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29th birthday

I had a fabulous weekend the past couple of days, celebrating my 29th birthday. (Yes, for REAL, my 29th…I realize I’m the age that everyone lies about and likely no one will believe me for the next year..ha!) It began with deciding to take Friday afternoon off…and it was a good hunch to do so, because when Page took me to lunch, my parents and brother were in the restaurant from out of town to surprise me – so fun! We headed out with a couple fellow Jan/Feb birthday friends later that night to celebrate ALL of our birthdays with dinner and a movie (Silver Linings Playbook – highly recommend!).

bday lovelies

Saturday involved breakfast at a favorite cafe, then to my favorite cupcake bakery for some birthday treats. I did some relaxing things like paint my nails and give myself a facial, before Page made a delicious birthday dinner and we headed downtown to see the musical, The Book of Mormon (hilarrrrrious by the way, if you’re looking for the review!). I received some much-treasured gifts (they’ll be making their way in to some future blog posts) but one that I wasn’t expecting at all was my Kindle from Page. I’m so excited to be, well, nudged into this idea of e-readers (I’ve been on the fence for a while) but I do love that the books for this are cheaper than traditional books, I can read this in ANY light (no book light needed) and it doesn’t have the glare of reading on my phone or laptop.

But you know me. I don’t do plain and my natural instinct is to accessorize. 😉 So to make the “geek” a little more “chic”…I’m checking out fun cases to yes, protect my little e-reader, but to fancy her up a bit as well. At first I thought I might create my own case, but I quickly found many cute options that already existed. Here are some of my faves!

Geek Chic | Life In Yellow

Great Expectations: Kate Spade | Black & White Stripe: Kate Spade | Yellow Faux Leather: MoKo | Black ‘Robinson’: Tory Burch | Heroines: PunchCase



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  • Happy Belated Birthday! sounds like you had lots of fun 😉 Elle x

    • Thanks, Elle!!

  • Happy Birthday! Mine was the 26th…(is that yours too?)…and I turned 35…another milestone! Feeling blessed to celebrate it…even if it means I am that much closer to 40 (eeeeekkkk). Glad you had a great one!

    • Thanks, DeLana! And yes we share a birthday!! Trivia: Apparently Wayne Gretsky shares our birthday as well. 😉 Happy 35 to you!!!


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