catching up.


I’ve been MIA from blogworld the past several days. Nothing major is going on, we are just staying busy and maybe more so than usual. The stuff we’ve been doing isn’t exactly blog-worthy or exciting to read about, so what results is a bunch of crickets chirping here. 🙂

In short, it’s been a lot of:

  • cleaning out closets
  • taking Spring stuff (house and clothing) to consignment and Goodwill
  • organizing drawers and bookcases around the house
  • cooking healthier meals
  • getting to the gym more regularly
  • catching up with lots of friends
  • putting some time in outside – trimming bushes, sealing the deck, planning to replace a tree we lost over the winter
  • working
  • freelancing
  • rediscovering TV a bit, watching Breaking Bad and Mad Men
  • starting to clean out the garage
  • eating edamame by the bagfull
  • biking to work (Page, not me)
  • finally resuming a quilt project I started almost five years (yep, years!) ago to the day…stay tuned for more on that one!

I do have a list of things I want to get around to blogging sooner than later. In addition to everything going on, I think it’s the suddenly nice (albeit late!) spring weather that has been keeping me from the computer screen. Things may slow down a bit here for a while as I remember just what the sun feels like!


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