Oscar re-cap

I have to say, Oscar night didn't go quite as planned. I thought I had Tivo'd the entire program, but all I actually recorded was the pre-show on E!. Pager was fighting a flu that ended him up in the ER Sunday evening, so the first hour of the actual Oscars is still unknown to me, although I did make it back by 8ish. I am happy with the pick for Best Picture, was thrilled for Sandra Bullock, and as always, adored looking at all the gowns. Which was your favorite? Mine was hands-down the Chanel that SJP wore. Unusual, yes, but of course I loved the color, I loved the piece across the collarbone, and I just love HER in it. LOVE all that hair.



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  • I loved SJP’s hair too! And her dress, for that matter.


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