So, why the switch?

I’ve had a few questions as to why I decided to move/re-name/re-brand my blog. Some of it was motivated by the marketing girl in me, some of it was about new creative avenues, and some of it was influenced by advice from my web designer husband. Here is a breakdown of the “why…” topics:

Q: Why did you choose WordPress, of all the blog avenues available?
For several reasons. I liked that going to WordPress meant I would no longer have a monthly subscription fee. Yes, I pay for hosting of my domain, but to simply be able to edit, house photos, etc – WordPress doesn’t charge for that.

So why not Blogspot, or other “free” services? Because of the wider range of creativity I could have here. I could create a template (with web help of course) and make my blog uniquely me, use any fonts and colors I wanted, and truly brand myself, as opposed to choosing from a drop-down list of a mere dozen or so template options. Even if I hadn’t had immediate (and free!) access to a web designer, I could have found many options from the zillions of either free or super cheap customizable templates available online. (One thing to note: does offer a templated, easy-peasy version of blogging, for full customization possibilities, you need a personal web host with a WordPress framework).

WordPress is also one of the largest website frameworks out there, and as such, has a TON of online community support for anything you might dream up and want to do with your site. The open-source nature of WordPress users allows you to get your hands on a plug-in for just about anything you might want to do – embed a slideshow of your work, build an elaborate submission form for readers to submit information/attachments, the list of possible tools goes on and on. Page works predominantly with WordPress, but if he ever gets stumped on making something “work” – there is a whole online community of free, instant help available to him.

The final “seal” in the deal was when our corporate site at work recently switched to a WordPress environment. The ability to suddenly have so much more control over the look and feel of the site (without any extensive code or web design knowledge) was very exciting and I knew I wanted that functionality for my own site.

Q: Why the name change?
I created Everything Yellow on a (very short) whim, four years ago. I knew very little about the blog world and honestly didn’t give much forethought to how I would use the blog in the future, or even for how long I’d really keep up with it. I had chosen the name because it was short and concise, and summed up “me” in a nutshell – a lover of everything yellow. As my blog has evolved and I’ve found my groove as a blogger, I realize the sentiment of loving yellow holds true, but that “everything yellow” isn’t what my blog is ABOUT. It’s not about “everything out there that is yellow”. Rather, it’s about life. It might become apparent here that I work in brand marketing for a living…I gave quite a bit of thought – perhaps a ridiculous amount – to what this new (and hopefully more permanent) name would be.

To just call the blog, “Life” (which I’m sure is taken already anyway) was a little boring and nondescript. It still needed to have some “me” in there, and for me – that means incorporating yellow, the color – and concept – I try to live my life by: sunny, optimistic, outgoing.

Keeping my husband’s advice in mind that it needed to be clean and short for searchability and strong URL purposes, the list came down to four names. At one point, I loved, “YellowColoredGlasses” – as a play on the idea of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. This concept developed further and evolved into the final name – Life in Yellow – and the tagline immediately formulated in my head as a further explanation of the name. To live “Life in Yellow” is to live life joyfully, enthusiastically, and completely out loud. I love that it is all-encompassing and not too specific. Yes, I like to cook. Yes, I love to organize. But unlike a lot of blogs out there, I’m not trying to market mine by being a guru on any subject. I’m just a twenty-something living life…and documenting along the way. (Bonus – the URL was available!) 😉

Q: What was the genesis for the new look?
Certainly, a new name allowed for a new look if I wanted to create one. With so fewer limits now that I was working in WordPress, I wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to brand my blog. I wanted clean, and I wanted colorful, with some sort of icon that readers could instantly identify with my blog. I have always been more of a typographical designer than anything, so picking fonts was the natural first step for me. I chose a heavier “headline” type of font, and a slimmer, copy-friendly font for longer bits of running text. Both can be found at – they are “Bebas” and “Caviar Dreams”.

For an icon, a speech bubble seemed a natural fit – after all, isn’t a blog just virtual conversation in the cyberworld? The bubble was a clean and simple design, one that I could easily place text over if need be, and it wouldn’t become too busy. I incorporated it into the header of the blog, as well as the categories and comments portions.

I came up with a palette of colors to pair with my beloved yellow – after all, it’s not the easiest text color to read, and even I can get a little burned out on it from time to time! I played with countless combinations and finally found the perfect pink, green, blue, and grey hues to add to my brand’s palette.

Phew! I feel as though that was a lot of rambling from me…but hopefully I answered once and for all the most popular questions I’ve received in recent weeks. I do love these kinds of projects, and if anyone would ever like a two-cent opinion on their own blog branding, I’d be more than happy to weigh in!


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