thanksgiving tablescape inspiration

I get a lot of things from my mom, but one of them is a love of setting the table. While I played with my own pink, orange and grey scheme, I still love perusing pretty tablescapes for turkey day to see what others are doing. I came across all kinds of fun takes on the Thanksgiving table…

#1: I love the modern square plates and the orange & grey pattern on the menu cards at each setting…


#2: I thought this was a clever, inexpensive way to give each place setting its own arrangement — she spray painted TP rolls to hold branches at each plate.


#3: I love the idea of hosting Thanksgiving dinner outdoors if you’re in an area where it’s warm enough. I further liked the idea of playing on a “picnic” dinner by spreading out a cozy blanket as the tablecloth. The yellow and brown is a less traditional color combo, which makes it fun and unique.


#4: If you have the need for a “kids table” why WOULDN’T you make it one they can doodle on? Love it.


#5: I do love any excuse to dress things up, which is probably why this one is my personal favorite. I like the importance of the event that comes across when you break out the nice china, light some candles, and include a few extra touches to set this apart from any other dinner. The black and white is classic elegant, and would work in just about any room’s decor.

Source: via Life In on Pinterest


Hope you have fun planning your own family’s Thanksgiving table!


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