No more Google Reader…Follow on BlogLovin!

Like many of you, I logged into my Google Reader this morning for my daily dose of blog love, to find the following message: “Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013.” I admit, I felt like doing anything BUT clicking the “okay” button!

Worry not about the phasing out of Google Reader…you can follow Life In Yellow on BlogLovin, a site I’d heard of before, but never thoroughly explored until today. It works JUST like Reader and it’s a one-button-click move to import all of your current Reader feeds. It was like moving to a new house, but the moving men and boxes were totally invisible. 🙂

Just click the button below to add Life In Yellow to your BlogLovin list (and if you aren’t yet a member, clicking it will just prompt you to create your account – super fast process – and continue on with your uninterrupted blog-reading life!).
Follow on Bloglovin


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