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A must-try “diet” dessert…

…I promise, these Green Tea Truffels don’t taste even remotely “diet”! My coworker lent me her South Beach cookbook and I promptly flipped right past the meal sections to DESSERTS. It’s phase 2, baby…bring on the dark chocolate and red … Continue reading

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meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…this is our life. Boxes and more boxes. We literally have nowhere to sit, so we eat our meals on the stairs or in bed. Even after selling, Goodwill-ing, and pitching what seemed like truckloads, there is still much to … Continue reading

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door drama.

When we last left off, the neighbors were left blinking (hard) at this unsightly paint job in a shield-your-eyes shade of green. Yes, the green was too bright. Understatement. But I’ve decided that what made it literally leap off the … Continue reading

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happy thanksgiving.

Source: via Gail on Pinterest   The holiday season this year has found us in the throws of busy work schedules,  and a build and a move. Taking time today to slow down and make note of our many … Continue reading

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I suppose we were due a mis-step…

Neither of us has ever built a house, and we aren’t designers (at least not the home kind), so I was feeling pretty pleased that as the choices we’d made from tiny samples and swatches became reality in our house, … Continue reading

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Building Our Home: Week 10

Week 10 is complete…and the house is nearly complete as well. I was flipping through previous weeks’ posts and it was fun to see the progress in pictures. It’s hard to believe we will take one more “finished” photo next … Continue reading

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