just call me nature girl.

Okay, so don’t call me that – it would be a huge lie. Anyone will tell you I don’t do nature and the closest I get might be laying at the pool on a hot summer day.

But when I saw this blog tutorial I knew I would have to put in a little outdoors time and craft this awesome candle votive for the cooler seasons.

I actually started this project a couple of weeks ago – and in truth, from start to finish, it only took me about thirty minutes total to complete. But because I chose a round glass vase to work with, I could only glue a couple sticks at a time without them sliding into each other and off of the vase altogether. This meant that the vase set up shop right outside the front door in the yard (the glue was smellllly – too strong for indoors) and during the past couple of weekends as we worked around the house to pack/organize/sell for our move, I’d take a quick break and run out to glue a couple more sticks to the vase. A couple per hour times about 30 sticks to cover the vase – you get why it took me a couple of days to get this sucker completed.

I highly recommend using this glue (but plug your nose) for any projects involving glass, wood, or just about anything else – stuff glued with this isn’t going ANYWHERE.

As for the sticks, I grabbed a bag and ventured out into the wilderness my yard. I had to laugh when Page asked me where I bought my sticks – I asked him why I would ever buy sticks when our yard is full of them. To this he replied, “Wow – that’s very…nature of you, honey!” See? You know you’re an indoor girl when your hubby is impressed you went stick-hunting in your own front yard.

So last weekend when my vase was about half-covered, I came across another post featuring this little project – a fave cooking blog (and local Des Moines girl!) Read her postto see how she made a similar version – but as a vase rather than a candle holder.

At some point during the project, I got annoyed with trying to line my sticks up perfectly with the base of the glass – rather, I let the edges of the sticks hang off in favor of getting the flattest/most flush points of the sticks to adhere where I needed them to. This meant I had to go back and trim many of them so that the bottom was flush and the vase could sit flat on a surface. Enter Page’s Dremmel tool – aka the dream machine. I few quick zips with this thing and my sticks were perfectly trimmed. Voila!

How are you decorating for the cooler season and what fall/winter projects are you working on?


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  • What a cute idea. I would have to break a branch form one of my plants or go to a craft store to find some. Very cute.

  • […] townhouse for the season was at the bottom of my priority list. With the exception of this little project (which found a home in the bookcase this year), I didn’t do much in the way of fall decor […]


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