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Silver: West Elm  |  White: Z Gallerie  |  Green: Etsy

My one-year-ago self would not believe what I’m about to write about…I’m shopping for a funky deer head to hang in our new basement! Yes, they’ve become an “in” thing in home decor, but years, even months back, something this edgy would have been out of my decorating comfort zone. Maybe I’m getting more comfortable with my own style and having fun with what goes in our home. (I kind of love putting a funky spin on the classic horror of a real deer head hanging over a fireplace!)

With every trial (and many errors!) I’m learning more about what “works” and what doesn’t in our house. And I’m learning it’s okay to have a piece here and there that raises a few eyebrows (maybe even draws an eyeroll). I’m learning that no house should look like page 47 of a catalog. It should look like you, your family, your culmination of personalities. And for us, that means the occasional “say whaaaa?!” piece around the house.

Anything unusual or funny or downright weird you’re thinking about using in your home? I’d love to see links! 🙂


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  • I’ve got a pheasant that would make a great friend for your deer 🙂 Gable likes it too much so we are currently keeping it out of reach (and out of sight). But you’re more than welcome to borrow it until Matt realizes it’s missing!

  • I have “the ex” knife set in my kitchen and love it! First saw it on an episode of “Cribs”. I laughed so hard I knew I had to have it! Everytime someone is in my kitchen for the first time they ALWAYS comment on it! Usually with a laugh! 🙂

    • That is hysterical – love it!!

  • I’ve wanted a set of antlers since I first saw them at Z’Gallerie in white. They just make me happy. I’m thinking in the black dining room. 😀 As for the knife set, OMG I LOVE it. So funny. May have to repost. I don’t know who you are Lanita but I kind of have a crush on you. 😀

  • I’ve been looking for antlers, too! I saw some funky ones on a few months ago (They had elephants and giraffes, too) but they sold out before I could buy them. Drats!!!

    I love unique focal points like that – as long as they are classy and go with the color scheme, I think they can be great!


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