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When I first began blogging more than five years ago, I started with Typepad and an off-the-shelf template. As my interest in blogging grew, and my hubby’s knack for web design developed, I had the luxury of getting to customize a bit more. When I made the switch to WordPress (and “Everything Yellow” became “Life in Yellow”) I wanted to stretch myself and employ my branding/design background. And the current logo, color palette, and custom scheme was born.

blog logo

In recent days, you may have noticed some subtle changes happening here. I’m playing with a couple of elements and trying things out as I finalize a new look for the blog. While the cardinal rule of branding is to never stray too far from yourself, I do feel the blog has grown and evolved since I began this new look more than a couple years ago, and I am ready for a more sophisticated look to reflect that.

Okay, and there’s another reason.

When I first put together the logo for Life In Yellow, I swear on my marriage it was completely my own idea. But within a few weeks of the new design going live, more than one person said, “I love how you used The Game of Life in your logo!”

Huh? I’d never even played the board game, so I googled it. Hmm, not a replica exactly, but also not totally different either. The letters were a block style similar to mine, each a different color, and hello – spelled out “LIFE” of ALL words.



So pretty much from the start, I’ve sort of had it in the back of my mind that people might assume I copied the concept. But Page had done such a wonderful job of implementing all of my ideas and I didn’t want to change the look yet again right away, so I stuck it out. And I have really liked playing with the speech bubbles (blogging is a conversation after all!) and making the most of the current look.

I’m clearly locked into the concept of yellow, but wanted to streamline the color palette so it’s not going in quite so many directions. I wanted to introduce a more styled, feminine typeface, and overall, still communicate vibrance, but toned down enough that the post content can truly shine through without distraction from the rest of the blog.

But enough chatter…how about a sneak peek? Starting with my inspiration photo…

inspiration palette



At this point, I have only a mood board of elements I’ve drawn and want to incorporate, but I’m excited to see it all come together in the coming weeks. I’m also immersing myself in some WordPress training so I can start relying a bit less on the handout from Page, who has plenty of (paying!) clients who must come first.

I’m really trying to dig in right now beyond just the visual aspects and figure out where I’m headed with the content for Life In Yellow. It has always been about us, our home, our travels, and some trials and errors in the kitchen, in design, in fitness/beauty/style, and in entertaining. When we bought our house, it went full-out decorating blog for a while. As I’m getting more into photography and beginning to take photos for others, I’m sure it will go in that direction a bit more. It would be fun to do more on consulting on others’ home decorating, or maybe start a side gig assisting with event planning – all of which would show up here as well. In short, I believe what I have here is what they call a “lifestyle” blog…a little bit of everything. I might as well embrace it because I can’t seem to narrow it down much more than that and I think that’s okay. I like too many things and I don’t claim to be an “expert” at any of them – at least not enough to base a whole blog around a single topic. So the plan is to keep on keepin’ on…living life (in yellow!) and documenting (whatever the topic) along the way.





Keep checking back…the new “look” should be up and running soon! 🙂


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  • cool new look! are you changing the title of the blog too or just adjusting the look of it?

    • …and I never made the connection to the game of life 🙂 i think it looked different though when i played that game as a little kid.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Name will stay the same!

  • I like what’s happening with the new look!

    • Thanks, lady! 🙂


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