Month : June 2010

motivation & good vibes.


I found this manifesto on Lululemon's blog. Would love to take some pieces of this and do SOMETHING (a print, maybe?) for motivation/feel good vibes on days when I don't feel like getting my butt in gear. Maybe it goes in the garage, or on the door inside my closet? Not sure, just know that I love this!



The pace at our house has slowed down quite a bit this week.

No, it's not an ACL injury – thankfully!! Pager was playing in his weekly basketball league game at work, and hyperextended his knee. Ouch. He can't put much weight on it, and can't yet straighten it all the way, but it's slowly, slowly improving.


Nothing that a few days of ice and elevation won't heal.

In the meantime, he's moving slowly (okay, verrrry slowly – I call it the "old man shuffle") and keeping it classy with a Miller Lite to soothe his woes.


lucy love.


Major score in the clearance section of Lucy, my favorite fitness clothing store! I love that the clothing is all very well made, wears and washes perfectly, and is both super high tech AND girly all at once. See that purple long sleeved tee? The back has a little (reflective) ruffle in the small of the back – cute AND safe – what's not to love? 🙂

I usually limit what I let myself buy full-price (Lucy is well made, but the prices reflect that!) but these were all on clearance, so I could justify. 🙂 200 bucks worth of stuff…for just over 80 with shipping! It's a good day. 🙂

bringing a little chi into my life…


In a frustrated attempt to get over recurring shin splints, I ordered a copy of Chi Running based on the recommendation of another blog I read often, Cathy Zielske. I originally found her when I was still in the scrapping world, but now I read her blog for design tips, her fitness transformation, and in general her witty narratives on life in general.

I seem to be in a vicious cycle. I can’t seem to get past the two-mile mark when training because my shins throb. I rest a few days, get back to it, and the same thing inevitably happens again.

I’m only a couple of chapters in, but so far this book makes a LOT of sense. It clarifies that running gets a bad rap for causing injuries, when in actuality, running is one of the most natural things in the world for the human body to do. Kids run almost from the moment they can walk, and without injury (skinned knees aside). It is actually poor running FORM that causes pounding in the wrong places, and thus, injury. Right away, the author makes it well-known that this book won’t change my style overnight, that it will be several weeks of gradually change. I’m hopeful though, based on the zillions of testimonials from beginners to marathoners that say these slight changes in form have helped tremendously with reducing injury, pain, and overall effort. An excellent point is made right off the bat – we take tennis lessons, go to golf clinics, but no one ever takes a lesson on how to RUN. Therefore, most people who take up this sport are never properly trained, and often develop poor habits and form that lead to injury.

The chi side of the book intrigued me as well as I’m learning more and more about yoga and the mindset that transforms simple stretching into a whole meditation experience. The ideas of listening to your body and letting go of expectations for yourself are reiterated quite a bit so far – things I have trouble doing, instead determined to hit a certain mile marker or time. I have a good bit of progress to make on the chi front, but who knows, maybe I’ll become a bit enlightened. 🙂

For any runners out there, I highly recommend this book so far! Poor Page has been recruited to help me by video taping my running now and several weeks from now to compare my form and help me improve my stride. I really am becoming addicted to running, but it’s hard to feed that addiction when I feel like I’m always hurting. Here’s hoping for some changes for the better!

my best friend’s wedding.


This past weekend, my best friend got married.


It was truly an honor to stand up with her…with a total of five sisters, I was thrilled to be the only friend to make the cut. 😉


Always the planner to the last detail, every aspect of the day was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I give her a hard time about her EXTREME attention to detail, but if there was ever a day to showcase her fabulous taste and meticulousness, this was the one.


At the risk of misting up for maybe the sixth time this weekend, I'll keep it short and sweet. (I never cried at my own wedding, but this past weekend I was a mess!) I love this girl so much and couldn't be happier for you, Lu. 


I'm so happy to have shared in this day that will certainly be one of the best of our memories together, and even more so one of your happiest with this amazing man….


You couldn't have picked a better one.

Wishing the two of you every happiness and a lifetime together of joy, laughter, good cooking, Iowa fight songs, great music, family, friends, and love. Page and I love you both so much!

the next ten. (back at it!)

My one and only goal for 2010 has been to pursue "health". No exact number to weigh, no specific number of miles to be able to run, and no particular day-to-day calorie limit. The goal was, in general, to eat less, move more, and incorporate health and balance into all aspects of my life.

Long term goals are tricky – life ebbs and flows, and as a direct result, your goals do the same. Such has been the case since early April. Arguably THE busiest month of the year for my day job, mustering the energy for workouts was tough, and there wasn't as much time to cook nutritious meals. I stuck to my guns enough so that I could simply maintain, not gain or lose any progress.

While I expected May to calm a bit, somehow it just didn't. By then I had signed up to do the 5k the first week of June, so I did manage to get a couple of runs in each week, but not much beyond that. In short, my weight loss/health progress (or lack thereof) since April has looked like this:

Weight chart 6-10

I am focusing on the fact that on my worst days, I am only up two pounds from my lowest point in six months. Just to maintain that these last couple of months has been a feat in itself.On average, I'm down about ten and would like to lose the same amount once more.

So it's time to get back to it – up the intensity, and take advantage of a slower work pace/season that allows me some lunch hour time to get out and walk, and be home in time to prepare healthy well-rounded dinners. 

I won't bore anyone with the specifics of my plan, but I will say it is a good balance of running and yoga, with a couple of alternate days to include swimming, biking and The 30 Day Shred for days when I need an occasional switch-up to my usual routine. For me, success is 90% about working out. I eat fairly healthy for the most part, although I am going to up my self-discipline again on sugar intake (I've been slacking!). Goals are always good – my best friend's wedding next weekend has been one of my benchmarks – now Page's best friend is getting married mid-August in Georgia, so that is my next goal marker. Nine weeks, ten pounds…definitely doable! I've needed to get re-fired up in recent weeks and I'm finally feeling ready to hit the next phase running (literally!). Anyone else have some health-related goals for the short term? I'd love to hear and have a support buddy! 🙂

hairstyle shake-up.

Short hairstyles
I seem to go in the same pattern all the time. I grow my hair out super long for a few years, then get sick of how long it takes to dry, style, etc….and chop it all off. Grow out, chop off, grow out, chop off. You get the picture. I'm okay with this pattern, it's good to change from time to time. Plus, letting it get as long as it does each time and then drastically cutting it off allows me the opportunity to donate my ponytail to Locks of Love. This will be my third time doing so, and it always feels great to know you're helping a wonderful cause.

I can't chop quite yet…I am in a wedding next weekend and my hairstyle of choice requires LONG hair. I want an updo so I'm not so hot and it's out of my face, but I also don't want it to look overdone – just casually swept up and fabulous. 🙂 I am using this style as my inspiration – maybe just a tad less messy than this, but the general idea is a deep side part, pulled back with a little volume on top, and two chignons stacked one on top of the other, like a figure "8".


After the "8" though, it's on to the inverted bob. I've done this cut before and LOVE it. The longer pieces in front are great for me – no matter the length, I have to be able to pull my hair into a ponytail when need be. It is also a really easy cut for growing back out, when the time comes. Looking forward to the shake-up!