the living room: past, present, and future

I would have blogged about this room sooner, but as soon as we got it unpacked and furniture in, we were rearranging it all to fit our tree and some holiday decor just in time for Christmas Eve visitors. Since the move and the holidays, life just seems to roll along and I never got around to blogging about this main area in our house where we often flop after a long day at work, or to hang with friends for weekend get-togethers (or to watch golf, as this poor guy was doing when I kicked him out for a quick photo shoot).

One of the first big purchases we made for the house was the furniture in this room and we love it now that we’ve had a little time to enjoy it! I’ve always thought loveseats were just kind of silly (who wants to sit that close? And you can’t stretch all the way out to lay down…) so we opted for a full sofa and two big armchairs with an ottoman to prop feet up on, but that was firm enough it could double as extra seating when needed.

The rug came from and was a bit of a gamble (that’s a major room element to not have seen it in person!) but I was happy with the perfect white color – not too stark, not too ivory. Coupled with a thick rug pad, it feels ultra comfy underfoot. Pillows were fun to shop for – most came from Etsy sellers and the typographical one came from InHabit Living. A couple of green accessories from Target and Ikea brought in even more shades of green. (And yes, it’s been three months and I have yet to put a photo in that green picture frame. Just keepin’ it real.)

After searching high and low for a coffee table that we liked for its size, shape, color and storage space, we finally settled on these little tables from Target.

I like that they’re mobile and people can pull them up to set a drink on, or out of the way if they want to spread out. And the only element we’re missing out on is some storage space for blankets (really? that ottoman couldn’t help us out and have some storage space?) but I’m figuring we can stash some blankets in the cabinets of our built-in bookcases, once we get them completed.

This wall opposite the window and sofa needs a big pop of color…one big canvas? Maybe a series of three paneled together? Still rolling it all around in my brain, but will definitely be making this a “sooner than later” project as well. Hopefully we’ll be back soon with some progress in this room!

Until then…I’ll reminisce on how far this room has come from when Page was first measuring the TV and component cabinets…. 🙂


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  • I had never thought of 2 enormous comfy chairs and an ottoman instead of a love seat. You are probably right about that. Interesting the way you put it.
    Love the area and the green accents are really nice.
    Can’t wait to see the bookshelves.

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  • I know this post is old but I can’t get over your furniture! Where did you get it?

    • Hi Stefanie! Thanks for your sweet note – the sofa, chairs, and ottoman came from a local furniture store, Homemakers. I want to say the brand is Palliser, but when I check the website, I don’t see this style as available. The closest I could find to what we own is this, by the same company:

      Hopefully that helps! If I come across our exact furniture online, I’ll be sure to post a link here!


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