Month : May 2013

back to running and another bucket list item


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“Whether you run a mile or a marathon, you’re a runner.” (Anonymous)

I am still very much at the lower end of this spectrum, but I am starting to feel like a “runner” again. A little over a month ago, I started up again. I’m a regular gym-goer, but I haven’t done much running since the fall we moved into our house (2011). I’m not sure if I burned out last time, or things came up and I fell out of the routine (probably!), if the seasons changed and it got too cold to run outside, or if I got sucked into some different workouts for a while. One way or another, I got away from it. And in recent weeks I was suddenly determined to pick it up again.

I have some getting in shape to do before I can cover any real distance, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson about starting slowly to avoid injuries. This time around, I’m using the Zen Labs C25K app and I LOVE it. I like that they don’t interrupt you too often except to tell you when to start running/walking and when you’ve hit the half-way point. And I love how I can control my playlists from within the app (no switching back and forth to my iTunes). I can look ahead and see the details of any of my workouts — I like to know what’s coming, even it freaks me out! 🙂 I’ve actually already downloaded the 10k app as well that, when I’m ready, will pick up where the 5k ends (whaaa?! me? a 10k?!). I’m about 2/3 through the 5k app (an 8-week program) and running about 5 miles a week right now. I feel great…so much so that I’m just starting to think about setting a bucket list goal for myself in the next twelve months…to tackle a half marathon. Not to accomplish an amazing race time or anything, but to simply say I did it. Augh, I’m hesitant to put that out there in writing, but it IS something I’m considering!

a bucket list check-off and photography dabblings


I started to check off a bucket list item this weekend. I photographed a newborn still in the hospital – something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m so grateful to our friends for allowing me to photograph some first precious moments of sweet Baby B’s life, even when an unplanned trip to the NICU became part of his birth story. (I am hoping to share more photos from this session at a later date, but for now, I feel like they are his parents’ to share with friends and family, first.)

I’ve been back and forth on this idea of photography. I’ve so enjoyed reading the books and blogs, taking the classes, and getting out and practicing, practicing, practicing. But all the while, I’ve been trying to decide if this is a hobby, or something more, and trying to tap in to what direction I’d like to take it in. I’ve had opportunities to do a few “sessions” at this point, of various subjects and in different environments, and I’ve quickly learned that while the more planned/posed stuff can be fun, it’s the more “real” life events, in particular this session in the hospital, that I’m passionate about. Maybe it’s the photojournalism class I took in college that first turned me on to photography, but I like capturing real stuff, on the move, as it’s happening. Specifically, there is something about these tiny little miracles and their individual stories of how they get here, and I’d love to do more documenting of those stories, whether it’s the first moments after they are here, or capturing the hours leading up to their arrival.

Going forward, I’m hoping to focus in a bit more on this idea of birth story photography. I learned so much from this first session and how to balance stepping in with stepping back and letting things happen while clicking away. It was awesome to start with friends as my learning curve and get a feel for when and when not to be up in their business to capture a shot. I learned a LOT about what might be the hardest lighting conditions I’ve ever shot in (and in the NICU particularly, I had a hunch they’d frown on me using my flash). But aside from all the learning, I just had so much fun and was teary-eyed more than once (although I tried to hide it!) as I got to be a first-row spectator of watching this little family of three interact.

The whole experience was a moving one for me, and what solidified it for me was that I went straight home on a Friday night to edit the photos – and there was nothing in the world I would have rather been doing. What’s that saying? Do what you love and you never work a day in your life? We shall see where this goes… 🙂

spring has (finally!) sprung.

I’ve been itching for weeks to get some things done around the house, but the ridiculous weather (hello, it SNOWED this time last week!) has held us back. We finally were able to get outside this weekend and attack a long checklist of items. We are sore and tired, but sooo happy to have some things checked off!

photo (1)

Page got the oil changed in all three cars (a must, since we are preparing to sell two of them!) and we got a bunch of his knee surgery supplies listed for sale as well (goodbyeeeee crutches, braces, and more!).



The CRAZY winds this weekend, coupled with what we and our next door neighbors have deemed “the wind tunnel” that runs between our two houses (with no trees!), resulted in a huge piece of our flashing peeling off and eventually ripping altogether to fall to the street. Oh, but not before spending a solid 12 hours banging away against the siding. Right on the other side of our bedroom. Beginning at 3 in the morning. #joysofhomeownership

It doesn’t look like much in this photo, but this sucker was LOUD. Fortunately, the same guys who resided this whole side of the house last spring due to hail came to the rescue to get it fixed. We didn’t DO the work, but I considered this another item checked off!

photo (2)


To get away from the noise and distract myself from what I was sure would be a cell phone call telling me it had ripped off and taken out a neighbor, I headed to the garden center to pick up some new pretties to replace much of what late frost has killed off. I was bitter at first to be nearly starting over, but in the end, I really like the process of digging in the dirt, and I REALLY like that going forward these are all (supposedly) low-maintenance plants!

photo (3)


Behold…two of the three boxwoods replaced, and the spruce has been swapped for a much lower-profile rose bush. I’ve been told this is a better option because by the time it gains much height, it will have had plenty of time to get solidly rooted. Here’s hoping!

photo (4)


I also attempted some potting for the first time since the year we were married. We call it the great disaster of 2007. I forgot to water and then to compensate I ended up drowning everything. I was like the kid who couldn’t take care of his pet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to embrace responsibility this time around. 🙂

The other stuff I didn’t get pictures of included sweeping out the garage and vacuuming and washing the cars. Ahhh. It was so much more pleasant driving to work this morning…the seasons have finally turned for us, bring on Spring!

moving in mint.

My fixation on working out and in general being healthier lately is starting to become pretty transparent here on the blog…but who can’t use a little dose of inspiration, or in this case, some cute workout gear ideas?

Ever since taking on mint for my Oscar party this year, I’m obsessed with the color. Here are a few things that have made their way to my house, or are currently on my workout wish list!

moving in mint | life in yellow

Water Bottle: LifeFactory  |  Flip Flops: Nike  |  Phone Clip: Amazon
Revenge R20: FuelBelt  | Sports Bra: Lululemon

Wedding wishes from afar…


Today, six thousand miles away, my brother James and my new sister-in-law Sumi are being married in South Korea. You might remember they surprised us at Christmas with a trip home and then news of their engagement. My parents were able to make the trip but with only a few months’ notice and limited vacation days my brother Adam, and Page and I, had to miss out on the actual event.

We weren’t the only ones unable to make it, so James asked for video clips of well wishes to share with guests at the event. Page had the vision for what quickly became a mini-movie (ha!) and while we don’t do too well with the mushier stuff, we hope it provides a laugh – even to those who see it and don’t speak the same language! 🙂

Cheers, best wishes, and congratulations to you both, and welcome to our
newest family member, Sumi! We love you both!