planning for Oscar 2.0

Last year, I threw my first Oscar party, and before it even took place, I knew I would be making this an annual thing. Winters, post-holiday in Iowa, are anti-climactic and I find myself searching for little things to look forward to.

Enter the Oscars – what’s not to love? The glam, the gowns, and the love of this art we call movies all comes together in one fun night. I like any excuse to throw a party, but there’s something extra fun about Oscar night – you can go a little bit glitzier…

My very favorite thing about hosting a shower, a theme party, even book club – is picking a color scheme. Last year was what I would call classic movie colors – silver, gold, black, and bits of red here and there.

This year, I am uber excited to go in a totally different direction…pink and gold!



I have been in love with this combination as of late…and an Oscar party is the perfect time to play around with it. To go with the GOLD statues, I actually had a PINK carpet in my Amazon cart today (last year the girls walked a red carpet to come to the party) but decided that some things just can’t change. So, aside from the red carpet, it will be pink and gold glitz and glam for Oscar Party 2012. And I don’t want to give ALL the secrets away…but I am beyond stoked (and Page is rolling his eyes) that this 53 ” tall blow up will be on our porch welcoming guests the night of February 26th…

I know…nothing says “classy” like some blow-up object for the neighbors to see, but this was just too funny to pass up.

Have you heard the news of this year’s nominees? Any guesses as to who the big winners will be? I have my work cut out for me to still see a few of the “Best Picture” movies!


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  • This looks like just too much fun. I may have to copy this next year. … or maybe this year. :0

  • […] I think I want to come back in my next life as a party planner…the kind who has millionaire clients with no budget. Until then, I’m keeping myself content with some preparations for the second annual Oscar Party… […]


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