sites and blogs, I started to notice a common theme in the photos I was bookmarking. Above is my "inspiration board" for what I see happening. Picture lots of white, with punches of vibrant orange flowers, fresh squeezed mimosas, and an overall "Kate Spade" crisp, preppy, transitioning-to-summer feel. I am not a party planner by any stretch of the imagination, but this little soiree will be fun to put together!

personal progress in March

Weight history
I think the whole reason I blog about my weight loss/health goal for 2010 is merely to keep MYSELF accountable. If I publish something "out there" in cyberspace, I'm more likely to try and stick with my plan. So if no one but me reads this, I am perfectly okay with that. To be able to go back in a few months and read through my progress will keep me motivated, so here is mid-March's progress report…

The chart above is perhaps the single most motivating factor for me. has been my daily reminder to keep my cals in check (although I've certainly had my fair share of days that I've been "over my recommended daily allowance"!). One of the features of the site is that as you log in and track your new weights from one date to the next, it creates a graph for you to see your progress. Now, I am wayyyy too vain to give you actual pound amounts, but I will tell you that each horizontal hash mark up the left side represents a pound. Each purple dot is a date that I weighed myself and recorded it. As you can see, I've let almost half of March go by without a weigh-in. I was getting so nerved up about seeing NO difference the second half of February, despite a valiant effort both at the gym and at the table, that I just couldn't bring myself to step on a scale. I also wanted to check myself and be sure I wasn't becoming too obsessed with the number, and instead re-focus on how I look and feel, how my clothes fit, etc. I've been incorporating a bit more strength work in my workouts and between a week of swimming only (something I never do) and taking on a new (hard!) hot yoga class, I wasn't sure if the numbers would even be different, as I have no doubt I'm putting on some new muscle. (Hello! My ARMPITS were even sore after that last yoga class!)

The difference on the scale is only about two pounds between now and three weeks ago, but I'm okay with that. I always start these plans thinking "two pounds a week" and that is usually the case the first couple of weigh-ins. I keep reminding myself this has to be a lasting and lifelong change, not just some crash program I burn out on and then return to my old ways. All things considered, this is averaging out to be about a pound a week, although it has frustratingly gone in spurts of more (and then way less!) at a time. But to see this visually on a graph, over time, averaged out, I can reassure myself that yes, I am being reasonable with my goals, and yes, I am doing something right, and yes, I do need to keep sticking with this because ultimately I WILL get what I want out of this!

So there's my ramble session for March. Like I said – sorry if I bored anyone, this topic on the blog really is just for myself rather than anyone else. If you are on the same type of journey, please feel free to leave comments with tips/personal successes…let's share the motivation!

Oscar re-cap

I have to say, Oscar night didn't go quite as planned. I thought I had Tivo'd the entire program, but all I actually recorded was the pre-show on E!. Pager was fighting a flu that ended him up in the ER Sunday evening, so the first hour of the actual Oscars is still unknown to me, although I did make it back by 8ish. I am happy with the pick for Best Picture, was thrilled for Sandra Bullock, and as always, adored looking at all the gowns. Which was your favorite? Mine was hands-down the Chanel that SJP wore. Unusual, yes, but of course I loved the color, I loved the piece across the collarbone, and I just love HER in it. LOVE all that hair.


more bedroom progress…


Halleluiah! The eyesore "tube" TV that has been sitting on Page's dresser is finally outta here! More surface space, cleaner lines, and less cluttered vibe thanks to a new flat screen. I'm also very excited that we're adding a second Tivo unit to this set…hooray!!

I know there are all kinds of decorators out there who say it's tacky to put a television in the bedroom. Sorry to those decorators, but we need a TV in our room. Especially with the layout of our house and the open area between the living room and Page's office, the only place to really close the door and get enough quiet to watch a movie or show is the master bedroom.

In other news…this little baby is on its way to bring an accent of the turquoise/jade color to the bed.


It's slowly coming together…can't wait to reveal! 🙂

hello March…c’mon Spring!


It would be so much better to wait for daylight to take this photo, but I am just SO excited to have some spring COLOR on my table. I found a variety of white frosted vases (super cheap!) and I've been taught not to use fake flowers in decorating haha, but I just had to have some color, and I can't afford to replace them every couple of days. Plus…the poor Iowa flower market in winter leaves a lot to be desired. 

I've taken on a bunch of "mini" house projects lately – more posts to follow! Happy Monday to everyone…and more importantly, Happy MARCH! Spring WILL get here eventually, people!