Fall Party / Thanksgiving Free Printables

I am loving the designs I’m seeing lately in invitations and holiday cards that feature these “confetti / bokeh” effect designs…I particularly  love it in the Kate Spade designs like this perfume bottle and these dishes, in the header of this fabulous blog I discovered just last week, and in this beautiful holiday card from Tiny Prints. I’ve been advocating it in the use of our corporate holiday card, used the concept in a recent logo (to be unveiled in a future post!) and I’m using another version of it in these free party printables to be used in every gathering from a fall fiesta to the Thanksgiving table!

The PDFs below are free to you for your own personal use. Please do not re-sell them or include them as part of a product kit for resale. You will find three files – print as many copies as you need of whichever items you want:






The ToppersToothpicks file will require toothpicks (obviously) and a 2″ circle punch if you want to perfectly punch out the toppers. I love this one if you’re in the market for one. (And if you aren’t – although I promise you’d use it more than you might think! – simply flip a glass over and use it as an Xacto knife guide to cut out the circles.)

You can wrap these around toothpicks – or straws as shown here. (I get all of mine from Shop Sweet Lulu!) And for the circles, tape one to a toothpick, or use two back-to-back, as I did on my “stunt” cupcake.

The MenuLabels file includes miscellaneous you could use to label dishes or use as alternative placecards. The  menu card can be filled out by hand and either placed in a frame,  propped up on a mini easel, or set in a place card holder or photo clip for display.

The PlacecardsNapkinRings file includes napkin ring wrappers that can be wrapped around napkins and taped closed.

The placecards can be used one of two ways. Either print and cut them out in full, and fold in half tent-style. Or, crop them in half (there are tiny crop marks for reference in the PDF) so that they are more like a business card, and insert them into placecard holders, or create your own holders with clothespins, photo clips, etc.

(I seriously have too much fun setting the table – I get it from my mom! – it’s like playing house as a grown-up.)

I’d love to see pictures if anyone uses these for their next fall fiesta! Enjoy the printables and have fun at your seasonal soiree!


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  • So cute! Might need to have a fall party just for an excuse to use these! : )

  • very clean printable cards
    thanks for sharing these, i love em

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