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Even though my Oscar girly get-together this year is small, I’m still having fun playing with mint green and shocks of gold for the supplies. I see mint everywhere…and yet, it’s been very hard to find party supplies in this color! I found a few bits and pieces on Etsy, but not as much as I would have liked. So…I bought some paint.

mint party | life in yellow

And I bought 100-packs of these little forks and spoons┬áthat are making their way across trendy blogland – I LOVE them, especially when they’re dashed with a little pattern and color! And the best way to buy them is in bulk – so much cheaper, and I figure I can custom paint or stamp them for different events. Case in point – this mint green soiree for which I only need a few of each!

mint party 2 | life in yellow

Voila – loving them! While I was at it, I pretty much applied washi tape to anything and everything I could get my hands on…including some bags for popcorn and these tealight holders I had on hand. Getting soooo excited to have some girls over and see who takes home Oscar! (And I got giddy about my mint + gold scheme all over again after seeing this post on the same color combo!)

mint party 3 | life in yellow


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  1. Christine says:

    Wishing I was your neighbor :)

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