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Oscar Party 2013

Oscar Party 2013

This year marked my third annual Oscar party. I can’t get enough of the Oscars – I love the dresses, the celebrity gossip, and the celebration of great film making. I also love ANY excuse to have a party!

recycled frappucino bottles | life in yellow

Of course, I busted out my recycled frapucino bottles….

hydrangeas | life in yellow

Whole Foods has one of my favorite selections for reasonably-priced, beautiful blooms. It’s just not a party without fresh flowers on the table.

Oscar Bingo | life in yellow

A little friendly competition thanks to these great bingo cards from How About Orange!

mint and gold oscar party | life in yellow

I had my little painted utensils on hand for cupcake-eating assistance.

popcorn buffet oscar party | life in yellow

And it’s never an Oscar party without popcorn (and some yummy mix-ins!).

confetti garland | life in yellow

I loved the way my Glitter + Grain garland looked draped in our light fixture. It instantly felt like a fancy pants chandelier!

mint and gold oscar party | life in yellow

It was a happy accident stumbling on these mint oreos. Easy peasy, and who doesn’t love an Oreo?

mint + gold oscar party | life in yellow

The spread….

green punch | life in yellow

And some green punch to match:

1 part blue Hawaiian punch
1 part pineapple juice
2 parts Sprite Zero

These are delicious with some champagne splashed in!

Oscar fondue | life in yellow

Of course, Oscar was on hand, overseeing the fondue…

cheese fondue | life in yellow

Apples, bread, broccoli and cauli are some of my favorite dippers for cheese fondue. This night, I used Emeril’s recipe, but might cut back a tad on the amount of lemon juice it calls for.

papparazzi | life in yellow

And despite my poor guests being hassled by the paparazzi, I think the little get-together went off without a hitch! ๐Ÿ™‚



good luck doc

Today pretty much revolves around this knee.

They ask patients to write on the injured knee so there is NO confusion once in the operating room as to which one they need to operate on. Page took it a step further and asked the illustrator at his ad agency to do a little good luck artwork for Dr. Davick. ๐Ÿ™‚

Back soon after a short break to take care of the other half!

Oscar 3.0

mint + gold oscar party

I’m still relishing in all the Oscars glam of last night – the best and worst dresses, the best and worst moments, and the fact that all of my favorites won! ๐Ÿ™‚ The mint + gold party with the neighbor gals was a success…back soon with a full run-down!

Did your favorites win last night?

planning for some down time…

Next week is Pager’s surgery, and while I initially only “need” to be home with him the first 24-48 hours, I foresee a lot of evenings at home in the coming couple of weeks until he’s a bit more mobile on his crutches.

Page is easy to please and will be good to go between his Xbox, a stack of DVDs and Netflix. I’ll definitely get some Mad Men time in with him and I’ll make him play a board game or two with me, but otherwise, I’m embracing the planned time at home to get to some little projects around the house and some hobby stuff I’ve been wanting to spend time on. I’m anticipating some upcoming posts about some (or maybe all?!) of the following!

YHLbook#1. Devour a DIY book.ย 

I haven’t even cracked this bookย open yet, but after all the good reviews (who’s surprised, really?!) I’m anxious to dive in and read and get inspired to take on some smaller-than-finishing-the-basement-sized projects.



#2. Work on some photography skillz.ย softbox

It’s been a while since I’ve had a little time to just PLAY with my camera and practice trying some new things. (I need more hours in the day!) I’ve been anxious to learn more about what I’m doing with these light reflectors – I bought a kit with silver/gold/white/black reflectors and this softboxย in hopes of learning how to use these to improve my photos. I’ve pinned a couple of tutorials (TGFP – Thank God for Pinterest!) and I’ll report back if I discover anything earth-shattering. ๐Ÿ™‚

#3. Repaint some canvases?ย 

I’m pretty fickle when it comes to accents around the house. After a year or so, I’m ready to recycle them somewhere else in the house, rotate them out for a bit with something else in its place, or change them altogether. I loved the way these canvases turned out last spring, but it’s the red that I’m ready to steer away from. I think maybe coming off of the holidays, I’m just ready for a different color vibe in here. I want to keep our green accents…

greenaccents…but contrast them with a different color. Maybe bring in the yellow from our kitchen, or something all together NEW for me…dare I say something in the blues family?? I’m thinking a trip to the store for some spray paint and a sample can of a new color is in my near future. And I’d like to swap out the flower design for something a little more graphic. I’m inspired by this wall!

#4 Purge!

You know it’s THE single thing I love to do best! I’ve recently taken a pass through some storage spots in our house, and my own closet. Some of it has gone straight to Goodwill, some to the consignment shop, and a few things sold to friends. There’s not enough to do a sale (a virtual one here OR in person) but I’m hoping to get a handful of things photographed and listed on Facebook or Craiglist.

#5 Get to the gym.tights

I haven’t been to the gym for a workout since Page tore his knee the end of January. Yes, things have just been busier than usual, but I think I’ve felt guilty prancing off to the gym while Page can barely take a step sideways. I’m going to have to get over that. Part of the new routine in the coming weeks will be me driving him to his physical therapy appointments (3 or more times a week), and we’re fortunate that the place he will go is literally a half-mile away, and right next to the Y that we belong to. So in a way, it will be a great method for keeping each other accountable. I’ll drop him at PT, go work out at the Y, and swing back to pick him up. Shorts season is coming, ready or not, and I’m feeling motivated to get back into a running routine, especially with my new badass running tights! (Whoever says Instagram is not a legitimate marketing tool is misguided. I literally saw these on Shawn Johnson’s feed and knew I needed some for myself.)

There are several other little to-dos that don’t require me rambling on about them, but blogging, doing some refreshing of the blog design, some client freelance work, and trying some new recipes are all also on the agenda!

Oscar Party Resources

oscar trivia | life in yellow

They’re less than a week away….the OSCARS! Whether you’re having a friend over or a whole posse of people, I am loving these resources I’ve been stumbling across around the web:

One of my favorite home stores, Z Gallerie, has a whole section of their site dedicated to styling your Oscar bash.

A graphic designer whose blog I’ve been following forever has just released her 2013 version of the official ballot. I consider making my own every year, but always end up using hers because they’re so cute and a great activity for guests.

And of course, you can’t forget the official Oscar site, where you can view trivia about the nominees, follow along with the latest news, download the ballot, and the official Oscars app.

the basement diaries: volume 5.5

Yep. 5.5 as in “five and a half”. Because that’s where we are. There are plenty of updates to share, but we aren’t sliding into home yet like I thought we might be by now.

For those who missed it, poor Pager tore an ACL a couple weeks ago on a ski trip in Colorado. So needless to say, progress has slowed, and will slow even further when he goes into surgery and recovery mode in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’m doing smaller things like touching up the majority of the trim that IS installed, painting the inside of the exterior door, putting the hardware on the bar cabinets, hauling out the garbage and the tools we no longer need down here at this point, and of course, shopping for some accessories. ๐Ÿ™‚

While he is still slow but mobile, he may try to finish cutting the last bits of trim for the bathroom and bar, and then I can install/paint them. Otherwise, I have a feeling that the rest (shelving in the media wall, hanging the wall cabinets in the bar, and installing the bath vanity) will wait until later this spring. But in the meantime, let’s get up to speed, because there’s still plenty to update on!

carpetWhen we last left off, the carpet had just gone in and I was busy doing happy dances and all but rolling around on it. It made such a huge difference in making this level seem suddenly much closer to done!

It was at this point that Page was cashing in some well-deserved time off from this project and had a couple of ski trips planned (yes, cue the foreshadowing). In other words, it was my turn to put in some blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, just sweat. And maybe some swear words.

counter unstained

Page had installed the floor cabinets for the bar area, and I worked on picking up the supplies to make a plank-style counter. This whole project cashed in at under 100 Washingtons – a much more friendly amount than the slabs of granite and stainless steel options we looked at. Plus, I like having a wood element in here and the fact that it will lend itself to my visions of going a little more industrial down here with the decor.

I’ll do a more in-depth play-by-play of creating our bar from start to finish, but for now, here are a couple pics of the progress before the wall cabinets go up! The painted end pieces will be cut to fit exactly and then the final pieces of floor trim will hide the seam between these and where they meet the tile. A beverage fridge will go in the open space below.

bottom half bar

And here you can see the other half of the cabinets, waiting to be hung. The two taller cabinets will come down so low you’ll never see the underside, but with the one higher cabinet, I’m thinking of doing something funky on the underside – like a pattern or a pop of the chartreuse color…we’ll see what happens!

cabinets to come

We also had the joy of our loungey couches showing up. I admit, I had to get on board with the slouchier style, but in the name of holy comfort, batman, I was quickly swayed. We refer to them lovingly as Chandler and Joey. The color is exactly what I was picturing, and recliner paradise was what Page was seeking. A win-win for the marriage.



Sadly, we had to cover them up so I could do a coat of touch-up paint (dark navy walls definitely showed any dust and nicks from the steps since the painters came).

couches covered

Still very much a work zone down here, but at least you can see the finished tile and carpet in this shot…

work zone

Since our last post, Page installed the toilet and with just some quarter round trim to go, the bathroom is nearly ready for the vanity to go in, have some accessories hung, and call it done!

bath in progress

And yes, I’ve been doing what heavy lifting (read: mouse-clicking/online shopping) I can, without Page to help me. Progress takes many shapes and forms. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s one of my retail conquests I’m particularly excited about…


Two of these navy and white lovelies showed up this week, courtesy of a birthday gift certificate from my friend, Micole! (photo by CottageRuffles).

I’ve also been finding lots of the chartreuse yellow/green color in accents from Target and West Elm and they are ready and waiting to be decorated with. Bare with us, it may be a few weeks more than we planned, but you KNOW we’ll be shouting from the rooftops when this project finally wraps! ๐Ÿ™‚

[You can read more about finishing the basement in the posts listed here.]

inspiring nursery spaces

So many of our friends both local and long distance are in the throws of setting up nurseries. It’s so fun to see, whether in person or via their facebook albums, how they’re pulling together these special spaces for their little ones and I’m getting my fix through them all.

I know there are many big box store options for buying a “set” of something and having your valance match the crib skirt, which matches the lamp shade, which matches the light switch cover which matches the wall hanging, which matches the diaper holder. I can get on board with themes in nurseries (whether the theme is an idea or simply a color palette) and you certainly want things to coordinate, but the whole “matchy matchy” thing with no room for creativity…? Well, in the words of someone I know and love, “Um, we can do better than that.” ๐Ÿ™‚

I realize I’m living vicariously, but I can’t imagine going for a 47-room-items-that-match set when there are inspiring spaces like these rooms to get your creativity flowing! Babies are all one of a kind and deserve a room that is, as well!

brooklynlimestoneYou can see more of Baby Agatha’s amazing book-themed nursery here. I love the deep navy walls (unexpected choice for a baby girl’s room) but the big doses of white keep it from getting too dark and mature. The floral print curtains, pops of coral, and the curved legs on the dresser keep it feminine for Little Miss. I’m swooning over the round crib.ย 


I recently saw this nursery and sent it to a friend who is planning a room with similar colors. I am so excited to see how her version comes together. I love this bold, intense color combination that can go “boy” or “girl” and isn’t so “baby” that it can’t grow into toddlerhood.



As much as I love color, the neutral in Baby Finn’s room struck me as peaceful and calming. I think it works because the charcoal grey is as dark as it is – any lighter, and the room would be too monotone for my liking. I love that everything on the walls is nearly invisible – the wall art, curtains, sconces, even the trim blend white-on-white against the walls. ย Again, with the round crib. And those hearty dark floors. And the cuddliness factor of that pouf and throw rug. Love.



It would be such a fun design challenge to do a twins’ nursery. I am in love with this one for babies Raya and Mason – from the color palette to the way the room uses elements of both duplication and individualism to represent two unique babies with a very similar thread, all while balancing the style for both genders. I feel like most rooms I’ve seen for two or more have the cribs coming out lengthwise from the wall, I liked the look of them “lined up” here, and the oversized portrait of each tenant above their cribs. ๐Ÿ™‚



But if you aren’t limited to gender-neutral, how girly-glamorous is this space by Little Crown Interiors? I’m mesmerized by those canvas-looking light sconces on either side of the monogram. Love the bold patterned accent wall and the chandelier. Girly to the max for the most fabulous of little ones!

And a hint to my nursery-decorating friends…I’m hoping you will let me share your nursery spaces when they’re done!