Month : November 2012

elf yourself.

I’m at the point now where I’m finishing up smaller details around the house to get it ready for the holidays. I had a frame that normally holds a greeting card with a quote I love, but wanted to swap it with a little holiday something. It’s all in the details, right?!

So I spent a quick couple of minutes laying out a favorite quote from the movie, Elf. Don’t you love that one? It’s not the holiday season until I’ve watched it!

If you have a 5×7 frame around the house that you want to add a little “jolly” to, feel free to print a copy of this for yourself – just click the link below to download!

Click this link –> Elf Quote

deck the halls: the second floor

We spend a good amount of time on the upper level of our home, so it made sense to me that it be decorated for the season as well.

I kept it simple with a little silver tinsel tree in our bedroom. This is the only tree I did this year that is “colorless” although I could see adding some fun chartreuse ornaments later on to match our throw pillows.

For now, a set of silver/gold balls and my “calendar” ornaments hang on this tree. I started collecting this ornament from Crate & Barrel the year we were married and have made a point to purchase one each year since and include a wallet-sized photo from that year. I hope they don’t stop making these any time soon, but I figure if and when they do, I can switch to a new style and mix and match.

For Page’s office, a funky green frame of he and his best friend and both dads taken at Christmas in 2006 is one of the fun xmas things to break out. Page had been asking for a skier nutcracker for years and I finally found a reasonable one last Christmas so Page was excited when I pulled him out of the box.

No office is complete without a tree. I love how these ornaments are so very Page, from skis and dirty martinis to golf balls and gambling. 🙂

I’ve never been a huge fan of blue Christmas ornaments, and maybe I’ve never paid attention before, but it seemed the deep blue hue was everywhere this season. Who knew Wal Mart was on to the Manolo blue craze? 😉

Love, love, love my blue bows!

Thanks for stopping by!

deck the halls: the first floor

I have had such fun decorating for the holidays this year. It’s so different when it’s your own home, and let’s face it, I come from some awesome decorating genes, aka my mom. I can’t talk about decorating my own house for the holidays without mentioning my mother’s amazing taste and talent. I’ve had the advantage of a front-row seat to her hall decking for nearly three decades! She has always made our home feel so special – for me, the key word is transformed – for the holidays. From garland down the banister to the themed trees in nearly every room, that century-old house has always been downright magical for the Christmas season.

I have been longing to bring this same love of holiday decorating to our own home and after a mid-December move last year, I could finally dig in this year and really enjoy it. I loved every minute of arranging and then rearranging to make the old fit the the new, and indulged in a few new elements as well. I had to cut myself off at one point – it is so easy to just keep going (and shopping!). I am already thinking ahead to the half-off purchases I want to make on the 26th that I can store for decorating a finished basement this time next year!

To keep this from being too lengthy, I broke it up into two parts. Welcome to our home for the holidays…

For me, it all starts with the entry! I want guests to feel warmly welcomed and festive when they come to our home during the holidays. To begin, I took advantage of a seventy-degree day in November (whaaat?!) to hang our outdoor lights.

New construction doesn’t give us much to string on, but between the pillar and our baby landscaping, I tried to make it work. I added a potted tree next to the bench and embellished the “S” wreath I’d bought with a few picks before adding it to the door.

Won’t you come in?!

On the inside of our entry, I swapped out the glass vase with some wintery white branches, mixed in some blingy branches I found at Pier 1. I love this new jingle bell doorknob swag – the ribbon matches our wall color perfectly.


For the kitchen, I set out a few of my favorite things. The vintage apron hanging on the pantry door is a gift from my bestie…

…and the hand-painted twelve days of Christmas ornaments are one of my very favorite things to unpack each year. Page’s only decorating request as I dragged in one tub after another was that after the lit pumpkin had been on the island all fall, he wanted something else there that would still light up and we could leave on at night. Check…done!

To finish up in the kitchen, I strung some ornaments on fishing line in the window and finally got my hands on some Mrs. Meyers “Iowa Pine” hand soap. It smells like Christmas every time I wash my hands. 🙂

As you might know by now, our kitchen/dining area/living room is all one big room, so you turn around…

…and you see the dining area…

…still working on doing something new and different for the table….

One of my favorite details that is new this year is the swap-out for this “Yes, Virginia…” print. EDITED: I finally found the link to this and other Christmas prints by this artist – check it out here!

A few more details…

I wrapped the canvases I painted in gift wrap for the season. This was a whole big thing – I had about three other ideas that didn’t pan out…sometimes you just have to settle for Plan D. 🙂

Thanks for taking a peek – back tomorrow with the second floor!

quick catch-up…

I apologize for the intermittent posting this week. There is a lot going on! I’ve been spending a couple hours each night getting progress made on the house for the holidays…it’s taking longer than I thought but I’m enjoying every minute!

And when not working upstairs, I’ve been downstairs, helping Page get insulation in, and the whole area cleaned up in time for our drywallers who start this weekend! It didn’t help when our delivery got postponed a day…things got a little tight schedule-wise, but we made it work!

Looking forward to a nice long pause from it all to celebrate and relax with these people (and some others, too!).

Photo courtesy of Joe Photo / Impact Photo.

Wishing you all a wonderful week of food + family!

deep into the “decking”

I started this weekend, and while I thought I might be done by today, it’s not the case. But I’m enjoying every minute of playing around with new stuff in a new space and determining what’s “working” and what’s not. Some people bake, some go caroling…for me, the ultimate way to enjoy the holiday is to surround myself with it in my home. So that’s what I’m doing. 🙂 Hoping to have everything pulled together for a photo tour next week! Until then, here are some in-progress sneak peeks (you may have seen some of these on Instagram if you’re following LIY there!)

Anyone else decking their halls???