August photography challenge

Last January, for my birthday, my friends and family helped me to buy my very first dSLR camera. It was love at first sight and I have used it nonstop and experimented with a couple new lenses and flash…but a year and a half later, I was still working in auto mode. All the time. I was so pleased with the upgrade in photos after simply buying a nicer camera, that it was easy to forget how much more I could do with this camera, if I’d just take the time to learn.

My summer goal has been to get comfortable learning the ins and outs of all that this little baby can do. I’ve taken a couple classes at my local camera shop, read lots of books, and I’ve been devouring a bunch of online tutorials on how to get into manual mode. It’s been fun to be a student again and learn something new, but I’m constantly yearning for some new subjects beyond my hubby with only so much patience and the scene off our back deck.

Enter the Photo A Day August challenge! Every day there is a new topic around which to photograph. I’m going to make an effort to carry my camera with me more this next month and stretch my comfort zone to get some unusual shots. I figure even on days or at times I can’t use my dSLR I can at the very least whip out my iPhone to get the day’s shot. I’ll be posting weekly batches of my photos, I’d love to see yours as well! If you want to play along, here is the list of photos to take in August and check out her full post linked above if any of the daily topics have you stumped. Happy shooting!


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