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How to Watermark Your Photos

How to Watermark Your Photos | Life In Yellow

I’m a big advocate of watermarking your photos if planning to publish them “out there” in the internet world. Once you post photos to your blog, you lose possession of them to a certain extent. Anyone who really wants to, can copy/paste/download the image and use it as they please. Watermarking won’t stop this from happening, but it might deter someone from trying to pass off your photo as their own. At the very least, it makes it harder for them when your name/business is part of the image!

The beauty of a watermark is that it’s subtle. Your name is still on your work, but it doesn’t distract as much as simply laying straight text or icons over your picture. I recently updated the look of my blog and needed a new watermark for my photos that would reflect the new logo. Following are the steps that I think are the easiest way to create a watermark image…

You will need Photoshop to follow along with this tutorial. I use version CS6 but previous versions will work just the same. I believe the steps are similar if not identical in Photoshop Elements if you have access to that program in place of the full version.

Watermark Your Photos | Life in Yellow

Step 1. Whether you’re using an image/logo of some type, or just text with your name/blog name, create an image of it in black and white. If you don’t already have any type of logo, simply open a new document (200 x 200 pixels will be plenty, at 300 dpi) and pick a font and type the text you want, in solid black.

Watermark Your Photos | Life in Yellow

Step 2. In your layers palette, double-click on the layer with your logo/text. The above “layer style” box will pop up. Set your blending mode to Normal, Opacity at 60%, and Fill Opacity at 0%.

Watermark Your Photos | Life in Yellow

At this point your image/text should be looking sort of like the above…

Watermark Your Photos | Life in Yellow

Step 3. On the left hand side of the window, check the “Bevel and Emboss” option, then adjust the Depth, Size, and Soften numbers to 100%, 1px, and 0px. Click “OK” to close the box.

At this point your image/text should be looking sort of like this...

By now, your image should be looking more like this. Depending on how you started, you may have a “background” layer in your layers palette – if so, click on it and delete it:

At this point your image/text should be looking sort of like this...

Voila! You have your watermark! At this point, name the file and save it as a .PSD file (saving it as a JPEG will ruin the whole effect and add a white box to its background).

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.06.56 AM

To use your new watermark, open a photo and use the “Place” command to set your watermark PSD file on top of the image. Use Ctrl-T or Apple-T to add the border box you see above which will allow you to make it larger or smaller, and use the arrow tool to move it around the image to place it where you like it best. Once you have it where you want it, flatten the image and re-save it (or save a copy) so you now have your watermarked photo ready to upload!




Set the Table: Easter Brunch

set the table: easter brunch | life in yellow

I’m excited to start a new little series of posts here on the blog –> “Set The Table”. I love studying tablescapes from the cleanest and simplest to the most glamorous and elaborate. There really is an art to a well set table that doesn’t feel too cluttered nor too bare for the occasion. No matter the level of complexity, I am all about using items I have on hand, mixing and matching to get the most mileage out of my stuff, and coming up with something fresh each time.

set the table: easter brunch | life in yellow

After my bestie picked up a couple of these aqua Ikea runners I’d been eyeing, I wanted to pull an Easter brunch scheme together around them! I feel like brunches can get a little stuff and overdone, when really, it should be about being relaxed, enjoying a leisurely weekend morning chatting and eating with friends and family.

set the table: easter brunch | life in yellow

I tried to keep the vibe casual by not using a tablecloth, and keeping silverware only to a single fork, which I laid IN the bowls for something different and less formal. I like using these shorter (55″) runners horizontally to double as place mats for each setting. I mixed some chargers I’ve had forever with our everyday dishes and some acrylic glasses I’d spied at TJ Maxx earlier this month (in the color of the year, no less!) and some cloth napkins from Target that I bought solely because they had all the colors of my new scheme for this main area of our house and I couldn’t walk away from them. A vase I had on hand and some sticks from the yard make a very simple centerpiece. The only new item for this setting was the $1 package of Peeps that I stuck on coffee stirrers and popped into each glass. The lemons were in the fridge anyway. Groceries serving double duty as decor – love it. 🙂

set the table: easter brunch | life in yellow

Ironically after creating a table set for four, it will be just the two of us this year for Easter – but I’m so looking forward to a relaxing morning to ourselves. Hope you enjoy your Sunday, wherever you’re spending it!


happy weekend.


While it’s officially Spring now, it feels like anything but here in Iowa. Channeling some warmer, sunnier days soon to come….

Happy weekend.

fresh paint for Spring.

Spring is on its way, and I was itching to get some fresh color in our living room, where we’ve been spending more time than usual lately while Page heals his knee. I’ll do a later post with the whole room’s mini-makeover once it’s finished, but for today, here’s the re-do on the room’s artwork.

red canvases

I started with the formerly red canvases. (Yes, the last photo of them is pre-bookcase finishing era! Time for some updated photos of this room!)

I coated them with a couple layers of SW “Decisive Yellow” but it seemed a little more lemon-y than I had envisioned. So I mixed in some of my leftover Valspar “Chickadee” (from the kitchen stools) to warm it up a little. I purposely didn’t blend it SUPER well so there would be a little color variation as I brushed on a third and final coat. I’m also more than okay that you can still see a little texture from the previous design’s paint through the new color.


I knew I wanted a more angular, graphic pattern than the previous blooms. I’ve already done a little chevron in other parts of the house and don’t want to overdose, but I still liked the idea of some angles and lines. This “arrow” effect was the end result.

updated canvases

I need the temperatures to cooperate with me soon so I can finish up some spray painting I  to bring this room together for Spring. Back soon with a reveal of the whole room!

Gift Ideas for Babies

A handful of our friends are expecting this spring and we can’t wait to meet four awesome new little people (so far, we know two are boys and two are question marks!). Is there anything better than cuddling a brand new baby? And it’s pretty amazing to watch your friends step into the role of “mom” and “dad”, whether it’s for the first or second time (we have both first and second-borns on the way already! Where does the time go?!).

baby gifts | life in yellow

Beatles Lullabys: Amazon  |  Kido Go Car: Amazon  |  ItzBeen Timer: Amazon
Top Gun Onesie: Etsy  |  Goodnight iPad: Paper Source  |  Giraffe Teether: Amazon
Wooden State Teether: Little Sapling Toys  |  Custom Photo Board Book: Pinhole Press

I’m all for buying the wanted items off registries (for those who use them), but it’s fun to add a personally chosen item to the gift as well. Here are some of my favorite items (many recommended by moms!) for gifting new little ones (and their parents!).



Lately, I haven’t been tackling projects at the crazy pace I usually prefer to…and I’m embracing more chill out time with my moving-slower-lately hubby. 🙂 I made a resolution to myself this year that I would learn to slow down a little and chill out more…like, REALLY chill out, not pretend to watch a movie with Page while making my next to-do list.

living room palette

That said, I haven’t abandoned my to-do list altogether, just attacking it a bit more slowly right now. Starting with playing with some new colors in the living room…

camera pillow

…and loving my new camera pillow as part of the new colors! And speaking of cameras, this black beauty showed up at my door this week. Spending a lot of quality time together learning the new bells and whistles that came with upgrading a bit!

new camera t3i

Page and I have both been feeling the urge to get back to some healthy habits now that holidays and then his surgery are behind us. While he’s phasing back into some workouts mixed with physical therapy, I’ve been getting back to running at the gym. It’s a love hate relationship right now, but I know it will get better! We are also tackling our eating habits and for me the key is to PLAN AHEAD so I’m not starving without a healthy option, or eating out for lunch because I forgot to pack something to take to the office. One of my favorite dishes right now is a veggie-heavy frittata, that I can cook ahead of time, cut into wedges, and reheat for breakfasts on the go.

veggie frittata

So that’s what’s been going on around here lately, in a nutshell. Call it mellow March. It’s been a nice change of pace…but I could really use some time outside soon. Come onnnn, Spring. We have trees to plant! 🙂

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Like many of you, I logged into my Google Reader this morning for my daily dose of blog love, to find the following message: “Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013.” I admit, I felt like doing anything BUT clicking the “okay” button!

Worry not about the phasing out of Google Reader…you can follow Life In Yellow on BlogLovin, a site I’d heard of before, but never thoroughly explored until today. It works JUST like Reader and it’s a one-button-click move to import all of your current Reader feeds. It was like moving to a new house, but the moving men and boxes were totally invisible. 🙂

Just click the button below to add Life In Yellow to your BlogLovin list (and if you aren’t yet a member, clicking it will just prompt you to create your account – super fast process – and continue on with your uninterrupted blog-reading life!).
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