Month : January 2014

for those of us who can’t eat avocado…


…I have life-changing news! Read on 🙂

I’ve had delicious guacamole just often enough to know how much I LOVE it…and also how much it does NOT love me back.

I never ate avocado growing up. It just wasn’t ever on the menu. Then, I tried guac for the first time. Ah-maz-ing. But I got terribly sick afterwards and didn’t draw a connection. I had it a handful of times after, with the same result. Then, for the longest time, I thought I couldn’t eat sushi because I’d feel awful afterwards…until I put it together and learned that there are tiny bits of ‘cado in the rolls!

So once I figured it out, I sadly gave up on avocado. It’s just not going to happen. I can order my sushi sans the fruit, but it’s guacamole that I continue to lust after at every Mexican restaurant we go to.

Then, this weekend, my friend, Sarah, CHANGED. MY. WORLD. She brought a guacamole with NO avocado — it’s made with broccoli! Broccamole.

Seriously. I died.

Find the recipe here – allergy or not, it’s DELICIOUS, nutritious, and tastes like the real thing!


obsession: the dry bar detangling brush


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the path to adulthood, my hair turned SUPER soft and super fine. I have a lot of it, fortunately, but trying to get it to do anything but hang limp, and especially detangling it, is a daily occurrence that I dread.

Until now!

Obviously, I added this to my basket because of the color. Seriously. But I also love the DryBar products and was excited at the thought that I finally might have a tool with which to detangle my hair post-shower without screaming bloody murder. This baby didn’t let me down!

No, I’m not being paid or perked to talk about it – I’m just THAT happy with this recent beauty purchase. Minimal snagging, even after a day of super-teased styling. Seriously, my life is a little bit better because of this bad boy!

Fine-haired ladies, unite! And check it out here. (Image from

Oscar Party 2014: The Color Scheme


I was prepared to settle in for a long session of color scheme perusing for my 4th annual Oscar party…but after mentioning to my co-worker that I was planning to, she immediately called it — “you should use the Pantone color of the year!”. Of COURSE! I’ve had my heart set on incorporating some black and white this year, and certainly there needs to be some glitzy statue gold mixed in, but the front runner color of the theme will be Radiant Orchid! It seems everywhere I look this year, I can find mint colored supplies (but had to search high and low this time last year when it was part of my 2013 scheme)…I’m thinking this year will be the same story — let the hunt for orchid party supplies begin! 🙂

Photo credits: I struck out tracking down original sources of many of these images — please let me know if you know where credit is due! Striped Oscar bags:; Champagne + black-white runner:; paper fan:

Easy, Healthy Lunch: Turkey Cranberry Wraps

turkey cranberry wraps

It’s been a while since I posted an Easy, Healthy Lunch idea. (You can check out previous ones here and here). But in the spirit of a new year and resolving to cut back on added sugars/simple carbs (I’ll never be free of either but hey I’m trying!) I’ve been checking out some new, portable ideas for weekday lunches to take to the office.

I love the FLAVOR and freshness of this easy wrap recipe. I don’t even use the whole tortilla – once I roll this up and slice it, I toss the ends, so calorie-wise I log it at about 3/4 of a full tortilla.

Turkey Cranberry Wraps

1 spinach tortilla
1 wedge light Laughing Cow swiss
1/8 c. blue cheese crumbles
1/8 c. craisins
1-2 oz. turkey breast
handful of fresh spinach

Spread the Laughing Cow across one side of the tortilla edge to edge and layer all other ingredients. Roll tightly (the cheese will help it stay rolled up) and slice into mini roll-ups, discarding the ends.

(According to LoseIt, these log in at about 410 calories – and are very filling!)

Yum 🙂


one little word for 2014.

For the past several years, along with New Years resolutions, I’ve selected one little word to be a guiding star of sorts for the year. Usually it’s just something I do for me, but this year, Page got into it, too, and we decided it would be a word for the whole Smith household. (I didn’t even consciously realize this word has been on my brain a lot recently — it surfaced in the sentiment of our Christmas card this year.)

This year’s word for 2014: Adventure

adventure | one little wordI know there are a lot of 2014 adventures in store for Page and me, already in progress and some soon to begin, personal and professional, for the coming twelve months.


I can’t think of a more perfect word to begin the year.

In the spirit of making the word visual, it’s been fun to look at ideas for keeping one’s “one little word” around  from one day to the next.


Like a necklace with the word, similar to this one from Simplish


Or in this lovely banner from Earmark….


But the thing I really want is this plexiglass handwritten word by Colleen Atara studio. LOVE it.

Here’s to 2014 and lots of adventure. 🙂