farewell, facebook: the half-way point

For Lent this year, I gave up Facebook. Me, the crack addict of the social media site.

As it turns out, I’m really not missing it! The first couple days were laced with some withdrawal (something funny would happen and I’d want to update my status) but in all, it’s been a really good thing that has helped me turn my attention to other things.

In a perhaps quite contradictory move, I used the last couple of weeks to familiarize myself with Twitter and have been updating my page almost daily with a quick photo or thought. I get my “status update” indulgence without then spending the next hour reading through a zillion other things, and I just like that I’ve learned how to use something new. Truth be told, I have been on Facebook for a couple quick things in the past weeks. Like when a friend of ours gave birth to her daughter and the only place I could access a photo of her was through the site…I was not about to miss that!

I’ve also made a point to spend more “in person” time with people. It began with hosting my second annual Oscar party the week after going cold turkey, and then to dinner with another couple (during which I did take some heat for my little experiment! ha!). Page had been working nearly round the clock on a special project, so the last week has been about getting caught up on time with him as well as tackling some projects we’ve been meaning to get a move on, like our built-in bookcases. I’m looking forward to catching up with my book club girls next week, and I’m making a point to make phone dates happen with my long-distance bestie and my mom. Between house projects, getting to the gym, and staying caught up with everyone, I’ve found no time to miss that blue and white temptation. 🙂

Did anyone else give up something for Lent? How’s it working out for you?



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  • Phone date? Yes please! I think you were referring to me. : )

  • I gave up McDonald’s French Fries for Lent…It’s been a “comfort food” for me every since I could remember. I thought it would be rough, but I’m fairing better than I thought. I’m thinking of cutting back on them permanently…I think it will be a healthier choice in the long run. =D

    • Ooh, that would be a tough one for me!!


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