reality check.

As we start looking at some homes in the coming months, we are trying to stay very realistic and reasonable about our list of “must haves”. We completely get that there will be no PERFECT house with EVERYTHING on our wish list. But, there are a couple of non-negotiables. And if we find a to-die-for house that doesn’t have one of our must-haves, it should at least have the ability to add it/renovate it/ build it – somewhat reasonably. 🙂

We’re totally excited to get into some DIY projects as well, and we completely expect not to get all of the things on our list. Whichever don’t come with the house, will be at the top of our project to-dos.

Here’s our (oh-so-reasonable, right?) list:


  • finished or partially finished basement
  • 3 or more bedrooms
  • 2 or more bathrooms
  • 2 or more garage stalls
  • kitchen pantry – or “extra” kitchen storage space

Would be nice to have…

  • 4th bedroom or office/loft space
  • laundry on main or upper level
  • 3rd garage stall or extra drive space for 3rd car
  • updated kitchen (new/er appliances, granite/aggregate countertops)
  • deck as opposed to patio
  • fenced-in yard
  • non-Oak finishes (darker wood or white finish)
  • hardwood floors



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  • Your list of Must Have’s is totally reasonable and easily findable…. i think it’s your list of Nice to Have’s which will make the search more interesting! Can’t wait to see some of the places you find! If Page is ever gone and you need an open house buddy, let me know! I love house hunting! 🙂

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