Month : January 2013

decorating with l-o-v-e.

When it comes to acknowledging Valentine’s Day around here, I love to see all the ways people embrace it in their homes, but my style for this holiday in particular is to go a little more under-the-radar. Rather than anything too specific to February 14, I decided to keep it a little more mainstream and just feel the “love”…

basement LOVE | life in yellow

So bring on a pillow cover that will eventually go in the finished basement (thanks, Mom!) and a fun pink tray for the bar (that’s still being built)…

pink tray

…a Christmas gift amaryllis that’s blooming just in time…

amaryllis | life in yellow… a free printable and some new L-O-V-E mugs from my bestie (bday gift!)…love mugs | life in yellow…and I’m feeling the love around here in an understated-but-still-dig-love-month kind of way. And even when February is over, I still have a little “love” left over in my office…
home office LOVE | life in yellow

Do you decorate for holidays like this one? Or the season in general? Is your style hearts-galore or more laid back?

minty fresh.

The past two years, I’ve hosted a girl’s night party for the Oscars. The first year was a blast, and the second year, it became a tradition. I’m keeping it scaled back a little this year and using it as an excuse to get the neighbor girls together. But even with a smaller crowd, I can’t resist a color scheme and some party details.

2011 was black, gold, silver, and splashes of red…

black and gold and silver

2012 was gold and bright pink

pink and gold

This year, I still can’t give up the gold (it’s the color of the statuette, after all!) but I’m loving it combined with trendy MINT green…

mint green striped strawssource

mint green macaroonssource

aqua punchsource

vintage dresssource

mint green ombre cakesource

 Having trouble envisioning it with gold? I couldn’t find many party pics but this amazing ring from Saks Fifth Avenue sure inspires me 🙂


Easy, Healthy Lunch: Pita Pizza

pita pizza

This is one of my latest take-for-lunch obsessions. It clocks in under my calorie allowance, I get my veggie fix, AND it tastes great…a hard combo to find sometimes!


Start with a piece of wheat pita bread, spread a wedge of Light Laughing Cow swiss on it, and spoon some spicy red pepper sauce on top. Add some fresh spinach leaves and top with a handful of Weight Watchers shredded cheese. The spicy sauce gives it some kick, and the chunks of pepper and little texture.

pizza prep

Pop it in a toaster oven for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. Bon apetit!

Calories: 310
Fat: 9g

step 1: purge

I’ve never had too much trouble with cleaning out, purging, and pitching stuff. I am so motivated by the zen of no clutter and not too much “stuff” to manage that I actually look forward to a good clean-out session around my house. And I tend to do a lot of them during this time of year.

But there are some areas where I simply forget to take a fresh look and evaluate what I have on hand. And one of those areas, for me, is my own bathroom where I keep my stash of hair supplies, makeup, bath products, nail polish, and other miscellaneous girlyness. I’m always amazed at how much stuff I can get rid of when I DO remember to clean out this part of my house – not only do I come across some stuff I tried once, didn’t love, but felt guilty throwing out right away, but there’s tons of stuff I just don’t use or that has actually expired.


I recently read that many products (I notice about 2/3 of the stuff I own) have this little jar icon on the label, with an approximate date of how long the product is good for, once opened. The tube of hand cream above is good for 18 months. Maybe I’m just oblivious, but I had never noticed these before. Until now, I was just keeping track of “approximately” when I bought stuff in my head, but let’s face it, that’s not very accurate. I know some people say they just throw stuff out when it starts to smell different, but quite frankly, that just grosses me out. So I thought this time around, as I narrowed down to just the stuff I love and use, I’d keep better track of what was still usable. I did a little research and made a chart to share with anyone else looking to purge through their beauty products:

makeup shelf life | life in yellowWhen you’ve pitched the stuff that’s expired or you just no longer want or need, you could use a Sharpie to write an approximate date on all your tubes and compacts and bottles as a reminder of when to throw them out. I’m not sure how on top of that I will be, but knowing the above guide certainly helps me get a grip on what’s still okay to be using.

Oh and my purge efforts? Thankyouverymuch, I parted ways with:

  • six full-size bottles of hair and body products
  • two travel-size bottles of product (I buy these a lot to try out something new)
  • eight expired nail polishes (and still dozens left…I may have an addiction…)
  • a handful of eye shadows
  • two compacts of powders and bronzers
  • one concealer
  • two lip glosses
  • three lip/eye pencils
  • two handfuls of free samples I’ll never use
  • one makeup brush (came in a set – I don’t even know what to use it for!)
  • one extra nail file (one is enough)
  • one extra makeup pencil sharpener (again, one is enough)

Can I get a high-five?! There are a couple items in there I need to replace but otherwise, I love having a much more simplified collection of the stuff I love and actually USE. It’s easier to keep it organized and find what I need in the mornings. Looking for a way to STORE all your makeup? My mom over at BeColorful recently compared a bunch of clear acrylic organizers and reviewed her favorites!

geek chic

29th birthday

I had a fabulous weekend the past couple of days, celebrating my 29th birthday. (Yes, for REAL, my 29th…I realize I’m the age that everyone lies about and likely no one will believe me for the next year..ha!) It began with deciding to take Friday afternoon off…and it was a good hunch to do so, because when Page took me to lunch, my parents and brother were in the restaurant from out of town to surprise me – so fun! We headed out with a couple fellow Jan/Feb birthday friends later that night to celebrate ALL of our birthdays with dinner and a movie (Silver Linings Playbook – highly recommend!).

bday lovelies

Saturday involved breakfast at a favorite cafe, then to my favorite cupcake bakery for some birthday treats. I did some relaxing things like paint my nails and give myself a facial, before Page made a delicious birthday dinner and we headed downtown to see the musical, The Book of Mormon (hilarrrrrious by the way, if you’re looking for the review!). I received some much-treasured gifts (they’ll be making their way in to some future blog posts) but one that I wasn’t expecting at all was my Kindle from Page. I’m so excited to be, well, nudged into this idea of e-readers (I’ve been on the fence for a while) but I do love that the books for this are cheaper than traditional books, I can read this in ANY light (no book light needed) and it doesn’t have the glare of reading on my phone or laptop.

But you know me. I don’t do plain and my natural instinct is to accessorize. 😉 So to make the “geek” a little more “chic”…I’m checking out fun cases to yes, protect my little e-reader, but to fancy her up a bit as well. At first I thought I might create my own case, but I quickly found many cute options that already existed. Here are some of my faves!

Geek Chic | Life In Yellow

Great Expectations: Kate Spade | Black & White Stripe: Kate Spade | Yellow Faux Leather: MoKo | Black ‘Robinson’: Tory Burch | Heroines: PunchCase


shopping for antlers.

antler options

Silver: West Elm  |  White: Z Gallerie  |  Green: Etsy

My one-year-ago self would not believe what I’m about to write about…I’m shopping for a funky deer head to hang in our new basement! Yes, they’ve become an “in” thing in home decor, but years, even months back, something this edgy would have been out of my decorating comfort zone. Maybe I’m getting more comfortable with my own style and having fun with what goes in our home. (I kind of love putting a funky spin on the classic horror of a real deer head hanging over a fireplace!)

With every trial (and many errors!) I’m learning more about what “works” and what doesn’t in our house. And I’m learning it’s okay to have a piece here and there that raises a few eyebrows (maybe even draws an eyeroll). I’m learning that no house should look like page 47 of a catalog. It should look like you, your family, your culmination of personalities. And for us, that means the occasional “say whaaaa?!” piece around the house.

Anything unusual or funny or downright weird you’re thinking about using in your home? I’d love to see links! 🙂

birthday beauties

It’s usually pretty hard to come up with gift ideas when your birthday is in January. The stores are sparse, the spring stuff hasn’t yet arrived, and you’re still feeling spoiled from Christmas. Perhaps it’s a greedier year than others haha, but I had much less of a hard time finding some “wants” to put on my list this year!

LIY wish list


Napkins: Anthropologie  |  Earrings: Stella & Dot  |  Book: Amazon  |  Scarf: Gap  |  Bracelet: BaubleBar