oh, for cute: kids halloween costumes

With no little trick-or-treaters of our own to be planning costumes for, I am living vicariously through blogland. Seriously…if any of these kiddos showed up at your door, wouldn’t you just hand over the whole bag of candy?? I would!!

Source: lilsugar.com via N on Pinterest

Source: littlebgcg.com via Megen on Pinterest


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  • And I just died from cuteness.

    Three years ago my youngest went as a bacon wrapped jalapeno. By far the most creative I’ve ever gotten. My oldest are at that age where they just want to be ninjas but this year the oldest agreed to be sushi.

    I’m still trying to convince the middle child to be Phineas so I can dress them as Phineas and Ferb and the youngest as Perry. No go.

  • I am so doing the spaghetti thing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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  • These children are so cute. I wanted to let you know that I was featuring one of the costumes on Oct. 26, 2012. Thank you

  • These are all so cute! I love Halloween! Here is the original source for the UP ones: http://mitchandmickey.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween.html Have a great Halloween!

  • Thanks so much for passing along the proper link – I try to credit the original source, but sometimes Pinterest is misleading! Thanks again! LOVE the costume!

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