Month : October 2013

regrouping for November | an Instagram essay



Downtown, waiting to begin a family’s photography session.

In recent years, I learned of the phrase, “circling the wagons”. If you aren’t familiar, it alludes to regrouping and getting your game plan straight before proceeding. I feel like that is what November will be for me, and I’m looking forward to it. I have had SUCH a fun fall, spending beautiful afternoons outside photographing amazing families, and then twice as much time at home in my office, editing photos, blogging them, going through the motions of forming a business, designing collateral and launching the website, and reading/watching/learning from other photographers every chance I get.

photo (1)

 Nighttime routine lately: Make tea, park it in front of the computer.

In the meantime, some things like this blog and workouts have fallen by the wayside. I have to remind myself that while I excitedly want to do it all, priorities have to be made and a realistic mindset is of value. 🙂 Not that I feel things are up and running, I feel like I can re-evaluate and enjoy a more relaxed pace as the early fall turns to holiday time.

photo 2

Checklist for a six-week photography business marketing course I enrolled in – very excited!

With the requests for family photos inevitably slowing down for winter time, I’m excited to re-focus on working on technique and learning more about how to grow this little business. I began a four-week course earlier this month centered on posing for various ages and group sizes but because things have been so busy, I’ve yet to start the coursework! I’m excited to have some free evenings again to dive into that information as well as the (intense!) marketing course pictured above.

photo 1

Waiting to have my head shot taken by a fellow photog friend!

Loosely related to marketing, I had my head shot taken last week for the website – this is me waiting to get started. I included this just because I know how much it annoys my brother when people take selfies. 🙂

photo 3

I’m planning to enjoy some more lounge time at home, reading and catching up on some fall TV with Pager. Having more time again means I can cook more at home – something I’ve been missing. And along with meal planning comes the workout refocus. I’m excited to get back to the gym (feeling READY!) and with a mix of elliptical and running, my mini-goal for the month of November is to attack my friend Robyn’s 30-day plank challenge. (Seriously, if you need a dose of inspiration, Robyn has it for you!)

And while it has been slower lately here on the blog, things are always in the works. I’m looking forward to collaborating with a fabulous company for a holiday neighbor gift DIY, working up a Thanksgiving tablescape, and before you know it, decking the halls for Christmas! Thanks to all for continuing to stop by and check in! Happy fall 🙂

feels like fall.

While it seems all I’ve been doing is taking pictures (in the lovely fall weather!), I’ve really been going a mile a minute at just about everything – and happily so.

Everything fun we’ve been up to has been revolving around this cozy, cooler temp weather and the changing seasons….


We headed to the pumpkin patch with some friends on a chilly/rainy day that made the muddy corn maze impossible (poor Page – it’s his fave!). But they did have the best and biggest pumpkins to select from!

We’ve been watching football – both in the stadium and from the comfort of home with friends.

We attended an MDA benefit hosted by our neighbors and Page may or may not have had quite the success during the auction portion of the program. 🙂

We celebrated the Breaking Bad finale (sob!) on our anniversary with a blue martini viewing party with friends.

photo (2)

In anticipation of the new neighborhood coming behind us (yes, they’ve started to develop our once-lovely backyard view), we added a tree to the back yard with plans to add a second in the spring.

Page made his famous chili. Twice. And has been playing in a fall golf league.

When I haven’t been shooting, I’ve been spending lots of time here at my desk, editing photos, and working and working on my website for ClickSmith Photography, which just launched last week!

And speaking of the website, I have a head shot session this week with a fellow photog and friend, so I’ve been scoping a couple stores and pulling together an outfit that -yes, I’m lame – can coordinate with my website scheme (it will go on the About page) and bonus if I can get it to match my beloved yellow and grey camera strap. 🙂 We’ll see how that whole plan actually shakes out…

photo (1)

I’ve been able to think about the house again. For a while after the basement, I was feeling very ready to focus my energy (and my cash) on just about anything else but the house. Then, these backordered-for-months antlers showed up and I got excited all over again about them. I found a couple clearance frames at Target to flank either side – now to print some photos!

Which brings me full circle to fall and the house. I’m behind the curve, per usual, but I have some ideas for bringing some touches of the season into our home and after a busy past eight weeks or so, I’m ready to cozy up and enjoy some bits of the new season around our house. Hoping to get everything pulled together and some pictures taken yet this week!

A new read for your blogroll…


The site is live, and so is the blog! My very favorite part of this whole journey has been flipping through favorite images to share and telling the stories behind each session. Please follow along with my photography journey here.