decorating with l-o-v-e.

When it comes to acknowledging Valentine’s Day around here, I love to see all the ways people embrace it in their homes, but my style for this holiday in particular is to go a little more under-the-radar. Rather than anything too specific to February 14, I decided to keep it a little more mainstream and just feel the “love”…

basement LOVE | life in yellow

So bring on a pillow cover that will eventually go in the finished basement (thanks, Mom!) and a fun pink tray for the bar (that’s still being built)…

pink tray

…a Christmas gift amaryllis that’s blooming just in time…

amaryllis | life in yellow… a free printable and some new L-O-V-E mugs from my bestie (bday gift!)…love mugs | life in yellow…and I’m feeling the love around here in an understated-but-still-dig-love-month kind of way. And even when February is over, I still have a little “love” left over in my office…
home office LOVE | life in yellow

Do you decorate for holidays like this one? Or the season in general? Is your style hearts-galore or more laid back?


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  • tip for the amaryllis, my grandma always puts them in a dark closet for the summer and fall and then brings them out again in january. Seems to work, she has one that is over 40 years old!

    • Ooh great tip! Thanks so much! I was already getting sad about when it would would be time to part ways.

  • This past year I started trying to decorate more. I made a table runner for each holiday that I use for the month. So far I only have February, March, April, Fall, and Christmas. I saw an awesome winter themed mantel using snowflake art, foam snowballs and ice skates that I am going to do for January. I found a pair of skates at a local consignment shop yesterday so I am getting ready for next year! I am almost finished my Valentines/February mantel – last thing is a message in a bottle but I have to drink the rest of the wine! 🙂 I love your decor and just downloaded the love print for my daughters Valentines gift. Blessings!

    • I love the idea of the ice skates! How fun!

  • Dont forget to program a reminder to take it out of the closet in the new year! 🙂

  • Where do you buy the LOVE cups? ; )

    • Anthropologie!


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