Month : September 2011

color by room: the entry

My hands-down biggest concern about building a new home, particularly in our price range (aka we’re not building a completely custom, budgetless dream home) was that I didn’t want it to look like everything else in the new construction market. While we tweaked and upgraded some structural things here and there to make it our own, we knew our biggest differentiators would come through some color, starting before you even stepped inside the front door.


While most homes right now seem to be going the taupes and tans route, we went more greys and whites…and requested that our door paint be swapped from standard black…to lime green.

And while we won’t be moved in in time for fall, how cute will my new Etsy wreath be on that door next year?

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


I love the idea of displaying our house number in some cool way, whether it’s just inside in a frame like this idea…



Or out on the porch painted on a fun pot…

Source: None via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Stepping inside, the front hall has a bench with cubbies just underneath the window. In keeping with the color scheme of greens and yellows on the first floor, I think these could be fun on the seat of that bench:



…along with some funky baskets underneath to store umbrellas, shoes, etc.

I am in love with either of these rugs in a runner size to start inside the door and run down the hallway into the kitchen.



We have a couple of fun customized things planned for the front entry and I don’t want to give them away until they’re finished and I can show you our finished product, rather than an inspiration photo that isn’t quite “right”. So be sure to stop back for a tour of the real deal!

Oh, and I further eliminated my concern that our new house would look like everything else new right now, when I got this email from our builder’s realtor today…”It will be fun seeing all of your choices that you selected….different than the norm is always fun!!” 🙂


It’s been four years, but it feels we’ve been married longer (in a good way) and yet when I hear the song to which I walked down the aisle to him, it still stops me in my tracks and I get butterflies.

I think that just about sums it up.




color by room: the kitchen

I can’t really just talk about the kitchen in our house without addressing the whole first floor. The main level of our new house is really just one big space – our kitchen and living room open up into each other and a glimpse of both is visible the moment you walk in the door via the hallway from the front door. The only photos I have to show you are of a spec house – so many things are different here. But to give you an idea of the floor plan….

This is the view from the kitchen looking directly down the hall at the front door….

…and this is a view from the living room. I hesitate to show too many spec house pics, because it really will look so much different – for one thing, there will be no carpet – just hardwood throughout, in the color you see in the kitchen.

So in short, the colors of the living room, entry, and kitchen, need to all work together. The perfect medley seemed to be our favorite colors – yellow (hers) and green (his) – both in nice, bright shades that will offset the dark wood floors throughout the rooms, the white moldings and more grey walls. Here’s the general game plan for the first floor:



To begin with, here’s our exact wall color, and some white moldings to give a better idea (don’t you just LOVE Pinterest?!)

And more specifically, here’s the game plan for the kitchen:

Here’s a glimpse at our cabinets (sans hardware – we have yet to narrow down)

And the countertops…

…and the backsplash tiles…

Here’s another peek at our inspiration kitchen I showed earlier…with only the wall color changing a bit and a different backsplash, these finishes are almost identical to our kitchen.


And now for the pops of COLOR!

Here are a couple recent acquisitions which will be gracing the counter and stovetop. 🙂 I just LOVE my buttercup beauty!

Taking this photo as inspiration and will be coming up with some bright yellow bar stools to pull up to the island.


Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


And while it’s not yellow, I just have to share this key hook I want to hang just inside the door leading to the garage:

And we fell instantly in love with this table at World Market. It’s a tad smaller than the one we have now which is just fine with me. There’s no defined dining area, so this will sort of float in the open space between the kitchen and living room. For just the two of us, this table for four is plenty (in fact we may eat at the island as much as we would sit down at the table) but should we want to seat more, this table has cool rounded leaves we can insert into either end and get another 2 (maybe 4?) people in the mix. We’d have to get it into the house and see, but we talked about staining the top a shade darker to be closer to the floors. The thing I love about our current table is the rough wood surface that you don’t have to worry about dinging – love that this would be the same type of thing.


Have I mentioned the pantry yet? Liz + Container Store = Heaven


So there it is – the yellow and grey kitchen inspiration! If only ACTUALLY pulling it together was as easy as compiling this post. 🙂

color by room: the guest room

The common thread throughout the rooms in our new house will be a neutral grey color.

While we’re both in love with the grey, these kids need some color. (There’s nothing worse that walking from one room to the next and the colors clash!) So, using grey as our “flow” color from one room to the next, we’ll be popping each room with some fun color combos.

Forever ago, I had torn out a couple magazine spreads that featured red and grey rooms – one was a living room, the other a nursery. More recently I found the dining photo below and the palette photo. I didn’t care what KIND of room I used red and grey in, I just knew someday I had to try that palette, somewhere. It’s so clean and crisp – and I like that it’s neither overly masculine, nor overly feminine. In other words…it would make an awesome color scheme for a guest room.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest










The other deciding factor on using red was that I have this beauty to use somewhere.

Remember when I painted this for some extra drawer storage in our teeny tiny kitchen? There’s no good wall to use this against in the new kitchen, and I thought briefly about repainting it to go with the living room colors, but ultimately I am just in love with the shade of red and want to use it as is. So I’m thinking when we move, it will relocate to the guest bedroom on the wall opposite the foot of the bed. We can either set a small tv on it for guests, or just a lamp and a stack of books to peruse. Either way, it will provide a little drawer space for some overnight things, without the need for an all-out dresser.

Here are a few other things I’m putting on my mental inspiration board for this room:

Striped bedding from West Elm.

In the winter these flannel skier sheets from Garnet Hill would be awesome!

Also love these from Leontine Linens…

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

…and this sweet pillow from Etsy would be awesome tucked into a comfy chair like this one…

…or this one…

We’re still just getting started on decorating and furniture ideas…picking finishes for the builder gave us PLENTY of decision making fulfillment for a little while! We’re enjoying taking our time now for a bit and I’m sure I’ll change my mind a million times in the coming weeks…but for now – consider the guest room palette decided!

stuff that moves me.

I have a board on Pinterest that doesn’t really fit any one category – I just call it “stuff that moves me”…moves me to laugh out loud, moves my heart to swell, moves me to think or to act. Just wanted to share a few pieces…here’s hoping you are moved a bit, too!









Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest




makeup brush storage.

I’ve been spending more hours than I care to admit to on Pinterest lately. If you plan on ever building a house, it’s a dream tool – I’ve familiarized our builder and realtors with it now! Mostly, I pin paint colors and fixtures and overall “schemes” for the room, and as we’ve picked details I’ve been pinning examples at the ‘rents’ request.

I stumbled upon this idea using coffee beans a while back and thought, hey – there’s something I can do quickly and inexpensively – no major project or heaven forbid, building, required! Rather than stashing a jumble of brushes in my drawer, I now have exactly what I need at hand…and it reminds me of how Sephora displays their brushes in the stores!

the bathroom post

Before I type another word, I must apologize – you will see some less-than-glamorous shots in this post – mostly of my toilet and even my toilet brush. If you’re intrigued more than you are grossed out, read on…

While adventures in building have been fun, there have been many moments when we feel like we are doing nothing but hemorrhaging money. There are some things you just have to pay for, and there are others that you might as well do now rather than pay MORE to do them later. It’s easy to say, “Well, it’s just another X dollars,” but those things quickly add up. Page has been a tad neurotic amazing when it comes to managing our budget for this house. He has a spreadsheet on steroids where he manages “need” versus “want” expenses we’ll have before we even walk in the door as well as things we’ll want to do in the first three months, six, and so on, all while totaling along the way how much we’ll still be able to put into savings each month, so I don’t go crazy. 🙂

One of the many items on the “sooner than later” list is to outfit all three bathrooms with the necessities – trash can, toilet brush, kleenex box, etc. We currently have 1 1/2 baths, so we would need some items, regardless, but this was further complicated by the fact that all of the hardware/fixtures in the house are a rubbed oil bronze finish, as shown in these pics…

I love the finish and I know it’s very “in” right now…the problem is, everything we currently own as far as bath accessories is either white and chrome, or pewter, as shown here:

I still love this set – it was part of our shower gift from Page’s parents when we were engaged. I love the weight of it, and the lines. And I was annoyed that it was yet ANOTHER thing I’d have to replace – aka another “cha-ching” on our tab. There were also little details like the chrome knobs and shower rings in our upstairs bathroom which will be going with us to the new house as well. Page convinced me to just buy new rings in bronze as they’ll get quite a bit of wear and direct moisture from the shower, but for everything else, I had a plan.

I did some research online (don’t you just love bloggers? they’re my tried-and-true source for info like this…) and got the name of two kinds of Rustoleum spray paint that were deemed “successful” for repainting metal accents. I headed to the store, and only found one of the two mentioned. I grabbed a can…

and headed home to spray.

As promised…a photo of my toilet brush. Sincere apologies. If I could have detached it, I would have. Nothing says “classy” like laying your toilet brush on the lawn for the neighbors to see.

Two coats were NO big deal thanks to the God-send that is this new bottle design! I never thought I would get so pumped about a trigger nozzle versus pushing the button on top – no more finger cramps or super sore finger tips. Never again will I buy anything BUT this style!

Voila! For the cost of $6, a brand new bathroom. I love that I was able to repurpose and check this item off my list, on the cheap.

Would definitely recommend this paint – it went on very easily and smoothly and was dry to the touch within an hour. I let it set another 24 hours before putting anything into use. It’s hard to catch in the photos but in real life it does have a bronzey glimmer to the otherwise dark brown-almost black finish. Perfection!Here’s to many more frugalista moments in the coming weeks… 🙂