notes for the sitter (free printable download)

For all you parents out there, schedule yourself a night off and call the sitter…and print this free download to leave her all the details!

I have loved sharing my meal planning and gift planning worksheets with you all and I love reading every comment about why you like them, and what you would do differently. One of the best recommendations several of you have mentioned is to print each one only ONCE and laminate it so you can use it again and again with a wipe-off pen. Genius, dear readers.

You could do the same with this one – or fill in the info that won’t change first, and THEN laminate it – or just print as need be. Whatever works for you. Either way, unlike many of the babysitter note pads I’ve seen which only leave room for one set of instructions, you’ll find a column here for each child (and yes, I know some of you may have more than three – just print as many copies as you need!) and you can fill in specific instructions on a per-kid basis.

Is one kid grounded from TV but another isn’t? Does one have a peanut butter allergy but the other loves her pb&j? You can keep it all straight here for your caregiver.

And if there is anything additional to note from potty training tips to cell phone rules, there is a section for miscellaneous items at the bottom, along with a space for the number/place at which you can be contacted, and a back-up emergency contact.

To download the PDF, click this link: Sitter Notes Printable. If you are unable to see a link in your browser, hover your mouse over the words “Sitter Notes Printable” and right-click to save.

What are you waiting for?! Go schedule your sitter!!




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  • Seriously, your lists are AMAZING. I just downloaded and am printing the grocery/meal list, gift buying list and this one. Thank you for helping the helpless. 🙂

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  • Now here is a list that would help me tenfold!
    As a regular babysitter I am used to being thrown into the deep end and as much as I adore what I do SOMETIMES having the little ones names written down is something the parents over look.
    You have no idea how many times I’ve had to look at the kid’s art or school books to try set this right- It’s just as embarrassing asking a child their name as it is an adult, and it can really make them feel a bit hurt (especially if you accidentally use their sibling’s name!)

    Write down your kiddies names- babysitter’s aren’t inattentive, but most of the time we are given all your children’s life stories, all at once, and in a rush as you are getting ready to leave! 🙂

  • I am a preschool special education teacher and love this idea can you make one that changes Sitter to Student ?

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