linen closet organization – medicine free printable!

Our linen closet serves several purposes; it’s as much for medicine and supplies as it is for linens. It’s also what I would call “undersized” for a closet space. All the more reason to keep it tidy and organized.

On the top shelf, a clear bin keeps all kinds of light bulbs corralled for when we need them. And while we stash a couple extra rolls in each bathroom, the extra TP and some tissues are stocked on the top shelf.

The floor of the closet holds my sewing machine (hoping to move this back into the laundry room when that project is completed!) and on the shelves above that are a set of towels and wash cloths, along with spare blankets for guests. I’ve never really subscribed to the rule of having extra sets of sheets for each bed — for me, it works to simply strip a bed/wash/dry/make the bed all in the same day.  So, no room needed in here for extra sheet sets.

The most helpful things I have in here to help me keep order are these red canvas drawers from The Land of Nod (Crate & Barrel’s kids’ division, if you’re unfamiliar). They clean up easily and are very durable. I use them to house all of the medicine cabinet-type items so that we aren’t furthering cluttering our bathroom spaces with stuff we use only occasionally.

The bins serve as a catch-all for things like a heating pad, an ace bandage, and a bottle of aloe for sunburn season. Also within the bins are a few dollar spot metal pails in various sizes in which I divide up smaller, easier-to-lose-track-of meds according to purpose:

  • stomach
  • allergy
  • cold/cough
  • pain relief
  • prescription
  • first aid
  • miscellaneous

Things have stayed pretty true to category, but it never hurts to make an item’s home crystal clear, so I created some tags to stick on each pail. I printed these out on white cardstock and punched them out with my go-to 2-inch punch. I’ve also included a copy of them here if you want to use a similar system and label your meds accordingly. We don’t have children or pets but I’ve added tags here for them and their medications, should you need them!

Click the link MedicineLabels_LifeInYellow to open the PDF and print them out. Happy organizing!



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  • love these. downloading now. I just love an organized space and it is never complete without labels! thanks for the printable

  • I wish our linen closet looked this good! Right now it is overflowing with craft and sewing supplies. The printable for the medicine bins is an awesome idea! It never fails that when I go to look for medicine, I have to look in 4 different places before I find what I need.

  • I will definitely be implementing these labels at some point! We have in our house what we call “Head, or gut?” Which was started by my mom. “Head or Gut” is when someone is looking for something and says “Honey, (or Mom) where is the cough syrup?” Me “In the medicine cabinet” Them- “I don’t see it” Me ‘Ok, when I come in there and find it to you want hit in the head or gut?” because inevitably I will walk in the room and see it from 5 feet away:) Of course we don’t actually hit each other but now just saying “head or gut” encourages the other party to look a little bit harder. I would rather not have to threaten my family though:)

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  • Jessica, that is gold! I think I might adopt your approach 😉

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