pin, pin, baby.

Please excuse the Vanilla Ice reference, but when I’m giddy I tend to do weird things.

And the new thing that’s making me giddy? Pinterest!

I had heard of it several times before, and had even been invited once or twice, but I just didn’t quite “get” why I needed to partake.

Then my ever-the-hipster bestie convinced me I needed to get in on the action. She had created boards and was going on and on about how fun it was. If Lu is doing it, it MUST be fun. 🙂

In the past I’ve bookmarked things on blogs…but the downside is if I get on a different computer, I no longer have the bookmark saved. I’d also tried saving images of things I liked to a folder on my hard drive, but then when I later want to blog about them, I have no link or source to reference. Pinterest lets you save fun images from blogs and other websites, and also bookmarks HOW you found them. You can create as many “boards” as you like – for now I only have a handful – for the house, for general inspired things, for graphic design, etc. As others “follow” you or you “follow” them, you can re-pin things that others have found. It’s an amazing source of inspiration for just about any topic you can think of. It’s only a few weeks later and I’m totally addicted. It might top facebook in terms of how much time I can waste spend online!

Check out my boards, and if you have some of your own, comment with a link! I’m always on the hunt for new pinners to follow! 🙂


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  • Thought I was signed up for this but apparently not when I pulled together my inspiration board today. I did ask for an invite though so maybe soon. I agree with the whole book mark thing. Why can’t gmail come have bookmarks? or better yet gboards. I’m so contacting them. 🙂

  • wow. disconnected comment. Sorry. Sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with the ramblings. 🙂

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