Month : February 2011

Oscar in review…


I promise this will be the final post on my obsession that has become Oscar party. 🙂 I had just as much fun planning as I did at the actual event. It was a great turnout with a dozen girls getting together to drink champagne, critique the dresses, and cheer on our favorite films. I will definitely be making this an annual thing!


It was so fun to set the mood for this. How often do you get to come through the VIP entrance (aka the front door LOL)…



and walk a red carpet?! I should have had a recording playing of people shouting "You look fabulous! Who are you wearing?!" ….next year! 🙂 I'm also thinking some random paparazzi flashing bulbs would be funny.


I've always thought party games were kind of lame (unless of course they're drinking games!) 😉 but the bingo and ballot cards were taken very seriously! And the award goes to…

   IMG_0404 IMG_0405

…Mary Tjeerdsma!!! Ahhh!


Lots of bubbly…


…and popcorn…


…and movie candy classics! There were also some pizzas to munch on, but I didn't manage to get any pics. As the RSVPs rolled in, I started to get a little nervous about so many people being able to see our modest 32-incher. 🙂 Page to the rescue…he hooked up our bedroom television and we made it part of the tablescape!


The Menu:

Pizzas: I cheated and started with pre-made crusts. Number one had feta, olives, and tomatoes; number two had asparagus, prosciutto, and goat cheese; and number three had spinach and artichoke hearts.

I originally thought I'd pick up a classic popcorn combo from somewhere local, then decided why not try one of the zillion gourmet popcorn recipes I'm always finding online? In the end, I narrowed it to three different choices. I promise no more Oscar posts, but I am going to do a separate one on the popcorn recipes.

I thought about serving a signature cocktail, but decided to keep it simple (and self-serve) with champagne, supplemented with another movie classic, soda.

Rounding out the grub was the movie theatre candy buffet – gummi bears, sour patch kids, milk duds, and junior mints.


A success! Already thinking of ideas for next year in 2012…. 🙂

…goodie bags with glamour.


I can't take credit for this idea, because I've seen it a handful of times before – but I can't remember where, so if anyone thinks they invented the idea of making blooms out of cupcake liners, my apologies, I didn't know who to credit! I originally saw a little girls birthday party styled where light and bright pink liners were intermixed and they had found them in mini, standard, and jumbo size to make three layers of petals. Adorable.

Seeing as these were to go on treat bags for the movie candy buffet, I opted not to add a third "jumbo liner" layer – two fit perfectly on these.

Six days and counting until Oscar time!!!

bon voyage!


This post is a day late but this dude was on my mind all day yesterday. My little brother (can you still call them little brothers when they're about to turn 24??!), James, hopped a plane yesterday to move halfway around the globe to Tokyo.

Jamers, you have always one-upped me. 🙂 Three years my junior, you bought a house, started a life, and entered the working world before I did! I thought my move to Charlotte a few years ago was a big one, but yet again, you've outdone me, James-style. 😉

We are thinking of you and anxiously awaiting the first updates about life in Japan. Lots of love, luck, and good vibes!!

planning fun…


Another sneak peek at Oscar party prep! 🙂 Having so much fun…I'm no professional party planner by ANY stretch of the imagination, but it's been a blast and I can't wait to show off all the details and post some pics on the day of!

ski (and snowboard) bums.


Every year, Page and I like to take a few vacation days and travel somewhere we haven't been before, our most recent trip being to Georgia last fall. As the plan for Operation: Buy A House takes shape, one thing we've decided to forego this year is a big trip together…but that doesn't mean we don't both get a long weekend to do a "boys" and "girls" trip! I will be heading to Philly later this summer to visit my bestie. Page's trip took place last weekend when he and his childhood best friend, Chris, and Des Moines friends Devin, Mike, and Mike's brother, Matt, all road tripped out to Keystone for a long weekend. It sounds like they had a total blast, and even hiked up to the top of a black diamond where no lifts ran, before skiing and boarding back down. From what I hear, the climb was intense, but well worth the experience! Here are a couple of pics – definitely some framers!



(They made it to the top!)

…and speaking of music…

Like just about everyone else tonight, I captively watched the Grammy awards. (Thank God I spoke to my mom today who reminded me…I was certain they were NEXT week!)

The opening medley of Aretha songs sung by today's divas was amazing (I don't care if she flubbed the words to the National Anthem…Christina Aguilera literally gives me chills). I was impressed by Gwyneth's ability to climb on a piano in sky-high Louboutins. And as always, Lady Gaga gives a killer performance.

For me, the most anticipated artist performance was Eminem. I've always been a fan, but to really appreciate his music is to know the story behind the badass image. It was extra cool to see him perform with his mentor, Dr. Dre. After his latest "comeback" album, Recovery, he has truly grown as a person and as an artist and is up there with the best of the lyrical geniuses. It's hard to catch at times – he spews words so fast I sometimes find myself scrunching my brow to catch them all, but I think the standing ovation he received tonight spoke for itself – the dude is back and more amazing than ever. To see him win best rap album was just icing on the cake.

I went to iTunes to download a couple new songs I decided I needed and took a peek and my "most played" list to see which songs (both old and new) are currently rocking my world. Page likes to pigeon-hole me as a "top 40 music lover" but I'm pretty sure only about half of these fit that criteria. 🙂

If you're looking for some goodies to add to your playlist, check these out:

99 problems – Hugo (this song is performed in the movie No Strings Attached – I was instantly hooked on it and went home and downloaded immediately)

My Love – Corinne Bailey Rae (love this girl – and a good nod to tomorrow's holiday!)

This is Country Music – Brad Paisley (Brad debuted this song at the last CMA awards and I was literally counting the weeks for the single to FINALLY be released – if you are a country music fan, this song will speak to you)

Born This Way – Lady Gaga (it's Lady Gaga – enough said)

P.Y.T. "Pretty Young Thing" – Glee (Did anyone notice this was also the title of this weeks' Grey's episode?)

I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd (blast from the past – my current warm-up song during workouts!)

Click, click, click, click – Bishop Allen (so appropriate for my newest toy)

Coming Home – Diddy (featuring Skylar Grey) (I love every song he has ever produced – can't get enough of this one, love the strings in the intro)

Stickshifts & Safety Belts – Cake We were in the auditorium the other night and they were playing a bunch of Cake while waiting to start…Page and I started reminiscing about their songs and this was one of my faves I had to dig out in my playlists 🙂

Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland (this song never fails to lift my mood. I love when she sort of scats towards the end. Love to blast this driving down the road in Lola!

Mockingbird – Eminem (an older song of his, written for his daughter – love to work out to this)

Carry Me Through – Dave Barnes (has a great religious message, love the beat and his voice)


Happy listening!

the big 2-7.




{birthday martini}


{dinner request}


{Scheel's score}


{cupcakes from Mom — only four made it home from the office!}






{make a wish}


{happy birthday, buddy. here's to an awesome 28th year!}